Ghostly Draped Concrete Scarecrow

Do you love making things out of concrete? I love that it can last all year long. These all use the method of dipping fabric in cement slurry.

To start making this scarecrow you will need a structure that will hold the weight of the dipped burlap. The bottle needs to be full so it stays sitting and not fall over.

Prepare the parts, the hat, arms, and something to look like straw.

The 'tubes' of burlap with strips of felt will be arms and legs. Colour does not mater as it will be dipped in the cement.

Test all the pieces for fit before getting to the messy concrete part. A thick rope will be his belt. Best part; no need for a face - he's a ghost!

Make a thin mix of portland cement and water to about a thick cream consistency. Dip the parts and work the cement into it, squeeze out excess.

Assemble the dipped pieces and make sure there is good overlap. The bottle will be taken out.

Brush the burlap if it is too thick or lumpy. The texture of the burlap is great.

Add the cement dipped rope belt & hat. Fuss with the burlap fringe... 

Once everything is as you like, let it cure slowly. To ensure a damp cure by spritzing with water. Concrete needs to be wet to cure well & not 'dry' too quickly. Once hard and cured (24-48 hours) take the inside parts out.

To enhance the texture a bit of dry-brushing with acrylic paint is easy. The grey of the concrete should still be visible.

Enjoy this fellow for years! He can sit out in the garden all year long! You can also make him some concrete friends...