How to Make Huge Concrete Mushrooms

Who doesn’t love the whimsy of cute mushrooms popping up in the green of a forest floor! That’s the vision that brought this design tutorial to life! My unique concrete technique has much character as well as being light-weight. I’m excited to offer this eBook tutorial; How to make Huge Concrete Mushrooms.

The Allure of Mushrooms:

As an artist I am blessed to have such a visual ‘brain’ and wild imagination! My connection with nature started & was nurtured from a young age on! We don’t not realize how much our childhood makes us who we are…

My father would take us on nature walks and hikes each week and he would get so excited when he would spy an edible mushroom specie! Back when we lived in Germany it was common to cook the found treasures. In Canada we would also come upon the right types but he would declare that he would not eat them; ‘just in case someone needed to drive to the hospital!’ This endearing memory probably enticed me even more to add them to my garden designs.

What makes these Mushrooms so different:

I strive to be unique with all my designs… As an illustrator I have always loved detail and realized the importance of texture. As a concrete crafter I like to avoid using commercial molds or casting very heavy pieces that I could not move.

The Advantage of using Draped Concrete:

For years I have been pushing the limits of using cement and concrete in different ways. This lead to many projects that use the technique of combining fabric with cement; Concrete Draping (or sometimes called Concrete Maché) to make sturdy but lighter weight concrete. It also allows much design possibilities as well as re-using found materials (often trash)

Bigger is better:

When trying to make focal points it helps to have contrast. ‘Make a statement and use size as well as composition to accentuate your garden. These mushrooms can be as large or small as you like. I have 2 options described in the eBook but it is clear how to adapt them as you like.

These are not the typical DIY types that are cast in a large bowl and look very unrealistic. These have curvature, wrinkles and scales on the mushroom caps and even stem and root texture, all described with photos in the eBook.

What supplies are needed?

Another bonus of this Concrete Draping technique is that the supplies are quite easy to find; often at your local Home Depot. The basic ingredient for concrete draping is fabric and Portland cement (no sand). Colours and pigments can be added if desired.

I love to reuse fabric from the household or clothing ( cotton, polyester, flannel, etc) as colour does not matter once in the cement mixes. Always take safety precautions and work with protection (dust mask, gloves, apron) and prepare the work area. I do have some tips of concrete crafting that may help.

In the eBook I address each step of the tutorial as well as troubleshooting. Working with the gathered supplies like found tubing/pipe, fabric, plastic, packing materials, pvc pipe, household re-cyclables, makes it really economical. Tips for working with concrete draping; consistency and additional applications are shown.

My new eBook: How to make huge Concrete Mushrooms:

This ebook has 30 pages of details, over 80 photo and illustrations and instruction to create your own unique Concrete Mushrooms. (Professionally designed, printable at your favourite print shop or home printer)

My ebooks have had much success since my training as a technical illustrator has taught me how to convey needed information.

I love to look and observe nature closely… There’s such magical inspiration if you just take a moment to really see. The mushroom tops and mushroom stems have much more character than those mushroom molds made from bowls! That peaceful place of a forest floor are the kinds of places that take me away from the hectic world we live in right now…

Simple tools for Crafting with Concrete;

Tools for concrete can be so simple and inexpensive. I work outside in the summer under the canopy of my trees – such a peaceful way to enjoy the summer outdoors. My set up is quite simple since water (a big bucket) & cement is pretty well all I need.

Garden Design:

These super huge Mushrooms are on the way to being installed into the garden. I engineered the design to allow setting them to allow removal if desired.

Concrete Year-round:

I generally do not like to move my concrete out of the garden in winter, as that’s why I choose concrete as a medium to begin with. This Step Spook has been sitting on his stump for 8 years in my Canadian winters.

Garden design:

Since I usually do not really ‘paint’ my concrete, these have a bit of colour but could also just stay neutral and allow the natural patina to develop as they age. Texture in concrete loves to build up some moss and lichen growing.

What do you think? Wouldn’t you love to have some ‘Shrooms in your landscaping or rock garden?! Maybe you’ll dip your first fabric in cement & start your concrete crafts kinds of things! Enjoy the sunshine days!

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  1. Hi,
    What brilliant craft you have. I’m a crafter mainly all my stuff is from felt. A little needle felting but I love making felt flowers. I’m going to give this a go and was wondering have you a paperback book I can buy as I can’t get on with e- book.
    I wish you every success in the future. x

    1. If you’d rather have print in hand take the PDF (either email or take on a zip drive) to a local print shop, they do it easily and prob inexpensive compared to my shipping across countries. Enjoy!

  2. I LOVE these! I have been wanting to make some mushrooms with cement and fabric but now it is way too hot for me to do it outside.

  3. You Barb, are brilliant! I am in awe of your imagination, ingenuity, and creativity! And that you share your genius with all of us is beyond generious! May the Gods of Artistry, health, and wealth continue to bless you! Judith

  4. Hey Barb!
    You are SOOOO creative and imaginative!! These mushrooms are great. I really like and appreciate your designs. I find them unusual, unique, artsy and delightfully fun!

    1. Thank you! My intentions have always been about being true to my ‘artist-self’ rather than just trying to tap into popularity. Sometimes I’m actually surprised what I seem to just HAVE TO make! ‘Enjoy having you along for the ride!