Rock and Concrete Geode Orb Planters

I dreamed up my concrete geodes over a year ago. ‘Funny how I now stumble upon so many copies on the net. Thankfully some ideas are still safe in my brain have not yet been imitated. An artist can draw inspiration from the strangest places (trust me) so it’s no surprise that the ‘Orbs’, the ‘Geodes’ and the planters have united to be awesome Rock and Concrete Geode Orb Planters.


Finding suitable glass as crystals in these geodes can be challenging. I have made my own as in these or also used broken tempered glass.


  • Rock and Concrete Orbs
  • glass stones, rocks, broken tempered glass
  • glue gun and glue sticks
  • 5-minute Epoxy
  • stir sticks

I would love to find a huge geode or agate in nature but my chances are quite slim; so I make my Rock and Concrete Geodes as natural as I can!

Plan the placement and colours of the ‘crystals’ to mimic nature. Try to be a bit more random than perfectly planned.

I use the glue gun to slightly ‘tack’ the pieces in place.

The small gaps can be filled with smaller pieces. There are really no rules other than taking inspiration form nature.

Mixing some colours of similar tones and colour family will look more natural. I hate seeing so many geode fakes that try to use a whole rainbow of colour and it looks very cheap and manmade. Be subtle.

Work your way around the concrete orb, and maintain the shape of the orb.

The Permanent Adhesive:

Once you have it as you like, mix some 2 part 5-minute epoxy and let it run between the pieces. It is a strong adhesive and will set very quickly. I work small batches at a time, mixing on scraps of paper.

Epoxy becomes very hard and strong and sets clear. Perfect! It will be hard to see where it is so work one section at a time.

Being an artist I always seem to enjoy some embellishment. You can leave it as is or add some design of rock layers as I did here.

It is as easy as painting ‘squiggly’ lines of metallic tones! Check here to see a whole geode chair!


The Planting:

Use small plant matter that you have plenty of as well as moss. See these orbs

Enjoy your Rock and Concrete Geode Orb Planters

The other awesome thing about orbs is that they can sit however you like. There is no bottom, so you can sit them sideways if you so desire since the moss will keep everything in place. A couple little pebbles will keep it from rolling…

I think orbs in the garden are the best thing! The sparkle and bling is unexpected and the concrete and rock ensure that they last ‘forever’.

Another idea; Wedding centrepieces! How unexpected and happily economical. These would be great additions to the popular geode cakes.



Imagine a few filled orbs set in a pile – instant rock garden in a small space. Maybe for a balcony or tiny porch…

Instead of terrariums, under a glass dome makes anything seem precious, especially crystals. This was a little easier than building a waterfall.

Enjoy your Rock and Concrete Geode Orb Planters however you like to use them… or make others

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  1. I have followed you for quite a while. Every time I see some awesome new technique I think “That must be Made by Barb” and it usually is. It is so gracious of you to share your talent freely so crafters can try some of your great ideas. I often wonder though why you haven’t written an Ebook so you could mometize your talent. I looked on your Etsy page once and was so surprised that you didn’t have any finished products listed at the time. I know that running an online business can be time consuming and that would take away your creating time but art supplies are expensive and it would be great to make some money while getting exposure and recognition for your talent.

    1. Sherry: Funny you should mention that; as I was thinking about doing it. I think a lot but there are so many things to do that I feel like I’m always running. During the summer I can manage a bit more since I don’t teach at my other job. Stayed tuned… Thanks for the vote of confidence…

    2. Hi Barb, you got me started on. Concrete leaves and I thank you. Love doing them. Now I want to try orbs. I tried to make a mold as you instructed with sicone and cornstarch…stickey mess….help!

      1. Yes, it can be a sticky mess! It’s like working with eggs and flour. When I start I have a nice bowl full of the cornstarch and then add the silicone as one mass. Slowly and carefully toss it in the cornstarch trying to keep some between your fingers and the silicone. It will get more incorporated and as it gets less sticky knead it more and more using the cornstarch to keep from sticking. Eventually it becomes an even mass that does not stick. If you jump in too fast with fingers that get sticky it’s hard to get rid of the stickiness. I know it works as I’ve made many molds and even a stamp Maybe try a small test… until you get the hang of it.

  2. Spectacular as always! I only discovered your blog recently, but it’s already one of my favorites! You are really talented and I love how you mix your increyoainting skills into your DIY. You’re truly a Renaissance Wonder Woman! 😍

    1. Oh that’s very kind! I get a big kick out of designing; it does not matter the media. It is so much fun watching an imagined idea come to fruition! It is my healthy addiction… Enjoy!

  3. Hi Barb ~ I’ve just stumbled across your concrete zipper smiles. I Love them !!!! I’ve looked at your other things also and you are incredibly talented. I’ve always loved to create things. Back in May I lost my job and have been in a funk ever since. But, after seeing your marvelous creations it has really sparked my imagination and I think I may even try to make a zipper smile rock 😊 Thanks so much for the inspiration !

    1. That’s so nice to hear that I am making someone happier. I really believe that making on any level can be quite the therapy for a better life. At the end of the day I can feel some accomplishment if even so small… Happy making