Do you like to make things out of Concrete? Here's a big Collection:

Concrete is fun to work with as it quite inexpensive and doesn't require many tools

There are many concrete mixes on the market that will give quite a variety options.

These super simple Coasters are cast from real leaves and pick up amazing texture.

Make duplicates of your objects or sculptures by making a mold. 

Simple sand topping mix can be cast for easy critters. Making a mold from Silicone and cornstarch works amazingly well

You will be amazed at how much detail can be pulled from nature. It is so simple and does not require any kiln or firing. The various mixes can easily be found at local stores. Do make sure to use the right type of mix for the needs, not all concrete is alike.

If you are new to concrete crafting then maybe simple bowls would be a good start...

A little acrylic paint and these become very unique. These are made with inexpensive sand-topping mix and plastic containers. Mine have lasted for many years...

A little imitation marbling is quite easy to do and is a great accent on these planters. Concrete like to breathe so I try not to cover all with paint.

Another amazing thing about concrete is you can dip the fabric in Portland Cement and make permanent vessels and planters. This is dipped burlap and now is rock hard.

Once you discover all the ways that you can you concrete there's no stopping you... These are made with yarn dipped in the cement.

Dipping other fabrics allows very interesting effects like these pumpkins.  The halloween ghostly fabric is dipped in portland cement. Use up old yarn or fabrics as the colour does not matter

Geodes are great! 'And why not make them out of concrete! 

Making orbs of all kinds is my favourite! A beach ball and some leaves & concrete - amazing lightweight orb.

Rocks are great addition to concrete and can create some amazing mini rock gardens! Concrete lends itself perfectly for natural garden decor. 

These Monster Eggs are cast inside of Balloons. The cracks and breaks look so real.

If you feel comfortable, some fast setting concrete is great to sculpt with too. Push the limits... This is twice real-life size and a mold made lets me reproduce it. 

To see the whole collection of Concrete Project Tutorials check my site: (you WILL be amazed)