Make Concrete Christmas Trees

Do you like making things out of concrete? These Concrete Christmas Trees are easy and cheap!

Make some cones from poster board (use a string compass to make the radius)

Tape the cones well.  Make a variety of sizes. Cover them with plastic film to prevent concrete from sticking

Supplies: • Portland Cement • Water • Mixing container • Cone Forms • Fuzzy Yarn or cut fleece strips

Mix a thin slurry of Portland Cement in a bucket

For Concrete Crafting tips: (my site)

The more fuzzy fibres - the better it will absorb the cement. Dampen the yarn in water (squeeze excesss) and then dip into the slurry until it has absorbed the cement well.

Run the yarn through fingers to get excess cement off and then wrap around shapes leaving some openings. Overlap yarn to give strength

Use a brush to smooth out any cement blobs. Let them cure slowly, keep the concrete damp by misting with water.

Once cured and hard, pop them off of their forms. Sand away anything sharp if needed.

If desired add colour or metallic finish. I prefer a bit of silver accents.

Add lights, snow, mirror...

Concrete is fun! See many concrete projects on my site: