DIY Painted Leather Cat Purse

Do you have a great leather purse that could use an update? Maybe it just needs some amazing Art?

Find an image or use your picture and size it to the right measurement. I use a computer or ipad screen (but be careful ) Tracing paper makes it easy to see through...

Follow & trace around the areas of colour and value.. The key is having a good picture to start with...

Before you start to paint or transfer the image the leather should be de-glazed. Angelus deglazing or some acetone will remove the finish and gloss. Use a transfer paper (like carbon paper) and retrace the lines onto the leather

Start painting! Work the darker colours first... Angelus Leather Paints are great!

Keep looking at the picture... This one was easy since it was a lot of small strokes with a fine paint brush.

Once the eyes are painted this purse comes to life! TIP: Stand back and look from a distance to see where the light & dark is.

A few more strokes of lighter fur and the Cat is done. Start looking for more purses or other leather things to up-cycle.

Who knew that boring purse could be so unique?!

Make sure to give the art a good few coats of Angelus Finisher

See more Purse up-cycles...

...sooo much fun!