Make a Jacket from a  Wool Blanket

Wool has so many great characteristics. Look at thrift shops for virgin wool blankets

Find Vintage Wool


Even if it has been washed it's perfect...

Great Find!


The binding can be reused in the design

Take the Binding off


Wash the blanket in hot water with some towels to make the fibres tangle = felting

Felt the Blanket


The fibres get locked together so they won't unravel when cut

The Felted fibres


I prefer to trace a favourite garment and allow a bit extra just in case... (I hate tissue patterns)

Trace from a Fav


Since it does not unravel the seams are just overlapped and top stitched (no other finishing)

Overlap Seams


Simple buttonholes and slash pockets - Pockets are always important! (top ones are fake)

Buttonholes & Pockets


Shoulder seam as usual, flat edge collar with topstitching and band cuff finish this fashionable piece off...

Usual Shoulder seam


Since it does not unravel at the seams it's simple to finish. No lining but dense wool makes this very warm.

Super warm!

You may want this 'Shacket' and a Vintage wool blanket makes it economical...

Stylish Up-cycle

Hammer-in buttons are a simple closure. Save a Wool Blanket from the landfill... and stay warm!

Easy fast sewing

Check my site for more Up-cycles of wool and more...

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