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No, I have definitely not ‘lost my marbles’! This craziness sparked from some recent funny things in my life. And nope, I still have my teeth! But a rainy family weekend away meant playing some games. ‘Speak-Out‘ is so hilariously side-splitting funny; I have not laughed that hard in ages!

I’m not sure how, but that crazy artist brain of mine somehow came up with this DIY Concrete Smiling Stone adaptation when I remembered a mold I had kicking around…

You will need:

  • Denture Shape silicone ice mold
  • RapidSet Cementall concrete or similar
  • Tin foil
  • Hot Glue Gun & glue sticks
  • Duct Tape
  • Acrylic paint (white, black, yellow, blue & red)
  • Clear acrylic Gloss medium optional
  • Acrylic Pearlizing Medium
  • brushes, water
  • metal zippers (longer can be cut) & scissors
  • Palette knife or similar

Step #1: Make the teeth

Mix a small amount of the concrete mix. This RapidSet Cementall sets very quickly; in only a few minutes and does not require as much water. It is recommended to add the water first and then add the dry mix. I’m a bit of a rule breaker so I had been doing it backwards for a while. Then I always needed to add more mix because it was too wet… figures.

The ‘teeth’ parts tends to get bubbles so make sure to tap it very firmly to rid of the bubbles.

The impatient part of me loves that it can pulled out of the mold in one hour. No need for a mold release either as silicone works great with concrete. I am so impressed with this mold, as it is quite realistic.

You could leave it as is or give it some realism by painting it.

To mix a flesh tone mix some white and red acrylic paint, add some yellow, and then a tiny bit of blue. Compare it to the colour of your hands, but a bit more pink.

You can be fussy or not. The inside won’t be seen, nor the back.

I added a bit of gloss medium to make it ‘saliva-shiny’. Even a bit of acrylic pearlizing medium makes the teeth shine. You can’t help but chuckle through this…

To set the upper and lower teeth I separated them a bit and glued with hot glue at the molars. This won’t be seen so be sure it holds well by filling well.

To prevent anything getting in the mouth opening I taped the back closed with duct tape.

Step #2: Making the form & Zipper

Any length of zipper can be used as long as it is enough for the smile. The excess can be cut off. Use some old zippers from discarded clothes, as the colour does not matter. The 2 open ends of the zipper need some gluing together. You can adjust the smile as you like.

Glue the top and bottom at the centre point. I leave the sides loose to build up with some concrete ‘cheeks’.

From my sculpting days I learnt to use tin foil as a bulking agent. It is great since it can be formed easily and is quite stiff. Make the shape you prefer and glue to the teeth. Add more if needed. You can now imagine how it will look. Be creative, as stones come in all sizes and shapes.

I tuck a bit of the foil around the zipper to keep everything snug before I start with the concrete.

Step #3: The concrete

Using the same concrete, this time mix it to a thicker consistency. I find that it will slightly stiffen in about 30 seconds and be quite moldable and able to hold it’s shape. I do really love this stuff…

It’s not a mystery what to do next. Cover the form with the concrete and work your way around. It can be a round type of stone or more angular. Poke it, put dents & holes. The more rough the better and realistic it will look. It will start to get firm after a couple of minutes or so.

At that point I will start to get fussier and finish the ‘lip’ edges. I like to use a painter’s palette knife as it’s thin and flexible. ‘Smear’ the mix up carefully to where the zipper teeth are. You can also brush any concrete off with a brush and water if need be. Try to keep the zipper pull clean.

Trust me, it’s not that hard at all…

Step #4: Finishing the Colour

Yup, I am always in a hurry. I figure if the paint is added earlier it can sink into the concrete even better. I mix a bit of black acrylic paint with a tiny bit of concrete and brush it on very loosely.

Let it run and be mottled. The mix tends to be a very light colour if no staining is done.

Laugh out loud! These guys make me chuckle.

So, now what? You can put them in the garden, add them discreetly between the rockery and make someone jump.

I could not resist seeing them frolic on the beach with their other rock friends…

I would like to plant up a bowl with some succulents and beach stones. Perfect for the orthodontics/dentist office!

And Halloween is fast approaching. Perhaps you just add a few under the house plants to give you a smile every day.

I may be a bit silly… bit we keep using emojis everywhere but these are real ‘stone’. We all deserve a hearty laugh now and then.

I just can’t help myself… A bit of fun before I have to head back to teaching!

I'm an artist & I make things... all kinds of things.

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  1. This is so silly, and you’re right, it does make one smile! You are soooo creative and I’m glad you share it with us. I have been playing in cement and I find it to be quite addicting! I would like to know if you need to treat the dried project so it is safe for plants?
    Thanks much.

    1. ‘Glad to inspire! Yes, concrete is addicting! Are you worried that the concrete will leach out some alkali? I would think that would not be a problem in the garden since it is such a small amount and would travel downwards. If you putting it in a small planter you could soak it in water for a while. The zipper may rust though, which would not be that horrible as I like the look of rust. Or you could give it a coat of clear acrylic mat medium (patio paint) So little is invested that you could just try it… Happy concreting!

  2. That is absolutely awesome and I absolutely love it. You are a very clever lady and I am so going to try my hand at one! X

  3. Love love this quirky garden treasure…. I am going to be making so many of these…… Thank you for sharing…

  4. OMG! I’m cracking up! I too, just saw your post from HomeTalk with the pop cans first and then came across your other projects with concrete. These are hilarious! I absolutely LOVE THIS! My daughter and I are doing a craft show for the first time in Sept. and Nov. Do you think these would be a good seller? I think so, if not, at least a laugh out loud moment! I’ve never seen anything like this and I think people would get a kick out of them! Thanks for sharing. You’re so ingenius!

  5. Wonderful! I saw your tin can firms on home talk & read through the comments where I saw the monster eggs; one thing leading to another, here I am & am thrilled! Can’t wait to get time to run through all of your projects!! I love these smiling stones ( I love quirky 🙃) thanks so much for sharing your talent!

  6. I absolutely ADORE your work!! I found you on HomeTalk, and looked at all your stuff. Too. Much. Fun! I, too, am an out-of-the-box artist, and love working with children and seniors – everyone who has convinced themselves that they can’t ‘do art’!!! I have a new grandson that I fully intend to work with in creating these unique ideas. His birthday is just days before Halloween, so I have lots of plans for the years to come. I love that concrete is long lived, and these projects can be added to year after year. Thank you so much!

    1. Awe, that sounds very nice! DO be careful and safe when working with him though. I have cast my daughter’s hands for the planter and it’s a constant reminder. He would probably love to cast his hands in alginate.

      Glad I’m inspiring you!

      1. These are hilarious!! Makes we want to try some and maybe put things in their mouths like: braces, lip piercing, thermometer, sucker, party noise maker, toothbrush, straw and drink, rose stem, candy, tooth flosser, cigar, etc. Personalized gifts….. hahaha!!

        1. Oh yes! I had not thought of that. But just make sure it can last for a bit. Mine made it over the winter under the snow quite well… Have concrete fun!

  7. I think that company just had increased sales on denture molds because I just bought one too. These are hilarious! My husband has been in the concrete business for 30 years and it never really hit me to use it in my art until THIS YEAR! I’ve made garden globes, vases and sculptures this summer, but this, this will be awesome in my courtyard! Thank you so much for sharing your how to!!!!

    1. They are molds for ice cubes. Someone should hook up with a dentist or denture-maker-guy, prob a lot of old molds. I was going to use some real dentures that were found in an old house, but it seemed a bit too creepy.

      1. LOL! I think it would have been awesome! I know a guy who just retired who used to work for a dentist making molds, I should see if he has any. I suppose I could make my own too. I do lost wax bronze so I have a very large supply of molding compounds and silicone rubber mold mix. Thanks again for sharing Barb, I was going to save this adventure for when winter hibernation season set in but I cannot wait. I have you bookmarked for future inspiration, you “rock”! 😉

        1. Yes! I was bringing some of my concrete inside for the winter… in case I need a ‘concrete-fix’ Darn Canadian winters! Oh, ‘would love some of those supplies! We just never have enough ‘stuff’ to make with.

  8. What kind of paint and sealer did you use on the teeth? I’m looking forward to making some of these and placing them around our pool area LOL!

    1. I used an acrylic paint made for outdoors; Patio Paint. It does not need a sealer, but if you add one it probably would not hurt. Most acrylic is pretty strong outdoors as long as it isn’t standing in water. Good luck

      1. Thank you so much, Barb. These just make me smile! I ordered my mold yesterday – can’t wait for it to arrive! You mentioned you used a gloss medium to make the teeth a little shiny – could you tell me what that was? (I tend to “overthink” projects LOL!

        1. Glad you are going to try it. Do use the Rapidset Cementall. I used some of this I don’t think it is especially made for exterior but I have used it and as long it’s not sitting in water it seems fine. I have painted rocks that have lasted years around the garden… Good luck.

  9. These are so precious! I don’t have space to make my own, but one day I will! Saving this page for the future! I love this so much. I’m going to give mine names~

    1. I sometimes have to work in the house. I just make sure I keep the mess down and not stir up any dust. And I don’t wash any utensils or containers. I make the coasters in the house since it’s only a few tablespoons of mix at a time. Cheers!

  10. These are the best things I’ve seen all day, I absolutely love them!! And I like the idea about using them around Halloween, it’s my favorite holiday because of all the awesome decorations and I feel like these would fit right in!! Thanks for sharing your clever idea!! <3

  11. I’m obsessed with crafting, and constantly searching for something new and unique. These are FLIPPING hilarious! And beyond unique. Love it so much, thanks for sharing. *off to make some stones* 😂

  12. Do you think a 4 inch zipper would be big enough?
    (5inch zipper with 4 inches of metal)
    Let me know! Thanks! Natalie 🙂

    1. I have used up a lot of old zippers cutting them and imbedding the extra in the concrete. So having a bit extra is ok. Measure across the teeth shapes. It is forgiving as the opening can be smaller if need be…

      1. Do you know how many inches the zippers are after you cut them down to size?
        I’m getting ready to order the zippers (don’t have them yet)
        The metal part is 4 inches, I was trying to get an idea if 4 inches would be too short?
        I am fine with making them smaller if they are too big, I just don’t want to order them and have them be too small….

  13. I can’t even with these! Thank you for sharing this utterly genius art work us! I’m going to make them with my five children and my husband. Can’t wait! Thank you again! Keep creating…

  14. Hi barb!
    I made a couple rocks and the turned out great for my first try! The 5 inch zipper (4in) metal worked out great…anyways I added a picture of them sitting in my rock bed on the “tried” section….I didn’t have any zippers laying around so I bought a “lot” of them on eBay …..anyways! Thanks again for the fun idea!
    My daughter is making them at Yosemite with the teens during their camping vacation…they are planning on hiding them around the trails!!!!! So funny
    I asked asked to post some pix on the tried section so that you can see how they turned out!

  15. As a registered dental hygienist who loves to garden, these are PERFECT! Can’t wait to make some! Thanks for your zany creativeness! Thanks for sharing!

  16. Are you my twin??? I find this so funny, and the whole time I was reading your tutorial I was thinking of different places I could set these…in the house, around the “garden”, in the branches of my trees where someone would spot it walking by…oh what FUN! Thank you so much for this!

    1. I have mine in a rock garden at the edge of the sidewalk, so fun to see the reactions when noticed. I like that they look natural – hate kitschy garden stuff!

  17. I like the idea of just leaving a few at the beach or other public place a la Guerilla Art/Art Abandonment movements.

  18. I just poured my first four. My sister is a dental hygienist so you know who’s getting the first one. I love the glow in the dark idea. Looking forward to seeing version #2!

  19. I am obsessed with these smiling rocks. Made 2 today and can’t waitto make more! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being so fabulously delightful in your crafting!

  20. Hi Barb, Thankyou for your reply,and yes I am genuinely gratefull and happy to credit you with the design .yours sincerly Ian

  21. I just found your site. You are so creative and I love your ideas. I am working on my first peeper rock and am now on the hunt for silicone denture mold 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

    1. There are links in the post to amazon. Funny story, someone was cleaning out a house they bought and fond some real ones… They knew I was the person to ask if I wanted them! Ewww but yes!!! Have fun!

  22. I love that you took them on field trips. I actually have a model/mold of my own top row. I want to make a silicone type mold so I can make multiples. My mother always thought my mouth needed a zipper. Haha. Installing a dry river bed for my downspout runoff and these scattered throughout would be awesome with some painted rocks with smart mouth comments thrown in as well. Love your ideas. Thanks for much inspiration.

  23. Hi Barb! I recently discovered your site and I love it!! LOVE it! I especially found your descriptions of the different concretes very helpful. Well, today is a special day and I feel like a kid at Christmas. My silicone ice tray dentures are suppose to arrive today! I can hardly stand it LOL. I’m anxious to make me some smiling stones. Thanks for your imagination, vision, and willingness to share. Appreciate you.

  24. Barb, these are absolutely amazing. I love this idea so much. Thank you for all the concrete art tips on your blog… my neighbors will soon be wondering about me too 😉

  25. So I’ve made one of these and snuck it into my baby brother’s front yard….I’m just waiting for him to notice…..thank you for this FANTASTIC idea!

      1. He hasn’t noticed yet…

        I also have good friends who have an easement at the back of their backyard so that other neighbours may pass through to their own backyards….guess who wants some peeper rocks with serious attitude to stare down those neighbours, hahaha!!! They’re next on the list to make 🙂

  26. I made some smiling rocks and peeper rocks. How can I share a photo with you. Thanks for the tutorials. They were a lot of fun!

  27. Barb, you make my spooky Halloween dreams come true! I hope my neighbours don’t mind when I become the spooky af house year round.

  28. I just tried to make my first set of teeth and am having “tooth decay” – the front teeth did not stay intact with the rest of the set when I removed them. Any tips? I put the cement into the mold in a sort of wet paste-like consistency. Perhaps I should leave more water in the mix so it can flow into the teeth and then set up? I used QUIKRETE Quick-Setting Cement (Initial set 5-10 minutes, final set in 10-20 minutes).

    Would love to know your troubleshooting advice!!

    1. Oh dear! I used Rapidset Cementall and they were very strong. Maybe try a more fluid-ish mix. Concrete needs the water for the chemical reaction. Also, maybe cure for longer. Sometimes concrete mixes get old and don’t hold as well also; especially if they were stored outside. I hope that helps!

      1. I will try more water and let it cure as you suggested. I will do one more test before I go and buy the Rapidset Cementall.

        I was just too excited to start 🙂 I just couldn’t wait for delivery and it was out of stock in my area.

        I will let you know what happens!

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