Rock and Concrete Orbs – 2

It’s been a cool wet spring, so we have such lush green gardens! Such a great reason to combine something green with some concrete! ‘Not that you need a reason to have orbs all over the place (like I do, haha) but they make a great planter! My easy to make Rock and Concrete Orbs will now have even more personality!

The Starting Point:

Each of the orbs will end up to be different due to the nature of the way that these Orbs are poured. It’s like Christmas when you take them out of the mold!

The types of Rocks used are not limited to lava rock, but since it is so textured and light it works great. I love thinking about how they came to be as well. I know, I’m a bit rock crazy…

Adding some Design:

Yup, I can never leave well-enough alone! That artist-brain’ always seems to look for opportunities to embellish and improve!

Supply list:

To make these Rock and Concrete Orbs look like they were ‘born’ this way make the designs look like nature actually made them.

I love looking at swirls in gems and geodes and take some inspiration from that. It is the same type of line and design work that I painted on the chairs.

Keep the lines thin and whispy, flowing and winding like the edges that developed from the liquidy concrete. 

Squiggle away, like a wandering river. It’s quite therapeutic. You can choose any colours you like but nature usually has more earthy tones to look realistic. Make it look like a vein of precious metal…

There is nothing predictable about these orbs, they are pieces of art. Like the huge teak root orbs that randomly sit amongst the sterile modern decor. Or the live edge tables…

Add Some sparkle:

The black and grey rock orbs love a bit of silver metallic paint! As an accent black ‘rivers’ are great. For unexpected details, dropping some acrylic medium into some crevices and then sprinkle some glitter. You’ve just made a silver vein…

Does it look like it was laser cut from the earths core? Hmmm, good enough for me!

Add Some Life:

I like to be frugal so I am resourceful. On my walks through the forest I gather moss. Do not decimate a patch; just take small parts of so it can regenerate. There are a few varieties that seem to grow here in Canada. I have often used found moss in my terrariums and it lasts for years and does quite well. Moss loves damp shady climates.

I keep my moss collection in recycled food containers so that it does not dry out.

There are plants in my garden that just seem to keep multiplying without any of my help.

My favourite Plants:

This red creeping Sedum is a favourite and never disappoints! Just cut the ends off and stick in some soil. Red and green, with dark red flowers. These plants loved my other poured planters as well.

Golden Stonecrop is another one of those, and it grows where ever it just falls. I don’t think I have ever even bought any. It’s even happy to find a home between the flagstone. The Yellow flowers are a bonus.

Creeping Jenny also seems to just multiply and I love the way it can trail over the edges. That bright chartreuse green can’t be beat!

I lined the inside with some fabric since there were a few holes between the rocks. This will allow drainage and the soil will stay put.

Use fluffy well absorbing soil to keep the mosses damp.

Cut or gently rip the moss into shapes to firmly secure all the little springs of plants; like a big blanket.

The other awesome thing about orbs is that they can be set however you like. There is no bottom, so you can sit them sideways if you so desire since the moss will keep everything in place. A couple little pebbles will keep it from rolling…

Imagine a few filled orbs set in a pile – instant rock garden in a small space. Maybe it is a balcony or tiny porch.

All the elements of a garden in one tiny ball!

This is just one way to finish them. Yes, I have more ideas…


I hope you enjoy your ‘nuggets of nature’; your Rock and Concrete Orbs; so much better than the ordinary plastic planter world! Thanks Mother Nature for your inspiration!

If you got this far, I’m sure you want to get even more unique. Oh, did I say Geode?! Yup check out the possible next step; The Rock & Concrete Geode Orb Planters! Thank me later…

Use the new Ikea HJÄRTELIG Dome to house your precious orb. If preferred you can also make smaller styles using just a plastic bowl.

Happy Concreting!


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  1. I want to contribute to your website. How do I do that? I’m in the US so it’d be using American dollars.

    1. Wow, I really appreciate that! I’m pretty sure you can use the ‘donate’ link and choose the amount and currency. If it defaults to CAD dollars then just do the conversion.

  2. Great ideas! Having painted for many years how does the acrylic paint hold up outside?
    Does it need a finish?

    1. So far after 2 years in the elements of canada they still look good. I bet it will eventually wear off but ii it looks rustic then it won’t be very obvious. All paint and sealer on concrete eventually seems to fail.