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Welcome, I’m Barb, a DIY addict

let me show you how to make things…

DIY Concrete Smiling Stones
UpCycled and Painted Leather Pouches
DIY Denim Reverse Shibori
Simple Soda Can Concrete
Lacy Leaves Concrete Circle
Metallic Concrete Leaf Trivet
DIY Artifact Texture Casting
Giant Concrete Garden Orbs
DIY Shibori Dyed Duvet Cover
Slush Pour your Concrete Mold
The One Woman Garden Makeover
DIY Concrete Faux Geode Lamp
Hammered Metal & Resin Jewelry
DIY Giant Concrete Geode
How to Antique Concrete to look Aged
DIY Life Cast Concrete Hands
DIY Concrete Monster Eggs
Concrete Geometric Polyhedron Container and pattern
License Plate Journal & Desk Set
Cast your own Concrete Bunnies
Sculpt & Multiply your own Bunnies
‘It’s all for the Birds’
Upcycle your bottles into Cloches & Domes
Terrariums – Glass Gardens
DIY Miniature Terrarium Waterfall
Sport Jersey Quilt and Display
DIY Button-Tufted Storage Ottoman
DIY Boot Protectant – Testing 4 Recipes on Shearling
The Shibori Chair Makeover
Paint Everything White (quickly)
Simplified Shibori Dyeing

Simplified Shibori Dyeing

Winter Planter Snowman DIY
Huge Custom DIY Marquee

Huge Custom DIY Marquee

Concrete Lighted Step-Spook
Awesome Pumpkin Carving DIY
Rustic Resin Pendants

Rustic Resin Pendants

Concrete Bowl Paint Techniques
Mid Century Modern Thriftstore Makeovers – Part 2- The Chairs
Mid Century Modern Thriftstore Makeovers – Part 1- The Hunt
MCM Dresser Graphic Paint Makeover
Printing your own Silicone Stamp
Make your own Silicone Leaf Stamp
Live Edge Concrete Bowls
Chubby PaperCrete Bird
Cast your own Concrete Critter Part 2
Make your own Mold for Concrete – Part 1
DIY Modern Pendulum Art
Metallic Cast Leaf Planter
Rustic Concrete Pots & Planters
Easy Poured Concrete Bowls
Fold-up Box – Square peg in a Round Hole
Simple Faux Stone Engraving
DIY Home Carbonation
No-Sew Perfect Little Purse
Working and making with Industrial Felt
Stiffened Yarn Light Shade
Up-Cycled Shearling Slippers
Sweater Knit Cat Couch
Up-cycled Sweater Quilt
Red Wine Hot Process Soap
Chocoholic’s Milk Soap
Easy Concrete Stepping Stones
Basic Cold Process Soap

Basic Cold Process Soap

Concrete Garden Orbs

Concrete Garden Orbs

Why my Blog is for you!


My tutorials aim to be affordable, at home and easy ways to learn new things, stay creative and not break the bank!


You can expect a project every 2-3 weeks that is detailed, thorough and something new that will hopefully spark your interest.


Outlets of creativity can keep your brain active and learning new things is exciting and fun. With a little help, anyone can be creative!


so I set up a store so you can buy some of it!

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