Best Rustic Woodland Gnome

Don’t laugh, but how can you not resist!? Yup, it's all about the nose for this Gnome!!!

These rustic gnomes are like no other. 

Earth tones and natural elements make these the best...

Use what you have: I feel elated when I can whip up a design without a trip to the ‘craft’ store! I’ve been saving any fallen birch branches for bodies. Pine cones can also work; keep it simple...

How did I do that?! This is an Eco Printed old wool blanket using natures leaves & a process... see how:

Make a simple triangle shape for the hat, fold over fringe at bottom edge of hat.

Make some sweet noses (with a touch of redness) out of polymer clay

Add a long faux fur beard and a small moustache

Attach the beard and 'stash to the wood log. 

Every gnome should have some arms so why not add mittens?! A wire will enable bendable posing

Glue the nose into place below the where hat will sit. Add some wire to allow the hat to be customized. Glue well to the log with hot glue.

Here's a tip, sew the mitten shapes first, then cut them - much easier! Wool, felt, felted sweaters work well.

Attach all the elements... Make a little puff pom-pom of fur for the hat tip

The more rustic the better...

What do you think?!

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