DIY Concrete Step Spook

Year-round Halloween decor

Have you see this fellow? He is made with the draping concrete method ; my original design

He has sat outdoors on a stump for years through very cold winters & hot summers

Create the basic structure

Position the sponge ball to the front of the bottle neck. Tape it up the back and around the front. This type of ball ensures that there won’t be any deflating or bursting. I really HATE when a ballon covered in concrete bursts!


Add some arms & legs...

Tape the jars on the paint stir stick across his back. For the upper legs/ thighs I used longer jars and a styrofoam meat tray to have something to anchor to that is easily cut. Use things that you have


Dry-fit the fabric for size

Before getting into the cement mixture make sure everything is ready. Use fabric that absorbs works well for dipping in concrete. Cover the work area


Mix the Portland cement with water

It should be free of lumps and thin enough to absorb into the (pre-wetted) fabric.


Cement Embedded Fabric

Dip and massage the fabric into the Portland cement slurry. Position and adjust the folds until satisfied


Ready to Cure

Once it is as you like let it cure slowly, misting with water to allow a damp cure. After curing, remove the inside structure (cutting may be needed)


Smooth the finish

To add a smoother finish another layer of Portland cement slurry can be brushed on the dampened concrete. There is no sand in this mix, the fabric acts as the aggregate. Enjoy the Step Spook!


I do not seal the concrete and he has lasted for 6 years already

Once you try working with Concrete Draping there's so many possibilities... Like this Concrete Witch (click here to see)

Maybe you want to create a Concrete Scarecrow... Burlap dipped in Portland cement for amazing texture!