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This post is not like my others. ‘And I’m feeling violated! So absolutely violated! I can’t believe how infuriating it is! This ‘internet thing’ is so unbelievable sometimes! I’ll tell you; the good, bad & UGLY of the ‘Net! and maybe you can help me. (NEW UPDATE! See below!)

First, the Good:

Since starting this site I have made a lot of friends sharing my projects! I get emails daily from very kind people who actually thank me for posting projects and patterns for free. Some share something about themselves and also feel a kinship to me. It’s so sweet. I’ve even had an 80+ lady offer to ship me leaves from Australia for my eco printing. One wonderful lady sent me some silk that she knew I could use. How amazing is that!? There’s a world between us but they feel like they know me through my words. I really love that feeling of being connected and appreciated. My readers enjoy my projects and I feel good about that.

The Bad, really really BAD:

I am super busy designing my projects, photo editing, writing, answering emails, digital media and all else that goes with this blogging thing. I don’t have the time to cruise the net for ‘fluff’. One of my readers recognized my projects and gave me the heads-up.

OMG! I almost fell off my chair, when I saw the exact copy of 2 of my projects in a click-bait video by 5-Minute Crafts! I mean EXACT! Each piece and method to the absolute ‘T’! But Don’t let me sway you, look for yourself: or on YouTube.

screen shot 5-Minute Crafts video

Do you remember this Rock Eye Peepers project (Oct 2018)? It is completely designed by me, each aspect from using the tin foil and the glass pebbles…

Compare the screenshots to my photos. U N B E L I E V A B L E!

This video is running rampant through Facebook and gaining massive views by the second. Again, OMG! Some people with integrity actually ask permission to link to my site; (how very ethical of them) 5-Minute Crafts did not ask any permission!

screen shot 5-Minute Crafts video

How can this company (5-Minute Crafts) just steal a project and publish it as their own?! Can this be possible?

Come on, tell me, is it the same? Could it be a fluke that just happened?!

How coincidently they used all the same materials, same order…

…same outcome:

screen shot 5-Minute Crafts video

I think I hear your answer! Am I insane?

What to do?!

I NEVER thought this type of blatant theft could happen! Yes, I know you are saying I should report it. I first emailed the company which gets confusing as they are under a few names (figures) to which they did NOT reply. No reply to many attempts!

5-Minute Crafts is a fairly large firm with more manpower than I have, so why do they need to take MY MATERIAL? Design your own! If this happens with mine, then where did all their other material come from?

screen shot 5-Minute Crafts video

Not just one Project, but 2!!!

To my horror 2 of my projects were ‘taken’ and copied in the same video. The Concrete Lighted Step Spook has been one of my popular designs as it uses such easy materials… The use of every single jar and styrofoam meat tray all copied. How is this possible?!


5-Minute Crafts flies through the video so fast and people question if the projects even work. Well, the consistency of the mix and the improper referral to ‘Cement’ tells again that they have no true idea, just that they found a great project and copied it (ya, I said that a few times)

screen shot 5-Minute Crafts video


Well, the ugly part is what can be done about this blatant copying. I filed a Facebook copyright violation and the following day I was asked for more info. After a couple hours a quick response: ‘Thank you for your report. Based on the information you’ve provided, it is not clear to us that the content you reported infringes your copyright. The reported content appears to embody a similar idea that’s expressed in a different manner from your work.

Can you believe it?! ‘Similar idea, different manner’??! Unbelievable!!!

I also filed a YouTube Copyright Complaint Submission but have yet to hear back. I suppose Instagram may also follow…

UPDATE: YouTube has come through!!! – ‘Thank you very much for your notification. The content has been removed.’ See for yourself: I have some faith again and hope this sends a message to ‘Stay away from my content!


Please help me:

This is my Concrete Step Spook in progress, ‘similar’ seriously?!

If you see my point and can’t imagine that they really dreamed this up please post comments to that fact. We need to become aware of where these companies get their content, cool projects or not.

screen shot 5-Minute Crafts video

Does this one not look exactly like mine??!! I know it’s a great design now as this video is going on 60 million views. Does that not say anything about my projects? Let’s step up and take notice of what we watch on the ‘Ugly ‘Net’! This can happen to anyone… as I never imagined it could happen to me. But then again I believed most people are good and have ethics. I guess my bubble is bursting.

Has this happened to you? I’m looking into legal action. Tell me I’m not crazy. I’ll update when I get info. Sadly this may impact how/what I put my effort into and any future posts.

I'm an artist & I make things... all kinds of things.

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  1. Barb I am so so sorry this has happened to you. And for the “people” at FB who said it was not exactly your work, well this is just ridiculous. I know nothing about copyright infringement but I am sure someone who follows you might have some ideas. I think you are totally entitled to be pissed off, I hate thieves and to do this so brazenly is horrible. I appreciate everything that you give to us and wish there was something we could do to help you. If you find out anything that we your followers can do, please let us know as I would be happy to try and help.

    1. Thanks so much! I feel especially passionate about this since I teach ‘academic integrity’ at the college, so what kind of message does this start to show the youth?! Sadly it’s zapped some of my creativity 🙁 You can leave comments at the video sites. Boycott 5-Minute Crafts!

      1. I am so sorry that this all happened to you. Some folks are just shameless. I have always appreciated your straight forward style and willingness to share your boundless gifts. It is good you are following up on the assault but don’t let it keep you from being you!
        Love and hugs,

        1. Thanks for the kind words! I know at some point you just need to move on, but having the idea that what I’m working on will be their next ‘profit’ is hard to swallow. ‘Nice to feel the support!

    2. Dianne replied very well!
      I also feel angry and very sorry about this copy of your art work! I was where you are, with my efforts, way back in the ’80’s, before the computer existed for me. My copyright AND patent were not enough to protect my efforts. I lost lots of sleep, and it messed with my deepest sincerity of my ~ baby~!
      I know a lot of time, and heart goes into your post! Sharing in the cyber world, as I am learning, has many forms of rewards and bullying. As you progress forward keep us informed on this journey of infringement, but please don’t lose your passion in creating and sharing with the family subscribers who have been with you for years.
      Sending “positive” thoughts, for a “positive” outcome!

          1. That’s life on the net! Facebook will NEVER correct it or improve. Facebook is a stolen idea. Mr. Zuckerberg (I like to call him sucker-berg) is unethical himself, so don’t hold your breath. Clicks, views, etc., are worth a lot of money, so if they thing they can get away with murder, like this 5 mins crafts gang, they will! I’ll comment on their projects that they steal ideas and projects from other creators! All the best!

        1. Hi Barb. First let me say, I am A HUGE fan of your site. I too love to play in concrete.
          I am very sorry that you are experiencing something so painful and personal. This is why I DON’T share my projects, even though I’d love to.
          But in reading your article, the question again arises in my mind that has arisen before. Where is the line? If I share my project, and in particular I share the PROCESS it took to create it, can I not expect people to follow it exactly to achieve the same result? I totally understand the feeling of outrage to see someone else profiting from your original idea, without so much as a mention of where it originated. It seems only fair that part of that profit belongs to you. And having copyrighted a project in the past, their blatant reproductions of your photos seems a definite infringement to me.
          My question probably doesn’t have a clear answer. Intellectual property is such a slippery thing. I guess I just think that if 60 million people have followed one of my projects (if only!), I shouldn’t be surprised when someone runs with it for profit.

          Doesn’t make it Right though.

          1. Yes, the more I hear, the more disgusting it gets. I understand that people will use my instructions to make but don’t expect that they just ‘take’. So many think it is perfectly acceptable. It’s really difficult to get past that this will happen over and over again. (probably happening in another country right now without my knowing) Sadly,it has kinds thrown me down 🙁

  2. hi barb i follow your neat crafts and love it but there is much more of your smiley rocks out there too after you show your ideas.people are posting as if they are their ideas out there /they are not showing projects how they turned out /i am making smiley rocks for friends and people this christmas ! if there friends want one well they need to pay for cost for me to make to put in pot or yard i can not pay for it all but make for free cause i enjoy to do i hope with you that would not be a problem /just to let you know your projects are very much out there on the internet by others.please keep your site and creativness tyvm

    also i do tell people where i found how to make these and people said i should sell in summer but i have to ask you first i said /i also have showed your site and printed directions and gave to girlfriends.

    1. Using the tutorial to make your own is what is intended. Reproducing the instructions and passing around is not right. Copying a book and passing it around is the same idea, should not be done. Sharing by sending the link is fine. Others should not profit by reproducing/publishing non-owned work.

    2. Hi Barb I follow and enjoy your post and try to make
      Iek is baie jammer dat al die dinge gebeur wat kan jy verwag ons sien dit daagliks maar jou volgers jou ken sal hul na jou pos gaan en die oorspronkle doen
      Weet nie wat kry hul uit oneerlikheid hulle sal eendag self moet verantwoording doen
      Loerhie groete

  3. Barb
    I am so sorry. I love your work and had never heard of this website. I will never go there unless it is to give them negative reviews for their thefts. I’d heard of this happening with scarves, boas etc. that people were selling, but why would they need to steal your methods and ideas.

    1. Well, it’s because they are quite unique. 62 million views tells me that! They do not work out the method/material or testing. Where has good old-fashioned integrity gone? Thanks for commenting!

  4. No you’re not crazy nor are you insane. It is an infringement and it is wrong. Unethical behavior at the last and I am so sorry this has happened to yet another artist. I appreciate your free content and just made another donation to your blog but it is small and I know all your work is worth so much more. Sad people need to steal. Irit Dulman is another artist who does fabulous eco printing who published a lengthy email several years ago about someone who went to her workshop and proceeded to post all her information that took Irit years of experimentation to produce the results she did. Sadly, this happens way too much. Please don’t stop being the generous, helpful creative person you are. If I see this I promise I will send it to you as well and report it. Best of luck to you in whatever you decide.

    1. Thanks! I knew the projects would get made, but not expect copied and published! Irit discovered some methods and that is even harder to copyright. I know how no one would share any eco printing secrets… I learnt by trying. It makes me completely question how I move forward and the generosity. I appreciate your donation!

  5. I am so sorry this has happened. Is there anyway your followers could do something? It seems to happen a lot. My calligraphy friend from Los Angeles had her piece copied almost exactly and posted on Facebook. All of us pounced on the person from Australia. I guess she thought she was far enough away. It was taken down and her name noted. Let us know what we can do besides boycotting 5-minute Crafts. I will check them out.


    1. Yes, numbers do help! Showing and expressing disgust in the comments helps as they post on mostly on Facebook and YouTube. I can’t imagine the revenue that 62 million views brings!! Facebook has turned a blind eye (probably due to ad revenue from such a large company) Seems quality is less important that ‘cool factor’ lately. Sad impact on the future generations 🙁 Thanks for chiming in!

    2. I had something similar happen to my work 40 some years ago.. I had filed copyright ownership on every individual piece I created with the Gov. copyright agency. When I reported my copyright was infringed, I was to hire a copyright Attorney which, when I searched, was 100+ miles away from my city. I contacted the office and was told my initial consultation would be $500. Who knows what it would cost today? I am sorry this happened to you Barb. This is theft. When someone steals from you and puts it out there so blantantly, it’s like a slap inn the face. May I suggest you allow your followers access to the FB sites this company is posting on as well as the YTube channel so that we can post your site to the readers to GET IT STRAIGHT?. .

  6. Barb, I just read this about 5 Minute Crafts when I was looking for them to post a Boycott comment. Barb, it looks like all of their ideas are stolen from creative people. They are parasites.
    5-Minute Crafts is a DIY YouTube channel that is owned by a company known as TheSoul Publishing which is based in Limassol Cyprus. It also owns other big brands like BrightSide. The content is usually a compilation of DIY projects, life hacks, crafts and any other content they find interesting. At some point it was the 3rd fasted growing YouTube channel and has so far generated over $70 million for the company.

    1. Well thanks for the info, I feel a bit more sick now. I have contacted them numerous times through the Soul Publishing with no reply. Perfect phrase! PARASITES! I believe there is a way to prevent any of their videos to show in your FB feed. Word needs to get out!

    2. Actually, I think 5-minute crafts is Russian

      My understanding is that they are building up a huge following (with their innocuous sites) with the intention of compiling a mailing list of people & then send out disinformation to them at a later date.
      Since all they care about is increasing their numbers, they’ll do whatever it takes to add followers, including stealing content from others.

  7. UGH!!! – My husband and I are recording and performing musicians. We know how you feel. We’re constantly finding our pirated music and instructional videos posted online for free download or for sale on sites that keep all the funds. Typically those sites are based somewhere in Asia. It seems there is almost nothing we can do. We’re just grateful to the fans who continue to support us by coming to our live shows and purchasing from us when we release new music.
    If we created truly blockbuster material (like you!), we would seriously consider hiring an intellectual property lawyer or firm to try to recoup some of our lost income. Perhaps you could consult with an intellectual property attorney and see if they think they could help you? Your case would probably be easier to pursue since you have one very large firm that is clearly profiting from the theft. (In our case, our music has been scattered too far and wide.) The brave new digital world has made art an even more treacherous profession than it was before. I’m SO sorry this happened to you.

    1. I’m sad for you too. Learning all that goes with a website is tough enough, now to navigate legal things. Arghhh! I’m tired… Thanks for your kind words!

  8. Barb, I am so sorry! You truly inspire more to learn more and craft more. I am donating to your blog in hopes that it keeps pushing you forward and will continue to inspire many more. Even if your charged a fee per month to have access to your blog, I would pay. Keep pushing!!

    1. That is a consideration. I have been too generous. My goal was to share creativity and theirs is just $. Not even enough integrity to reply to emails or comments. That says something.

      1. I agree with your idea of going to subscription. I have made a number of donations and would subscribe. You’ve built a reputation for excellence, high quality and innovative that comes with being a long time publisher of craft ideas. In the podcast world, seems like this is how it works . . . Create great stuff and once you get to a higher viewer threshold they either have a subscriiption model, or the subscription includes waaaaay more extras than a basic creative idea, or they have sponsorships. You could also do inperson seminars. Here in the states, an experienced teacher like you could easily make $3000 per class. (I used to teach and was amazed at what I made.)

        It’s a shocking wake up call to see your stuff stolen and monitized. I wonder if If everyone of your fans went to their site and gave a down arrow or made a comment, if it works that way, it might at least make a ripple.

        I HATE facebook. Someone stole my identity, and I’ve rpoerted it twice and it’s still there. . . . Modern life.

        Either way, I hope you keep up the amazing projects. It always brightens my in box to see “Made by Barb.

        1. I’m glad I’m hearing that people feel it’s worth it. All I wanted to do in the next while was christmas projects… I need to breath and get past this. Interesting concepts that you mention. Happy making

  9. This kind of thing happened in the past, but it is amplified so much on the web. Sadly, the ‘bad’ tend to be the big guys who simply ignore those of us who share or who are small sellers or are trying to get a unique idea off the ground. The big guys know that we small potatoes types don’t have the money, time or manpower to fight unfairness and unethical behavior. I feel for you!

      1. I’ve donated before also and would pay for a subscription. I did see your rock idea on that “5” program and wondered…now I know where those creative ideas originate. Unfortunately for every technology created for the people’s benefit, there are those who pervert it. I think your fans will help you come up with ways to protect your gifts to us. First by watching for these creative thefts and then reporting them so the thieves realize they’re being busted and held accountable. We can’t be silent!

  10. Unfortunately the internet is a double edged sword. Having the exposure of the internet has allowed countless artists to find customers for their art they could not have gained any other way but that same exposure gives thieves the opportunity to profit from someone else’s work.. I have read several similar cases and the general consensus seems to be just to tell yourself that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and carry on. As a solo entrepreneur the costs of mounting a legal challenge against a $70,000,000 company would be prohibitively expensive and you could find yourself in litigation for years. That kind of stress would likely take so much time and energy from your business that it could ruin you. I understand how you feel violated and angry and I don’t want to trivialize those feelings but maybe “Keep Calm and Carry on” would be the most productive way to handle the situation. It likely won’t be the last time an idea will be appropriated but the internet is so vast there will still be millions of people who will appreciate the work you do and they may never hear of that nasty company.
    It certainly wouldn’t hurt to spread the word about that company and maybe enough negative feedback will put a dent in there operations. But please try to put it behind you for your own sanity.

    1. My grandson loved your rock projects. We made them last Christmas. It’s appalling that someone would take your creations, which you freely share with all of us, and claim them as their own! Stealing is stealing. We thank you for sharing your creativity with all of us. Bad juju on the thieves!

  11. I called them out on it on youtube on the video and also posted about it on twitter and facebook. I know it’s not much but I will do what I can to spread the word around about what they are doing.

    You do great work and I love all your tutorials. Much love!

  12. Heartbreaking that this can happen to someone who shares knowledge and ideas so unselfishly. It is shameful of Facebook to not even attempt to do something to acknowledge what happened. But good for you to call them out, hopefully the truth prevails. I think you are brilliant and am so grateful for all that you do share. I am willing to do what I can in support of you and your talent. I will share that Alliexpress is selling pirated art and craft supplies on their site by some rather popular crafters. I for one refuse to shop there any more, not that I can make a big difference, but I can choose not to support something something I deem wrong. More power to you Barb!

  13. I know this is a little bit of “locking the barn door after the horse has gotten out” , but at one time I designed websites for manufacturers and professional people. One of my clients was well known in the entertainment industry for the work he did. He wanted to post pictures of his work, which I did. Lo and behold – the same thing happened to him in a different context. That sent me searching, and I found more than one way to “lock” down your pages and/or photos so they cannot be downloaded and used. I don’t know who does your site, but you could inform them of this, I wish that I could remember what I used, but it was so long ago.
    Best of luck – I know how infuriated I would be!!!

    1. Well, they used the instructions and made photos almost exactly the same. I have that now. But the real parasites spend their efforts getting past that! ‘Since they aren’t actually making ideas…

  14. Hi Barb, What a terrible thing to happen. Rest assured karma will kick in and they will eventually get their due. My 2 pennies worth is that perhaps you create a private page and only put your designs up there. So you can manage who views them. I love your work and have some some samples using the microwave oven and they turned out ok. Will you be doing any online eco-printing workshops in the future?

    1. So far I do not have the time to do workshops and there are many things to consider before bringing in people. (insurance, accessibility etc) Somehow the 70 million $ profit does not sound like karma. 🙁

  15. This is clearly theft of idea. If I were you I would get angry, as I suppose you are, but I would also say through my gritted teeth: No ugly, mean company is ever going to make me petty. I’ll continue as I have always done, but ask my readers to — whenever they see my ideas misused or stolen — simply write a comment saying: I saw this idea years/months/weeks ago at Made By Barb [link] and as it is her idea, her explanations etc. are much better.
    In short, don’t stop doing what you’re god at, but have all the nice people help you fight the few bad ones.

  16. Clearly you have been the victim of theft. In future, why not put your trademark handprint on every photo and add a warning to others to not copy without proper credit and a link to your site.

    1. I have a watermark of my logo on each picture, but that does not stop them. I also have stated reproduction for non personal usee in prohibited. Does not stop the scum.

  17. This is so disheartening! You put so much time into your great tutorials. My grandson and I had such a great time making your rocks with the eyes and teeth. I’ve never heard of these thieves before. Let us know what we can do to help you stop them and just know that we appreciate all that you bring us.

  18. How can I help? I was a jewelry maker some years back and had a website selling some of my speciality items (cancer awareness bracelets) and ALL of the proceeds of those items went to that cause. The same happened to me. I was a one woman shop with no time or energy to fight it. Honestly it was a hobby for me and I was under a lot of stress just having lost my husband. So I closed my site and moved on. But this is very different than what I dealt with. Please let me know what I can do to help you

    1. I hate to hear things like that. I also teach in a college and it’s becoming a HUGE issue there as well since the youth think it’s all good practice. Leave comments or pass the word around. Thanks

  19. So sorry this has happened to you. In order to encourage and respect creative endeavour, our society needs to protect and reward artistic genius,. You are one such. Fighting injustice behind the scenes, never gets far. Have you considered contacting The Spec or “Go Public” at CBC? A burden shared is a burdened lightened. We are with you. Your story needs a broader audience!

  20. So sorry your ideas were stolen and made profitable for these idea thieves. They look identical to yours. i don’t know how you can prevent theft of ideas once they’re on the internet. It’s a shame a few bad apples ruin it for the rest of us. Please keep up your creative projects, – you are so very talented!

  21. I’m sorry your going through this. I saw those posts from them on Facebook and it was confusing. They were just like yours! You are such an inspiration to me and so many others, how ever true artists / crafters should take those ideas an techniques and make their own creations with their own twists! Not copy exactly and with out permission post it like their own. It’s sad and I hope you can get some recoarse.

    1. Yes amazing! I was appalled that even the photo was set exactly in the same setting… 5-Minute Crafts has no ability of their own. I hope they can look themselves in the mirror.

  22. Dear Barb……this is shocking! I would take legal advice. The 5 min craft videos are great – now I know why!!!

    Good luck! xxx

  23. I have been following you since I discovered you. I live your innovative work and your instructions are spot in. I appreciate you sharing the how-to. I really enjoyed the fabric tests with concrete. How helpful for us who are new to this art. I am so sorry that your original ideas are being stolen and passed off as someone else’s work. To me, that’s akin to stealing your child and claiming it as your own. FB is wrong. It’s like stealing a song, but changing a single note and claiming it’s original and not blatant piracy. So sorry!

  24. So sorry that your ideas were copied. I know it can be frustrating. But as for any “legal action”, I hate to be the one to tell you, but you’d just be wasting your time – and probably your money as well. I know that’s probably not what you wanted to hear.

    Let me explain a bit. I come from a professional publishing background, so I’m somewhat familiar with copyright and some of its nuances. What FaceBook has told you is essentially correct. Ideas and concepts are not protected by copyright. Only specific implementations are protected.

    For example, consider the implications you would face in communications if somebody were able to, say, copyright the alphabet. That would be a bit problematic, now wouldn’t it? The concept of certain basic shapes for communication is public domain. A specific font though, is another matter. A font is protected – but ONLY the specific implementation of it. If somebody makes a copy of the font using only the concepts – then that’s free game.

    Where this comes into play in your situation is this. IF they has actually used the pictures YOU made for your blog, then it would be violation of copyright. But because they only used the ideas and then made their own video, they unfortunately get a pass on this one.

    As I said, I understand your frustration. It’s creative people such as yourself that make this world a beautiful place to be in. But hold your head proud. YOU are the one with the originality and talent. The copy cats are just that.

    1. I understand that ideas can be copied, but these are such specific instructions that one would happen on without copying. So if what you said is true they are truly a PARASITE living and ‘eating’ off others, no ethics needed. Glad that you chimed in. The ‘good’ is hopeful!

      1. Processes are protected with patents. They’re applied for, and a search is done to see if it’s already in public domain by anyone else. People/companies go through this expensive patenting process, usually because they want to take it to production, and/or license the method for others to use.
        This space, copyrights and patents, is horrendous, for all involved. Wild West, the internet, undermines all aspects of that. Because the concept of “owning” an idea, or a process, across the globe of billions, isn’t realistic. Particularly given something as complicated as Calculus, was developed by two different people in different countries, at the same time.
        Patent grants are a matter of who makes it to the patent office first, before a process/concept is public. At one company I worked for, I was deliberate about releasing the information in public forum, while my coworkers tried to push me to patent, for credentialing, patents on my resume.

  25. This is wrong on so many levels – especially Facebook’s response of turning a blind eye. I hope you left a comment on the site about your stolen content. I would encourage everyone reading this to do the same.

      1. It’s not surprising they haven’t responded. I did leave a comment too.

        You should ask your supporters to leave a comment so at the very least viewers would be aware of what they’re doing. It may not be a ‘copyright’ violation but it isn’t ethical that they are raking in $$s by ripping off of YOUR hard work (and others). If no one complains about it en masse, it’s a free pass for them to continue doing what they do without any consequences. There’s strength in numbers!

  26. Some people just suck!!!! Karma will surely get them… think I need to go leave a few comments on their site. So sorry…

  27. Have a look at It is a research podcast, website and now publishing project by Elisabeth Townsend Gard from Tulane University. She is a law professor and although see interviews and talks a lot about quilting there is a lot of information for creatives about copyright, branding, trademarks etc. It is American based but at least would give you information about what you can do with their law system and look up a parallel in ours. She even seeks out people to talk of their experience for her podcast. Creatives need to learn what to do to protect themselves.

    I am an eco printer and love your work on eco printing. I do teach a basic course based on what I have learned and practiced.. I have put two years into just learning basics. And plan to do my own systematic research to see what works in my area. We all learn from so many sources. I do explain to people when I do a class that I have put the work into what I do and the notes I give the students. I always cite references . My words are copyrightable. Technique I understand is not. But to make things stand up in court you have to in the US at least register the work. For creatives that makes things an expensive venture or maybe not. I am not sure in Canada. Also with the internet it makes things even harder do to other laws in other countries. It is a complex world we live in.
    Do your best Have you thought of setting up a subscription based format. You could make it low cost but it may help you avoid the trollers who just use your content.
    Off to support your blog. By the way I live in Niagara once I get my parameters in place to start studying ecoprinting in a more formal way I would love to share with other printers like a study group.

    1. Ok, I’ll look into it. I’d rather spend time on the creative than this other mind-zapping stuff. I have a few patterns that are very inexpensive and are hardly bought. The free ones are taken by the thousands. It’s a changing world, I wish I could say for the better. Thanks for your help

  28. The Internet is definitely a two edged sword, so I googled “websites that steal ideas” lots of info but this in particular caught my attention. The article talks about tools you can use to block theft, register content etc.
    There is something you can do to protect yourself, if content providers won’t stand up for copyrights. ‘
    Maybe this website is the start of how you fight back. You’re damn mad and you don’t have to take it anymore.

    1. I’ll look into it! More costs will make for content that will no longer be free or not complete enough to copy. It is already a struggle to keep this pace. Yup, I’m damn mad!

  29. I’m sorry for the violation of your ideas. Maybe it would help to make your post in a closed group that requires a fee to belong to. I’d pay to be apart of that. I bet slot of others would to. Thanks for sharing your wonderful creativity.

  30. Barb, I am so sorry this happened. I have always treated 5-minute crafts as click bait, but also i don’t watch u-tube videos because I’m deaf. I’ve followed you for quite some time mainly because I admire your work and find what you do beautiful and with amazing creativity. I don’t have your talent, and the most i’ve done is attempted the coasters. I also want to say I look for things like coasters because i can make gifts inexpensively and i wouldn’t be able to do that without you and your teaching here on the web. Just want to let you know I’m grateful.

  31. As an artist, my work has been copied for decades. I have learned to look at it as a compliment from someone who needed my talent because they had none of their own. When someone steals my designs or methods and then seeks to become my competition or claims they invented it, I get steamed.

    I completely feel for you, but what I have to say may not be easy to hear, but a few points:

    1> You share/give-away-for-free your ideas and tutorials. You teach people how to do these things and this “group” learned what you taught them.
    2>They cannot steal something that you gave away for free.
    3> Legally this is not copyright infringement unless they make the claim that they are the inventors.
    4> They are not selling your IDEA/METHOD for profit.
    5> Once you teach the method, it is perfectly legitimate for someone to make the objects and sells them for a profit; but they can’t sell the method.

    I’m not saying that they have been ethical, I’m saying that they have done nothing illegal.

    Now, if you made your ideas a “pay for instructions” deal with a copyright distribution warning, you might have some leverage. Post a pic of the finished object and charge $1 to view the instructions.

    Ethically, this site/page should be giving you credit and a link to your page for instructions. This might be the best approach with both FB and 5 Minute Crafts.

    Unfortunately, when we teach others to do something, we have no control over them taking that info and teaching others unless there is a formal licensing requirement to teach. They do not have the right to claim that they invented the information, but you can’t keep people from using what you taught them.

    The whole concept behind teaching is to “give” your skills to others.

    Not giving you credit is the real issue here. You absolutely should get credit! Maybe they will listen to that.

    Don’t give up! Don’t waste your creativity over being angry at this. I have found, after 40 years of being an artist, that the best revenge is to keep the juices going and be even more creative. Staying a step ahead is very satisfying.

    1. When they put these projects in their video all who view think they have designed them. I read the comments. If they were paid for that probably would not stop them. Frankly, I don’t think they care in any sense of the word or there would be some reply. I have had dozens use and link or give credit, not these parasites!

  32. Ugh so awful. I am so appreciative of all the information you publish about eco printing. It is so hard to find detailed information about the process without having to buy a book, Ecourse or workshop which may or may not have enough information. I guess I know why other artists have put their knowledge into a paid format. It’s a way to compensate for all their hard work and experimentation. I sure hope you can find a way to have this outrageous copying removed from those websites.

  33. How horrible for you! Facebook is not doing its job, in my opinion. They are allowing this to happen. Hopefully YouTube will have a better reaction.

  34. I love your site and content. I am a closet creative who works a fulltime job in healthcare and can’t wait until the day I am able to devote more time to having fun trying different techniques. You put so much into your work and share so generously- I am always amazed and inspired. It work has raised the bar for me on several fronts. I think when we possess a strong moral compass, it is even harder because it hurts so much more when we are taken advantage of. I couldn’t afford to subscribe to every creative that I follow, but would totally understand if this becomes something that you need to do for your site. You post high quality content and your anger and hurt are surely justified. You should continue to speak out as you are able. It’s your work and it’s really shameful for others to profit from it without compensation.

    1. Wonderfully said. It will be tough to get this out of the back of my mind when being creative. The whole world at your fingertips; and the whole world able to take from them… All the support today is reassuring!

  35. Barb,
    This is awful, I have always enjoyed your site and tutorials , I can not believe they are stealing your content and facebooks response, I have had friend have their facebook comments /posts removed for silly reasons, they should be standing up for the original artist

      1. Barb, I think these people make money from advertising. I agree with what someone else said, that the only way to monetize what you create is to show a picture, list the level of expertise needed, the supplies needed, and then sell the directions. If it gets too expensive you may lose your target area…DIY people. Wealthy people just go out, generally speaking, and buy artwork in a finished stage. What is amazing to me is, first of all, these are not five minute crafts and anyone can see that the quality of what is produced is not like what you produce. The question I have is what is the monetary gain of the people who are trolling the Internet for ideas and then going through all the work of making the finish project, photographing, writing, etc. and uploading to 5 minute crafts. I doubt that the company in Cyprus is hiring people to make these in a workroom on Cyprus/. So, if you could find out…maybe you should sell it to them first and put your logo and website address on the images. You probably can’t do anything legally because the company is in Cyprus. .There has to be a beat them at their own game. I saw someone on you tube who creates really wonderful content on a youtube channel. from films that are in the public domain. What this person does and shares with the public is indeed a work of art. He makes his money, I gather, by advertising. Well, son-of-a-buck, I saw that another person transferred all of this man’s work on to CDs and was selling the CDs under his own Brand. There is a snake under every rock on the Internet. I had another idea about starting a Facebook Group for people who have been victims of parasitic scroungers to GATHER hundreds of people who will post CONTENT STOLEN from so-and-so comments. on the offending website. I have an acquaintance who created the original KATWIzE SWEATER COAT. When other people stole her ideas and started selling under their own brand, she started selling the patterns. She said she expected it and had already decided she would sell the directions. The problem of all of this is that artists just want to create. If they wanted to deal with Facebook Groups, organizing movements and selling and promoting, they probably wouldn’t be artists, they would be PR agents. Good luck, Barb. And, just want to add, that you wouldn’t have received all of these comments if people didn’t see the value in your work whether it is something whimsical, beautiful or has a utilitarian function and always beautifully designed. Ok, I’m too tired, too.

  36. Wait -what? I am NOT trying to pile it on, but frankly and a little jealous that you are just now being ripped off. I am not a successful artists or blogger and have been ripped of many times over several years.

    I have nothing positive to say about Facebook.

    Please know that if I saw your work being copied like this I would do as I have in the past: try to get YouTube, Pinterest, Etsy, etc. to remove obviously plagiarized content. But since I am not the copyright holder, I can’t.

    I let the artists know when I find their content stolen by someone else and I sincerely hope you and everyone else being exploited get some justice.

    1. I do not spend a lot of time looking for my stuff. I have seen whole posts stolen and even with each image watermarked. It’s mostly far-off countries. I may have missed some as I usually find out from a follower of mine. I need a lot of reporters! Thanks

  37. Barb I am so sorry this is happening to you! The theft is a horrible violation of your soul!. Most people luckily are not this dishonest greedy. Best wishes going forward. God bless.

  38. I feel for you. The only thing they can not steal is your amazing creativity Barb. Don’t let this deter you. Remember the greatest form of flattery is imitation. You are doing something right with your projects because they are being copied. I suggest you look into protecting your content but also look into marketing it well so you reach a larger audience. So more people KNOW you are the original amazing IDEA person and how great you are.

  39. I am so sorry that this has happened to you. Whenever I see someone selling another artists work as their own, I report them and their site. I hope this little bit helps. I love all your projects and your generosity in sharing them. Sending you positive vibes for good results. ❤️

  40. Hi, Barb. Love you. I am not an attorney but you might ask yours if focusing on just the first (rock) case might help. The thieves finds support for the claim that “their” projects are similar, but not identical, to yours. The second case can be called “similar” because they messed it up, That is not true in the first case. If you can nail them on ONE case, you have won the whole issue. Do let us know if there is anything we can do to help. nv

  41. Hi Barb…
    I first found you on a Pinterest post (a few years ago)…went directly to your website and have been an avid subscriber ever since. I am ALWAYS happy to see a “Made By Barb” email in my inbox! : ) I LOVE your concrete projects especially!!

    When I first found you, the post was about creating those amazingly beautiful concrete orbs…I have been hooked ever since!! I LOVE your creativity and your willingness to share your creative ‘spark’ with others (THANK YOU SO MUCH!) and I HATE that you have picked up some nasty parasites along the way!

    I do not have any enlightening ‘legal advice’ to offer…I am just a ‘regular person’ that loves your ideas and doesn’t want them to stop. I can only tell you that I am very upset that you have been taken advantage of and can’t even imagine what you are feeling!! (well…maybe I can…) I hope the ‘nasty’ doesn’t make you withdraw from sharing your creativity with us and, I hope you can see from all of these quick and supportive responses that there are more good people than bad out there following your creativity…the bad just leave a longer-lasting bitter taste that can overshadow the good sometimes.

    I have noticed several comments suggesting you start charging a monthly subscription fee and, while I totally see their point, I am also one of those people that just does not have much extra money. I’m not sure that I (personally) would be able to pay a fee on a regular basis but…that’s just my own personal circumstance. I DO think you should get a portion (if not ALL…ALL would be great!!) of the $70million that 5-Minute-Crafts and FB are generating from your ideas!

    I wish you only the BEST and hope this works out for you! I am not a member of FaceBook or any other social media but, will definitely let you know if I see any of your projects ‘floating around’ on the internet that are not tied to you directly.

    Lastly, please take a moment to just focus on YOU and your own well-being! I know that all of this is definitely giving you a lot of stress and is weighing heavily on you right now…please do not let it drag you down to the ‘dark places’. : )

    1. Wow, thanks for your time. I understand that not everyone can afford a monthly fee as I see that my patterns that are not free do not get bought. Sadly too many just stop by to get the free stuff! I chuckle when some complain that there are ads. It’s what the world is coming to now; that feeling of ‘entitlement’, just take & get for free. I work had for the revenue I get and often question this venture. It’s the joke of the week; ‘I think I’m quitting’ around my place. I do have a strong spirit so I shall persevere… Thankfully much joy comes from making and now from my fans as well! ❤️❤️❤️

  42. So sorry to read this. Unfortunately posting on the internet leaves us all vulnerable to these thieves 🙁 I’ve gone to their FB and clicked on the “find support or report page” button under their cover page and then clicked on “intellectual property”. Waiting now for FB to respond. I’m sure if enough people do this they will have to pay attention. Commenting under the video is usually ignored by most viewers. Hope this will help!

    1. Yes, good for you! FB did not help me at all. It’s amazing how they can’t see it. I think we know what the deciding factor is. Enough people, will probably never happen as too many are in a numb state as they let the videos be pumped at them. Most do not even realize how it all works, just that it looks ‘cool’. The future is in trouble… But I’ll be fine because I have pride in what I do.

  43. Dear Barb, I am so sorry to hear about the theft of your ideas. It is horrible that someone/something should lack integrity to this extent. I totally agree with Dianne who put it so eloquently. Your work is amazing and wonderful. I love to see what new idea your creativity comes up with and tell my friends to check you out. If there is anything we can do as your followers, please let us know. Best of luck against the Goliaths!

    1. Thanks, I know I have to get past it and move on. Haha, I did write to a major Tv show and YouTube has not made a decision, as of yet. I just have it in the back of my mind that this will happen with everything that I design… It’s tough to swallow. But I am finding so many chime in with similar stories! How infuriating!

  44. I am so glad that you were able to get youtube to remove the stolen content. I do hope that might help but I do not know. Seems stealing content has gotten much worst over the years.

  45. So sorry Barb- this kind of thing happens so often – I am glad you got somewhere with YouTube! We have had our photos stolen that our customers send to post on our website, and techniques used that we shared with others as their own. We found out because a few customers of our told us so, or we would have no idea. There is no integrity any more. I am so sorry this happened to you. We need to stick together and call it out when we see it.

    1. Yes, That’s how I found out too! I’m almost afraid to look for my stuff out there… Someone should make a site where such reporting can come together. Any lawyer out there who wants some handmade things?! I love bartering. Don’t let your thieves get away with it either! Good luck!

  46. Hi Barb,
    I too am so sorry about this blatant theft and I’m sure you’re not the only artist that it happens to. My friend ran into a similar problem several years ago with copyright infringement. She was lucky enough to have filed for a the rights to her brand name. I know here in the US there are different copyrights (on company business/brand names in her case) depending on how wide you want to “cast your net”…i.e. locally, by state, country, etc.

    I also know there are intellectual copyrights. These cover such things as literary and artistic works, scientific discoveries, basically unique and non-tangible works. I doubt Monet, Picasso or Manet worried about copyrights when they were painting, but try to pass one of your paintings off as one of theirs and I don’t think a mere rejection from Facebook would be all that happens.

    I’m not trying to make light of your situation (by NO means). I’m trying to say there is a way to protect yourself and you DO have proof that these ideas are (and were) your unique artistic creations.

    I’m not sure if there is much you can do about the projects that have already been copied. I haven’t really delved that deeply into it yet, but from what I have read there is a difference (even if copyrighted) for consent. Posting something and allowing users to use your idea as they see fit (for non-monetary gain) gives them the right to do just that. If 5-Minute Crafts isn’t claiming intellectual rights then they can pretty much post whatever. If your content is copyrighted and you are implicit that no one may re-post without consent and giving credit then that guideline must be followed. If you copyright and are paid money for your designs and someone else posts them then the person posting would not only have to pay you for the initial, but for each time someone viewed the post whether they used the design or not (this is what I learned from a lawyer).

    So even if you choose to go with a subscription site, just know that a subscriber could be someone stealing your design ideas. You’d have more power at that point, but still…it takes diligence to scour the net to catch these vile individuals.

    WIPO is like the authority on world intellectual property law and a good place to start reading about it. I’m just an engineer (who wants to be a lawyer) so I have a very, very elementary understanding of it.

    I pray you get resolution and I think if everyone who finds this type of thing will call it out in comments to make other aware it may be a small voice to these corporations that art and creativity are very personal and squashing the sharing may silence this joy for millions.

    1. Thank you for taking the time to write such a great reply! Since I am in Canada and ‘they’ are in Cypress may also play a role. It’s getting worse all the time and also more complicated. I am sure there are many more such companies living off the work of others, and knock-offs have been around for a long time, but the internet makes distance not matter anymore. I see how I have to address this more and more at the college as well. I will look into WIPO, but will admit I’d rather make that frustrate myself. I’d love to be an engineer AND a lawyer! Awesome!

  47. Glad to see some progress. I don’t comment online much, preferring to be an observer, but I was incensed by this and did leave them a message about their shamelessness.
    You have a lot of folks who love your efforts and will support you as we can; hopefully, we helped in some small way.

  48. I posted a negative comment on 5-minute crafts and made a donation to your site. I will try to remember to make regular donations when I visit. I love your stuff, although I haven’t had time to try the ecoprinting yet, it is on my list. Thanks for your wonderful work.

  49. I Was shocked to see how 5 minutes craft has stolen Your ideas. Relieved that You tube has taken it down. You are so clever to figure out new items and new ways of making things. Love to read Your posts! I wish You a happy new week!

  50. I am so angry for you and can’t believe that canned response (I have received the same!). How can we stop this? I will do what I can for you

        1. I have emailed them back and forth. After ‘taking’ advantage of about 75,000,000 views they decided they would offer to give some credit… Sorry, too late! I blasted them and have seen my content has now been taken out of their (crappy) videos! I hope they have the message to now stay away. Yes, sue. But there is only so much of me and I’m much better at creating than that aggravation. Soon the internet world will realize the truth.

  51. I am not surprised that vultures took your work. They go through getting 20 random snippets to put together and wait for click after click to hear those advertiser pennies adding up. They do any subject and include the same videos in multiple posts: 10 Easy Ways; 15 Five Minute Tricks; Hacks for xxx. I’ve watched some concrete ones but never any with these. I stick with the “pour it in a box, set, peel the box away, you’ve got a paperweight!” I’ll start watching these to have an aim. I’m not at all surprised Facebook wouldn’t pull it. They would leave up a show-it-all video of a 14 hrs natural birth if they thought they’d make a dime. YouTube, however, is pretty good about giving the benefit of the doubt early in the process and adding it back if they rule against you. I’m so sorry this happened to you and especially because it happened for pure profit rather than the educational processes these people pretended to be so generously sharing.

    1. You have said it perfectly! I also see why these videos are so popular since the mass population has no patience, wants everything instantly with no effort. They have cashed in on that notion. Does anyone ever get off the sofa and make some; no, because there is not enough info. Ah, I’ll close my mouth now… ‘Maybe’ I’ve given them a tiny blip! Let’s hold our real creative heads high! Thanks so much for your help!

  52. Dear Barb,
    I can’t express how sorry I am your creative video was hijacked by, unfortunately it seems, untouchable parasites.
    I’ve stopped posting my work on Facebook when I saw exact replicas of my work for sale on Etsy, ‘copywrited’ by the thief. I too felt violated, especially because the work was very personal and part of a larger project. It is infuriating and also sad. I took all of my work down.
    For the past 12 years I have lived a very isolated life from my friends and artists -geographically and because I am housebound- and this was my only way of being part of a community, exchanging ideas…. But I lost my trust. I won’t risk it again.
    You put so much into your site, I am so grateful to you for your wonderful tutorials and projects. I am disgusted some company makes money by plagiarising your work and other artists’. I really feel for you.
    Sincerely, chloe

    1. I have heard a lot of stories now and really worry about the future. I also teach in a college and I keep warning the over-trusting students. Maybe there is a more secure way to still be able to part of a community. Thanks for your compassion, I wish you well.

  53. Hi Barb.
    You don’t have to publish this if you don’t want but I wanted to let you know what I found out this morning.
    That ‘5 minute crafts’ account is – and this sounds bizarre I know – a social media account coming out of Greece and run by Russians. It’s actual purpose is a carrier for anti-American advertising.
    Anyway, I’m sure that you can do your own research on it but you can have a look at Rachel Maddow’s story here and here
    Facebook has actually done the right thing and banned it

    Blessings, and have a wonderful Christmas with your precious family

    1. Oh, wow! I am not surprised at all! How disgusting! I have noticed certain countries are always the ones who just steal my content. It makes my stomach turn! As I tell my college students; they have great opportunities now to be able to market globally but they also must now compete globally, and deal with the problems that come with that. I guess I was naive to think it was a ‘nice’ world! So glad that being creative makes me happy or I would have exploded by now. Thanks for the info!!!!

  54. I was watching Rachel Maddow (MSNBC) last week and she reported that 5-Minute Crafts is posted by a huge disinformation company. I believe it is Russia owned or a group associated with wrongdoing. She said that the company gets people hooked on crafts sites so they stay connected and will use their data and info that is aimed to interfere with the 2020 election. They are reeling in millions off viewers and will intensify as we get closer to the election. I trust Rachel’s research. Glad you have resolved the issue.

    1. Oh, wow! I know they made a bunch off my content. I also see that there are YouTube channels that test how many of the projects don’t even work. Sad use of internet.

  55. Hi,I love your smiley rocks and would like to be able to make and sell on ebay ,would you have any problems with that Regards Keith

  56. That’s life on the net! Facebook will NEVER correct it or improve. Facebook is a stolen idea. Mr. Zuckerberg (I like to call him sucker-berg) is unethical himself, so don’t hold your breath. Clicks, views, etc., are worth a lot of money, so if they thing they can get away with murder, like this 5 mins crafts gang, they will! I’ll comment on their projects that they steal ideas and projects from other creators!
    Also, content theft tools help some, but do not provide full protection. Even if right clicking is disabled, transparent overlay pixel images are used, etc, it’s still possible to copy content, through screen grabs, picture enhancement and elargement software, watermarks can also be removed, etc.
    Then, words, ideas, elements, ingredients and techniques cannot be copyrighted, but articles can, formulas can, objects can, at least to a certain extent.
    Fact is, once something is “out there” it is up for grabs.
    It all amounts up to ethics and respect for another’s work.
    I agree with what some others said, that it’s probably best to move along and not waste energy and resources and brain cells figuring out how to get back at the unethical bastards that stole your work.
    All the best!

    1. Yes, I have somewhat learnt from this and have had to keep going or it was going to mean that I was stopping. I do teach at a college and have often cautioned my students about over sharing their work since they are not quite wise to it all yet. Yup, once it’s out… it’s never able to be hidden. I just have to have faith that the good outweighs the bad!

  57. Hi Barb ,Just wanted to thank you for shareing your fabulose talent ! I was so disapointed to read that people would stoop so low as to clame your imagination and talent as there own.
    Please know that you are appriciated and we hope that theses people some how pay for there underhanded deeds? Hope you can take it as a compliment to your art ,I have just discovered you and your work a few days ago and can’t stop from comming back . You are so very inspiring.

      1. I detest when others knowingly take credit for my work/ideas, so I get how irksome it can be. But, I know when I release them into “the wild”, they will be picked up and used by others. When a company picks them up and publishes, for sake of making money, that’s a different matter.
        So, my question to you would be, are you after
        – credit, as in a link in the text of the youtube video? Because possibly the company would add that if you requested. “More on [x] can be found at [your web link].”
        – compensation, as in a percentage of income made off that video? Because that too may be something to negotiate.

        Other domains of reuse of your content,
        – those who “credit” you may also be making money off your work, as places like Amazon compensate sales coming to them directed from web sites – for things like tools, concrete, etc.
        – pinterest type collections of “Five Easy [x]”, who’ve ads on their websites, and their “web site” is merely collections of links to others web sites, for sake of ad sales on their web sites.

        Whatever you decide, I hope you come to a place of resolve/peace, with your decisions.
        Best wishes.

  58. Oh my! And I’ve seen both videos on FB, had no idea they stole the ideas! Definitely going to go unfollow them right now!! Happened across some of your work on Pinterest so followed to site. You do some amazing work!! I’ve forgotten the proper name but the faux wood outdoor chair is so awesome and inspiring!

  59. Hi Barb, I understand completley as I have a lot of free art videos on my You Tube channel and one of my followers reported that one of the lessons had appeared on another paid site. It was one wherew only my hands appeared and not my face so I suppose they thought they could get away with it! When I reported it to the site they only took a short while to investigate and remove. It does disenchant you with some of the public out there but others are very kindly on the watch and reporting back when they see this sort of behaviour. love your blog!

    1. I don’t have enough time to search for my stuff out there. It’s sad to find it taken. Glad you enjoy my site. I have those thoughts in the back of my head all the time now…

  60. Barb,
    Thank you for sharing your incredible talent with us! So sorry to hear of 5-Minute Crafts and their blatant THEFT of your work. You are truly an amazing artist.

  61. Hi. I’m new to your creativity. I saw the creepy eyes rocks on Pinterest and hit the read button. It took me to instructables. Did you post it through them? Ive seen a lot of stuff on that site and was wondering how ligit it is. I did finally find your site and followed your instructions on how to make my own. Just curious because 5 min craft stole from you. Jsyk…. Love your ideas

    1. Yes, I have posted on Instructables! I have won many of their contests, so I do not mind. They have lots of great tutorials as well, but do come back to my site!

  62. Hi Barb, love your site! I’m sorry you are having to deal with this. I actually found one of my projects on Houzz, hijacked from my Pinterest page. They didn’t credit it, so I commented that it was my creation and if anyone wanted instructions for it, they could follow and message me. But I don’t make a living from my crafts. In your case, they are taking potential income. I have seen sites such as AliBaba sell prints of my friends’ original works they stole from social media. Keep up the good fight and best of luck with it.
    Also, as an aside, 5 minute crafts also has their own streaming channel offered by Roku and other streaming devices. (Not LG, or other smart device makers though). You might want to explore that avenue, as well.

  63. Sad to say a 5-minute crafts video I saw on Facebook, is how I found your site today!! ugh The step spook and lil cute eyed zipper critter was in the video. I searched the details, not knowing what to call them and found the true source of such amazing creativity, this site. All the links on Pinterest and Instructables I found today did have your watermark however. If I see any not marked I will let you know, if you wish. Uncreative folk need to give credit where credit is due!

  64. gahh I forgot to say I would love to see you do a draped concrete fairy….think they would be cute! lol I do altered art, myself, bottles mainly and no concrete LOL I adore seeing the many styles and creativity of others. Keep up the amazing work!

    1. I literally have so many ideas in that brain of mine but getting to make them all is a problem! This pandemic has added so muck extra work into my life that I’m spread quite thin. I do have a few projects in the works though – stay tuned!

  65. I am so sorry about your website. I would be feeling the same way, violated. I am letting you know that I think you are an amazing artist. My children are still little so art is surrounded by what they can do for right now. I love what you do and I am so happy you keep on creating and sharing. Someday I hope to create beautiful art like you

    1. That’s very kind of you! I remember when my children were small and I would have ‘craft’ birthday parties for them. I also enjoyed designing and making their clothes which also saved money. There’s always a way to be creative. I’m sure you can make beautiful art, ‘where there’s a will there’s a way’!

  66. I am sorry that this has happened to you. It must feel like someone raped your brain and then took credit for all the contents. Unfortunately, there are people in the world who take credit for the blood, sweat, and tears of others. Fortunately, these people are among the minority. Since I have not read all the comments on this site, I am sure others have suggested that you to find how you can better protect yourself from this cyber crime.
    Having said that, please don’t let these miscreants destroy your belief that most people are good, as I believe they are. Please keep on making and teaching us how you do the wonderful things that you do. You are wonderfully creative and it is a blessing that you bestow upon us your knowledge, That shows what a kind heart you have.

  67. I am glad I found this article. I will boycott 5 minute crafts. I, too, am so sorry that this happened to you. I really love your content and creativity. Thank you for sharing. As I read recently, “I want to drive the Karma bus.” Don’t let the turkeys get you down. You are better than them.

    1. Thanks! So much good is available on the ‘net, too bad that some ruin it for others (and make millions off the backs of others) 🤷🏻‍♀️ Thanks for the kind words!

  68. Hi Barb. I’ve been following you for a long time and have made many of your creative projects. I’ve never sold any but have been asked if i would make step spooks for two friends. in fact I just asked your permission on another one of your articles to give a few as gifts. Please don’t take this wrong.. You are so multitalented. People such as myself who were born without any talent love to take your tutorials and make your projects. While most of us would never steal your photos or pretend that we are the original creators, there’s always going to be those that will not think twice about making a buck off of someone else’s great idea. I can’t think of a single good project that has not been copied by thousands and thousands of others. There’s really no way to stop it, The only question is how you’re going to handle it.
    When you have a good idea it’s going to spread like wildfire! The only way for you to really truly protect yourself is to not make tutorials of your projects, or patent them. And that would be a shame. I think you should be so proud of the work that you do and how many people you have following your work and copying your ideas. All that energy that you’re spending going after those idiots perhaps would be better spent coming up with your next amazing project?

    1. Thanks Peggy! I understand when someone uses an idea as inspiration but actually using the pictures of mine was just so disheartening! But, I try not have it put a damper on my energy but use it as a compliment. Yes, I look forward… not back!

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