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Winter Planter Snowman DIY

Winter Planter Snowman DIY

Don't you hate spending lots of money on planter arrangements that get tossed soon after the holidays?! Yes, I knew there was some reason I made so many concrete orbs!…

How I Became A ‘Maker’

How I became a ‘Maker’

Sometimes it takes a look back to see where you are going... Some recent events had me thinking; how did I get here? And why? Let's have a chat, see…

DIY Geodes Of All Types

DIY Geodes of all Types

Nature is a fantastic designer! I've come to appreciate it even more now after so many years of drawing and painting. How can there be so much beauty in all…

Looking Back At A Year Of Making

Looking back at a Year of Making

It has been quite a year! Whew, when I go through my photo library I often feel like I'm on an extremely fast roller coaster and queasy in my stomach...…

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