Creepy Concrete for Halloween

Why not make your Halloween designs last forever?! You guessed it these are all concrete! I enjoy my collection of creepy concrete all year long!. ‘Six detailed tutorials for making your own Creepy Concrete & you’ll have the most unique garden on the block!

Rock Eye Peepers

These little characters are so much fun to make! They are especially creepy when hidden in a garden all year! ‘No fancy supplies, some old zippers, Rapidset Cementall (super fast set) and some glass pebbles. You really can make a bunch in a day…

DIY Concrete Smiling Stones

You can’t forget the ‘friends’ of the Rock Eye Peepers; the ones with teeth!!! DIY Concrete Smiling Stones. No, there’s a mold that will make those teeth (no need to steal your uncles false teeth) and the rest is ultra easy!

I bet you have some old jeans or pants; take the zipper out & reuse it! I love to up-cycle! These concrete smiling stones last out in the garden so well! It amazes me!

Theres no limit to where to put these… There’s surely many laughs from this creepy concrete!


Concrete Lighted Step-Spook

This fellow sits in a stump throughout the year (in Canadian Winters) and has not aged a bit! Can you believe he is made with what you probably will throw out?! Portland Cement and some up-cycling make it easy and fast. So many have let me know how much they loved making him… (or her)

DIY Concrete Witch Ghoul

The Step Spook needed a friend; so I designed this witch. She has a fun hat and can sport any crazy kind of hair, dipped in portland cement of course. Every witch needs some fun footwear!

Ghostly Draped Concrete Scarecrow

I have been known to even do some concrete work indoors (just DO NOT WASH IN THE SINK!) It’s fairly simple with keeping a few things to keep in mind. I do have some tips for working with concrete. I love the way the burlap texture came through on this! (more to come on that!) Who does not like to get their hands dirty sometimes?!

Since this little concrete Scarecrow is so rustic it’s quite forgiving & easy to make. A bit of dry-brushing and it still has the ‘concrete charm’, You’ll be tempted to bring him indoors…

Draped Concrete Cat Ghoul

Since this Draped Concrete has some patterns and more detailed instructions it available as an eBook. The supplies are readily available and it can also be lit.

You won’t be disappointed to add to you collection. No plastic kitsch, just good design and character.

Super Real Look Concrete Skulls

There’s no limit once you cross the line into working with concrete… and it’s fast, cheap and no special tools needed.

Happy Halloween! Make it as creepy as you can this year! And yes, they will not blow away or fall apart any time soon. Enjoy your creativity for a long time!

For many more unique projects made with concrete checkout my collection here

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