DIY Autumn Gourd Wreath

The warm colours and cool air of Autumn give me such energy! It’s harvest season with bounties of all types of produce but I never expected this. Such amazing imitation gourds that I just had to create something, but not the usual. My DIY Autumn Gourd Wreath comes together in less time than a trip to the market…

The Hardest Part:

I think I spent more time trying to decide on which amazingly realistic looking gourds to buy than making! I actually don’t like buying craft stuff at the craft store and definitely had no intention to buy gourds! But at 80% price reduction and those amazing colours I could not resist! And they weigh practically nothing.

The easy list of supplies and tools:

  • gourds (a bunch)
  • bamboo skewers or strong wire
  • pliers & wire snippers
  • Hot glue and glue gun
  • Thin wire loop

Fake fruit and veggies have come a long way! I’m almost embarrassed to buy them since I pride myself on being a bit more on the natural side, loving all that nature provides. I have been known to be seen picking up leaves and walnuts for my eco-printing or branches and stones…


It’s all in the design… whether it’s fonts on a page or gourds in a circle! Yup, play around with your collection until you have a pleasing somewhat balanced design. Use your intuition, it’s the same one that decides if those shoes go with the outfit; so give it some credit. This is just the ‘dry-fit’ before the attachment. ‘Just love that big ‘ass’ymmetrical one!

The Attachments:

These faux gourds are made with styrofoam that has a thin outside layer. They do pierce easily, no power tools needed. The pointy ends of the skewers pierce easily.

Tip: Using a double-skewer attachment system is much better than a single since it will then NOT twist or turn.

After poking the holes where needed, first on one gourd(s) with the ‘pointy’ ends then you may turn your skewer and snip off the length needed (as they should not protrude out the other side) with the pliers easily.

Apply the hot glue to the sticks and insert firmly and wait until it cools to be set.

Work your way around the shape and use the small gourds as ‘gap-filler’ ones that can be added at the end.

If there is a connection that you doubt may need reinforcement you may spoke through another skewer from the back and then snip off the end with the wire cutters.

I’m not such a big fan of hot glue since it tends to be a goopy mess for some but it is the best for this. After you are happy with your circle of gourds, which is the most unique original wreath by the way, you can add some additional structure assurance by applying some dabs (not puddles) of glue at some key joints on the back.

To hang a loop of very thin black wire can be pulled it between a joint rather than attaching to the outside of a gourd; much better way to hang.

The Circle of Gourd friends:

Tada! How crazy simple was that?! About as easy or easier than making shish-kebabs! Gourd Kebabs! It’s not your usual boring type with ‘fluff’ and bows! And I love the amazing colours and textures! You can add what you’d like but I’m completely happy with the modern simplicity of just gourds. My door gets the elements of rain (and snow) so it does superb in the weather as well.

Enjoy the Season! Take the time to admire the colours; whether on the trees or on your door! Happy making…

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