How to make Everlasting Outdoor Halloween Decor

Halloween is fast approaching… I hate the thought of disposable Halloween decor! Why not make some that can last outdoors and even accent your garden all year?! I’m sharing my 7 super unique DIY projects that will get all the attention. Here’s how to make everlasting Halloween Decor.

Why make everlasting Halloween Decor?

There’s so much cheap plastic junky decor available nowadays at dollar stores; I shudder to think of how much of that actually makes it to the next year. Sure pumpkins can be composted but the plastic will be around for a long time! These projects have stood the test of time & design!

It’s great to make some truly unique concrete craft that actually can withstand the elements and be around for years! You may have seen this ghostly fellow since his image has been quite popular to steal for offshore knockoff sales. I designed & made him 7 yeas ago now and he has been watching over my garden ever since. I share the tutorial Concrete Lighted Step-Spook, he is made with the concrete draping technique (fabric dipped in portland cement). These projects (with links to instructions) below are all my ideas & designs, crafted by me.

concrete ghoul on stup halloween decor

How does the concrete last?

This Concrete Lighted Step-Spook has lasted perfectly since he is elevated from collecting water and has no voids to freeze and thaw. His weight keeps him from blowing away.

concrete scarecrow halloween decor

His ‘brother’ the Ghostly Draped Concrete Scarecrow is also sitting on a stump. The only changes I’ve seen are that the vivid colours tend to fade a bit in full sun. His burlap textures are quite lovely, and he can also be lit with an LED candle or lantern. Spider webs are often naturally found inside.

witch ghoul and cat halloween decor

Concrete Draping Characters:

This concrete crafting technique is quite versatile to create whatever you can dream up. The Draped Concrete Cat Ghoul is also available as an eBook.

ghoul and witch

Don’t forget the witch!

A mop dipped in Cement mop hair makes the hair on this DIY concrete witch ghoul quite interesting as well. The webbing fabric used on the witch hat is available around halloween and is also used for the Draped Concrete Pumpkin Lanterns.

glowing ghoul witch and cat halloween decor

These characters could sit on a front porch or post as well. I much prefer original concrete art to typical hot glue gun crafts. The techniques of using fabric in concrete allows quite a versatility compared to just using molds.

ghoul and witch on step

The best thing about these concrete characters is that they are able to sit almost anywhere. They are small and light enough to carry & move. Some battery string lights can give them a glow inside.

ghoul halloween decor in winter

All year round:

Even in the winter Concrete Lighted Step-Spook still sits patiently waiting for Halloween to return. I have not had problem with cracking and rarely ever seal my concrete pieces.

concrete real look skulls

Real Look Concrete Skulls:

Ok, so even though I designed this technique I am still baffled every time I look at these Super Real look Concrete Skulls. It’s the extra little touches that make them look so ancient, and it’s so easy. ‘Hard to believe they are from reusable Dollar tree plastic skulls.

closeup of skull

Another tip is to use a very fast set concrete mix and don’t fill it solid, leave sockets open. They can all look different if you partially fill the mold too, like real found remains…

skull finishing touches

A small amount of antiquing and some dry-brushing enhances the details. It’s sure to scare the trick-or-treaters. This concrete mix has great ability to last outside so you could keep these out all year or on your mantel. It’s one of the most authentic of all DIY halloween decorations!

smiling rock on beach

Rocks with Attitude!

Another one of my original design tutorials that’s been copied. ‘Perfect way to shock the kids as they walk through the neighborhood and see it in your front yard or the pumpkin patch. They have lasted well even under the snow in the winter! (colours may fade in full sun). The teethy grins on these DIY Concrete Smiling Stones makes everyone smile.

rock eye peepers in rocks/pile

Kids love these mini rocks. Be cautious about using the spider webbing as animals may get caught in it.

skeleton and rock eye peepers

These rocks are pretty versatile… Indoors or outdoors, with skeletons or ghosts.

Vampire rocks with zippers

Vampire Rocks; the latest addition:

When I saw the mold for the teeth I knew what I had to make! Move over faux pumpkins and welcome DIY Concrete Vampire Rocks!

vampire, peeper and smiling rocks hidden in garden

Who said concrete crafts just need to be pre-made molds?! Get your creativity going & reap the benefits of long lasting designs. I’ve got a ton of concrete craft blog posts that you won’t see in other places (unless copied)

concrete skulls in moss garden

Thanks for looking, I hope I’ve inspired you. Check out my Pinterest and Instagram posts. No tricks here; only treats…

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  1. Barb I have to say your moth was beautiful. I could not do that myself. Number one don’t have a sewing machine. 😂😂 you are very talented.
    I enjoy watching your projects. Thanks for sharing. Nina

  2. Thank You Barb, from a long-time FAN of yours. It just IRKS me to know that some of these will be copied (again) by lazy, no-good, no-brain, scuzball people who have no scruples!!!

  3. I just wanted to say thank you for sharing yourself with me. You Barb are an inspiration.
    I was dealing with loss of life.
    You helped with keeping me busy.
    I don’t know how to explain or express my gratitude to you.

    1. Oh, that’s the best I could hear! I am so glad that this can help you with your loss, I’m so sorry. I have started to realize how much art can help with so much in life. Thank you, take care.