Quick & Easy Christmas Planter Gnomes

It’s funny how ideas come to life... I see a tall pointed Obelisk and imagine a great Holiday Planter Gnome!

Faux fur has come a long way! For these gnomes you'll need some white fur (for beard), some accent fur, & some red fabric (fleece works great)

A Gnome needs a tall hat! Measure your form and sew (or glue) a tall hat. Adding rustic a fur trim will make him even more 'Nordic'! 

Make a pom-pom by cutting a circle, stitch the edge and pull tight to make a fur ball to attach to hat.

The Nose is a ball made from a sock stuffed with some batting/fibrefill. Make a couple stitches to create nostrils.

Ready to assemble the gnomes... (Upside down tomato cages can also work)

These tall obelisks are fantastic for planters all year and even better as a form for these gnomes! Get some greenery from the local store or your garden & tie around bottom...

The beard is a simple triangle tied over the greenery. The fuzzier the better! You could even cut some fabric into strips, use mop head etc...

The best part is the pieces are so easy to store for next year. These Amazing gnome fellows are very tall!

Pop the obelisk form into any planter and that's it! They welcome the Christmas holiday visitors at the doors. 

Even the canadian weather does not really affect them! Happy Holidays!