Sweater Knit Cat Couch

Cat Sweater Bed

One DIY idea leads to another in most cases. The DIY sweater quilt made me think of another part of the family who also loves comfort; our 2 kitty cats; Spot and Fog. An old chenille sweater is so soft and the pre-worn factor keeps our scent close when we aren’t. Plus there’s the benefits of keeping it out of the landfill by up-cycling.


Sleeves are long and great for the sides of the bed/couch and the chest makes the center pillow.


I cut the “tube” from the length of the sleeves, parallel and long. You can adjust the size according to your big or little friend. Lay it out to see if fits around the “pillow”


All ready to sew… There are tricks to sewing a round tube. Sew the length first, right sides together, but not to the ends. Leave last section open to allow turning and attaching the tube ends. (see above)


Once turned and stuffed with some batting or hollow-fill, slip stitch the opening of both the outside “tube” and inside pillow closed.


Now it’s just a matter of putting them together.


Center the pillow and match up the seams to slip stitch together all around. It will be hidden so it can be messy.


I have somewhat of a heart theme in my life, so I added a little embellishment…


And that was quite interesting to her. Or she was just feeling the love…haha!


Well, it was a hit! Soft and cozy, even though it’s somewhat tight, it is well received by the sisters!

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