DIY Concrete Vampire Rocks

Imagine some crazy Halloween rocks that just might bite. It all started with some teeth! -Vampire teeth that is! 🤣 I love being creative with concrete crafts...

Mix some Rapidset Cementall concrete mix and pour in the mold (cures in an hour)

Remove the teeth from the mold & get the acrylic paint & brushes...

Have some fun painting the vampire teeth... Be  as creative as you like

Collect some old zippers, maybe from old clothes (colour does not matter)

To create the forms crumple some tinfoil. Plan where the teeth will sit

Mix some of the Rapidset Cementall. Set the teeth into the wet concrete mix

Position the zippers (cut to length as needed (tack with a touch of hot glue if necessary)

Using the same mix, (thicker consistency that allows sculpting) smooth it around the zipper and tinfoil.

Work around the whole rock (mix starts to harden pretty quickly)

Rocks are not always smooth so give them texture!

A bit more paint and antiquing makes these fellows look like real rocks & scare the kiddos

...and some with eyes!

...or maybe some stones that are smiling!