Easy Hooded Vest from a blanket

This is a unique design with an integrated hood and all original edges of the blanket - bonus!

This pattern is based on a garment that you know fits you. Most t-shirts or blouses have an arm hole and shoulder seam. Lay it flat and trace it roughly. After tracing I then clean up lines and add seam allowances.

A large blanket eliminates the need for side seams and edges are already finished!

These tapestry blankets are wonderful for up-cycling! I love the boho fringes! Cool pockets!

I love the fringe edges. There are hardly any seams in this unique design. The shoulder seams and neck back finish off the assembly. A simple bias band will finish off the edges of the sleeve nicely. For details check the full tutorial...

Make it large or smaller, it's easy to adapt. Add some type of closure (buttons) or just have it as a cozy wrap

This sewing project comes together super quick since there is no collar or seam at the front neck. The usual tedious edge finishing is not needed.

So many blankets to up-cycle! The design limit is endless... This is a Lambswool blanket that got felted accidentally.

Felted wool blankets work especially the edges will not fray - love the fringe!

If the blanket is not wide enough some seams can be added but the bottom and front edges use the existing finish. There's usually a few pieces left to use for pockets and use up all the fringe... Pssst; thrifts stores have great blankets...

'Such a treasure that may have ended up in the landfill. This new Hooded Vest from a blanket is now able to have a special life keeping someone warm and stylish. Check out more of my designs of 'Up-cycle projects',  Happy Making!