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'It's all for the Birds'

I’m feeling a bit silly about this project. Yes, It’s odd, but I have quite an admiration for birds and their nests. I guess it could be called a ‘collection’ of sorts. My real birds’ nests may seem somewhat unhygienic so I have figured out a better way to make some nests and display our feathered friends.  No, don’t think I’m crazy; it’s all in good fun! Let the kids join in.

The Nests:

I get all excited when I find a tiny fallen bird nest; maybe it’s the fact that tiny little ones were raised in there (there goes the sentimental me). Sooooo, now I’ll be mamma-bird and I can also use these for the birds that I make.

Sisal grass is found at the dollar store, however I wanted it a bit darker colour so I dyed it with a mix of tea and vinegar. I pulled some sisal fibres out and twisted it into little shapes. Let it soak in the tea mix for a while in the mason jar.

Pull them out and let dry. I’m impressed at how real they already look, but I had to think like a bird and add more stuff. They like to gather some branches and string. Twist them in and wrap in the jute string.

To make them stay together I sewed them up a bit, round and round. Brown thread does not show at all.

To make them less crumbly and bits falling off I sprayed them with hair spray (or you could use a clear spray varnish). Hmmm, these look so good that maybe I could be the ‘Habitat for Aviary’?! I’ve had some of my real birds nests in the honeysuckle be reused subsequent years.

Fun fact;

Birds don’t have a sense of smell so if a baby falls out of the nest just gently put him/her back in. The mother won’t be able to tell by the smell. You may get your head pecked though! Ask me how I know… Sometimes they have way too many babies for the size of nest!

Well, obviously these need some tiny little eggs (yup, dollar store). ‘Which also needed a bit of speckling. Call me crazy; I sat around making nests and speckling tiny eggs… relaxation.

More Birds:

At my place I like decor under glass. Why? It’s sparkly, it’s versatile, and it doesn’t get dusty in there – bonus! You can use the large lidded glass containers in every room, move them around, kitchen (biscotti ) living room (terrarium) and so on… My bathroom got it’s theme from the towels.

Yup, you guessed it! Birds! So it made sense to create a ‘terrarium’ of birds. Tiny mushroom birds and little nests on branches set in pea-gravel. It makes me smile… even though they aren’t real. My handmade soap blocks also look awesome in the other glass jar. They are very vertical so little counter space taken up.

Under Glass:

It did start when I had made all those cloches & domes which just seemed to ‘call’ to the birds…

You can even fool people with those ones made from soda bottles. Cut the top and bottom with scissors or a serrated knife. To firm up the bottom stand it in a pan on the stove until it starts to curl under. Ta-da, as easy as that!

I had some fun setting the tiny nests in the ‘Y’ of a branch (oasis foam in pot) and then running a clothes line for the sweet birdie… haha… (no stopping me now)

This a cute decoration for Easter as well. Place a few along the center of the dining table… cheap and cheerful.

DIY Domes:

Better yet… make some pedestal glass domes. Find a few containers that can be inverted, add a handle on top, and candle holder as a base. The handles are some ‘blingy’ beads. Be creative, even check your old necklaces. Thrift and dollar stores have cheap glass ware and it takes on a new look when combined.

When I need a strong instant bond I go for 5-minute epoxy.

Add some gold leaf gilded eggs and reindeer moss (no deer were harmed; dollar store). So cute a bird could hardly resist. I see you smiling!


A little over $2 each. Do I see wedding decor? House warming? It’s so gratifying to make something…

These will look wonderful on a table setting with a few of my denim birds. Why not inject an easy way to create a smile…

I'm an artist & I make things... all kinds of things.

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  1. Hi, Barb ~
    “So it made sense to create a ‘terrarium’ of birds.” — This has me smiling 🙂
    These are all lovely…your nests, eggs, birds, and glass cloches/domes. Very creative!

    1. I am late to the party 🎉 but I love love love the cloche idea!!!! They are ridiculously expensive $$$$$ to buy and I have several glass items/containers to use! Thanks again!!!

  2. I have some bling and straight sided jars that now need to be upended! … more great ideas Barb … great use of old candlestick holders and round tin tops too – yahoo!

    1. Thanks Brenda. I bet everyone has some jars. You/we could have a gluing party… Maybe I’ll do an experiment to see if I get some tenants. I’ve even duct-taped the old nest back to the light it fell off of and they(the robins) reused it.

  3. Hi Barb,
    What a fantastic post. I love all your containers and bird scenes! Your nests are so realistic looking, I bet the real birds would be fooled.

    Before opening your post this morning I was out on the deck taking photos of two mourning doves gazing lovingly at each other. Soo sweet. Spring and love is in the air.

    1. Oh Pat, I know you are a bird lover too. I do so hope spring is in the air! Funny thing is I took a picture of the turkey couple. Real turkeys, that is. Amazingly they seem to stay within close proximity of each other.

  4. I Love this. I am currently planning a Mother’s Day brunch for our church with a “Roots and Wings” theme. I’ve been looking for cloches and no one knows what I’m talking about. Ha! (A what? A glass dome. Oh, that’s what it’s called). I’ve always loved cloches and things under glass! I’m gonna try the Soda bottle idea. So unique! Gotta get to work!!!!!!!!

  5. Such great ideas. I too love birds and nests. I have bought several nests, but will soon make some utilizing your methods. I am also going to create some glass cloches similar to yours. You are so creative! I always enjoy reading your unique posts. God created us in His image, thus we are creative creatures. “ In the beginning, God CREATED the heavens and the earth.”

  6. I don’t think I’ve ever seen you blog on Pinterest before. That’s where I found your post. I love how you made the little nests and all the bird stuff! So cute and adorable! I’m definitely gonna try some, but I’m not creative that way. And I’m gonna to be looking at everything glass upside down now, to see if I can turn it into a cloche. 😂 😂



  8. 2020..and your art smiles are still spreading over our faces!
    Many, .. many kudos
    Thank you for the ideas!!
    I love the 2 liter cloche “top” idea!
    I used a cork in mine.

  9. You are definitely the bird whisperer! We must be sisters by another mother and father, I love birds and glass covers too! Love them!

  10. I just LOVE what you have done with your arrangements. Thanks for the wonderful idea on how to make nests.
    You have made my day!!!!!

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