DIY Simple Hand-Cut Christmas Ornaments

Did you know that those cheap plastic Christmas tree ball ornaments can be cut?! The design options are endless! Be as unique as you'd like.

The secret tool for this project is this Hot knife! It can cut through thin plastic quite easily. I love this tool and it comes with many attachments

Plan your design carefully as pieces need to be attached (like stencil letters) One you get the hang of it's pretty easy. 

Since I tend to have pretty complex designs... I like the larger balls! Sketch it onto the ball with pencil. This is quite symmetrical but you can do any design; start simple

Ready - set - plug in the Hot Knife!

Slowly follow your lines & the heat will cut the plastic (have good ventilation) The cut pieces pop out as soon as they are finished.

If you not sure of designs take inspiration from anything you like... images, colouring books...

It's delicate but lovely!

Lights enhance the designs and can also cast great shadows. These balls come in all colours but my favourite is white!

Sit them on the mantel or in a bowl...

Have fun with the metallic ones too... Check my site for more unique projects