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Welcome to our newest member of the Ghoul Family; a sweet Draped Concrete Cat! I’m excited to offer my very first eBook for download! This Cat design easily comes together with my detailed instructions and illustrations. Won’t you give her a spot at your place…


Having worked with draped concrete and fabrics I wanted a new challenge. This design comes together with full size patterns for the form and also for the fabric. Her form does not require any expensive supplies since she reuses easily found (probably free) materials.

The fabric patterns are also supplied to make it easier than other draping projects.

This eBook is full of detailed images (over 50 pictures) and full size patterns for making the great cat-like form.

For extra help I have also illustrated the process in detail.  I’m excited to be able to share such detail for this as there are over 50 pictures in 24 pages. I have spent many years of my career  happily as a technical illustrator so this project was such a joy.

Instantly download this digital PDF book file to have as your own.

Enjoy the same ingenuity here as her spooky friends. And who knows she may even have new friends in the future… I am quite happy to see how many have enjoyed the Spook and Witch.

There’s still time to crack open the Portland cement… I even made her in my workshop as the canadian weather was not cooperating! Thanks for joining me in my ‘concrete journey’!


I'm an artist & I make things... all kinds of things.

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