Super Easy DIY Gnome Cookie Jars

These adorable Gnome jars are made with up-cycled materials. Go find those sweaters and faux furs... Only need a bit of sewing/gluing

Grab some old sweaters to fashion some hats for the lids of mason jars. Trim with some faux fur

It's all about great noses!

Pantyhose stuffed, add a couple stitches, to make much better noses than wood beads

Aren't these the cutest noses?! Don't make typical gifts, impress your friends. Hand-made gifts are heart felt and cherished. Go plug in the glue gun... It's a simple project.

A simple triangle makes a beard cut from faux fur or yarn. Plan the beard to be  about the height of the jar... The Wide mouth jars are perfect.

Tip: hot glue stays better when the rim is wrapped with string to give the glue something to attach onto. Attach the beard to the cap brim. Since these have unique hats attach a wire into the cap to allow some curly bending.

Glue the wire into the point and attach the hat around the edge without any glue on the glass. Add some fibre fill if you like, but the wire will keep the hat point up. Add a pompom on the end.

To attach the nose spread the fur on the beard and use a dap of hot glue to attach it just under the hat trim. 

These Gnome caps can be reused each year. They can unscrew from the jar easily. The old sweaters look especially rustic, even socks could be used.

Fill them with whatever goodies you want; cookies, bonbons, candy canes, truffles,  whatever fits. I especially like making German Spritz cookies as they are quick and perfect...

How amazing the cookie press is; making each a perfect bite of buttery sweet cookie. Who will believe that you made such perfect cookies!

...much better than rolled out cookie dough!

If you love gnomes; I have more designs...