How to Make Birds with Movable Wings

Hip hip hooray! I’ve finally finished the patterns and eBook! ‘How to Make Birds with movable Wings’ and all the patterns and instructions are ready.

What an undertaking it has been but I am so happy at how they have turned out! A whole flock of birds were needed to help me make and design the 27 pages! (yes, you read that right!) There are 4 full pages of patterns for the various birds and over 80 pictures, that is why it took so long.

As some have requested, having instructions all in one place makes it handy. No ads or interruptions. Depending on how well this works there may be more in the future. This eBook is available through my Store

The Basic Simple Bird Pattern

There is a pattern for a simple Bird without movable wings. These use so little fabric that they could be made with almost anything. They do involve some machine sewing but if you are handy with needle and thread you may be able to hand-sew them! I do like to use some fabric glue when it makes sense.

As you can see I like my sewing notions, but the basics are all that you need. Substitute wherever needed.

The Birds for painting Pattern

I still marvel how simple and effective the painted birds ended up being. This pattern is a slight bit more chubby than the others with wings, that give more space for painting as you see fit. There are special species where you live so reference is readily available on the ‘net. The beaks and feet are more child friendly (over age 3) and simple bead eyes.

Another bonus is how to make a ‘soft’ nest that can be a carrying basket for the collection of birds. My grandson now has about a dozen species.

The downloadable eBook has step-by-step photos showing the complete process with explanation.

A few years ago Illustrated a few how-to books, one on fixing cars for women, and one for building bird houses! Instructional material is my forté.

I know the world is not such a happy place at the moment… I hope this project can offer some well-needed joy without extra expenditure or stress. Maybe there’s some special fabric or clothes that could be made into a permanent memory. How lovely that would be.

I am looking forward to some happier times, warm weather (here in Canada) and sunshine! So is this fellow! I will be happy if I can offer you some of the same happiness, if even in a small way. I am pretty well stuck where I am awaiting some surgery so I live with optimism… and hope. The birds are singing in the trees behind my house – ‘love it!

The Birds with Movable Wings:

I did it, it works… the wings open and close. Movable bird wings were my challenge; my unique design and like no other. Again, it takes no special equipment, maybe a bit of ‘trash’ plastic.

This eBook comes in Pdf format which is readable with a free Acrobat PDF reader or you can print it yourself.

My shibori reverse dyed denim gave some nice options for the markings on the birds. You won’t look at your old jeans the same way again.

This fellow has escaped. ‘But that is ok, I’ll make some more. Each one has it’s own character and possibility of personalization. If you want to make some more Bird stuff (’cause who has enough?!) these sweet nests would be great with them.

Last year we were embarking on making masks like crazy (as I have had thousands & thousands of my patterns downloaded, so this year lets smile and make something CHEERFULL! Smile… and hug those close to you!

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  1. You are so very very generous!! Thank you not only for this book (I love my seasonal backyard birds) but for all of your other free weekly workshops that you offer. I look forward to Sunday mornings, eager to see your next project. Thanks again, and can’t wait to try my new year round birds. ❤️

  2. I’m a long time follower/admirer of your work and these dear little birds are incredible. I expect them to move. You’re one talented human! I hope whatever magic lives in you to create such lovely things lives on forever.

  3. The photo of all of the birds on the keyboard looking at the instructions on the screen is priceless. You couldn’t pay for better advertising! Very well done, Barb.

    1. Oh thanks! I did work at an advertising agency right after art college. I guess we just keep building on our skills. Being a ‘visual’ person – I’m always assessing what I’m looking at! ‘Can be a nuisance sometimes too.

  4. I didn’t know it was even possible to be “SOLD OUT” of an e-book!?!
    Well done! Bummer for me tho….I guess I wil just have to wait it out and see what hack YouTuber put it on line as her “own” and get it from there.
    Seriously, tho! I am glad to see that you have sold out—-at least it is good you can see how in demand your skills are.