What is  Eco  Printing?

Leaves are bundled with fabric and processed to make permanent prints. Combining different species, mordants, fabrics and dyes gives so many options

Fresh or dried leaves can be used with various natural fabrics...

After processing with heat (steam, boil or even microwave) the bundle is opened to see the magic of nature

Each specie of leaves may act differently... Experiment to see which print best. Fabrics are prepared with a mordant; often as simple as iron (from rusty water)

It is so exciting to open a new bundle as we never know exactly how all the elements react to each other. It's science as well as art

This method shown here is using an 'Iron Blanket'

This colourful background come from using a 'Carrier Blanket'

Notice the amazing  transformation?

So many combinations of leaves, mordant and natural dye stuffs...

Monochromatic or Colourful; there's a style for everyone.

Lovely silk scarves printed with Sumac & Myrobalan

And behold the magic of Printing with Cochineal!!