How To Make Wool Designs on Mittens with Needle Felting  

What supplies are needed? • This pre-spun Wool fibre called Roving. It is available in all kinds of colours; often soft Merino Wool.

What Tools do you need? • Felting needles (have barbs on the shaft) to poke the fibre into the base fabric. • A Pad to place fabric on • Base fabric (felted wool or tight weave)

Poke, poke, poke, arrange the wool roving and poke it through the base fabric. Add a bit more - much like 'dry' painting, even layers! 

It comes together quickly since there is no stitching or embroidery. The design possibilities are endless!

This Needle felting works great for wispy fur or feathers

Fibre Arts are fantastic to add design to your clothes

I love it because I can stop and start easily without any paint drying and it's quite clean because it is a dry medium.

Keep it simple or more complicated... whatever your heart desires!

Mittens are a small way to show off your style and theme.