Christmas Decor Tour

Thank you for allowing me to share my creativity with you and possibly inspire you enough to take the chance and make something. It gives me so much pleasure since I know that wonderful ‘high’ of accomplishment! The world would be a better place if more thought that way.

Christmas allows me to bring out some of my favourite ‘past-made’ decor. I need to be realistic and realize I am not wonder woman, so I’ve taken a bit of a breather. Come take a sentimental tour with me…

Draw or Paint

Many years ago I painted Santa on some thickly primed canvas. He is based on the ‘old Coca-Cola’ Santa and rolls up easily for storage.

The shape is custom to an iron double plant hanger and clips to each side. He hangs out there during our blizzards and sometimes has even needed rescuing from blowing away in a storm. He is starting to show his age a bit but I am totally fine with it! He will get a ‘acrylic paint face lift’ soon enough.

Use ‘found’ objects

I would rather have real collectible things than just pure decoration pieces. Each time I look the toboggan I remember times long ago when I would ‘woosh’ down tall mountains on a similar one. If need be I can always use it again… Sleds and snowshoes are wonderful as well.

It is an easy project that was only as difficult as figuring out 3 letter words.

Simple Colour

Being a visual person; that I tend to get overwhelmed with too much colour. I’d rather have a cleaner palette that I can live with for a few weeks. Sparkle of silver and gold accent to white nicely. I hate the look of some red and green ‘explosion’ into my space.

Winter Decor

My entry hall has a table for various displays through the year. As a base I have a round framed mirror to contain it and bounce light. At this time of year it becomes a ‘skating rink’ with some fake snow and my collection of skates

Antique skates, little ‘remember-when’ ones and crafted furry ones. I can look at these well into the snowy new year.

Vintage Crafts

Along with the ‘white’ theme I have my handmade angels and Father Christmases. Many years ago the craft stores would carry heads and hands and gave you the options for whatever you wanted them to wear. I’m pretty sure this fellow is wearing some pillow fabric my mother had…

The ceramic tree is one my mother made by glazing the greenware, as that was a great home hobby when I was young.

I am embarrassed to say that this year my tree has taken on a simplicity like no other. So many challenges for my time this year have me accepting it the way it is. Will it ruin Christmas? Probably not. If anyone would like to come over and drag up more boxes of decorations, please feel free. Yup, the kids declined as well…

Just because…

If you have been following my projects you will know I am a bit of an old-fashioned type. You will see that it’s all a cycle anyways and I’m holding on to my treasures until it returns.

This wonderful Father Christmas is special to me since he has such a similar face to my father. He even has the eyebrows to match!

Thanks Mom!

I made this mink-hat sporting little fellow many years ago as well. I love his furry garb as it was passed down to me from my super-creative mother. I really owe her so much gratitude for always teaching me how to make and thus feel good about my accomplishments. I can only hope that I am passing on that same legacy to my daughter and son.

Oh, and the cast iron sleighs are wonderful as well!

It warms my heart to see simple handmade ornaments. I have never been one for the glass balls.

Buttons and scraps of fur and fabric… so many possibilities.

I love the vintage ceramic trees! Such a simple concept. I do miss the years of being able to choose greenware and have it fired at ceramic craft places. Sadly I don’t find those places anymore. Why are we becoming a society that would rather just buy?! It saddens me to think of the future.

Go… pull out your handmade ornaments and things and pat yourself on the back… Take a breather for a bit.

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  1. Thanks for the tour Barb, I loved seeing the ceramics. I have my Aunts ceramic Nativity set that she glazed all white with gold trim and my mother has the same green ceramic Christmas tree as yours. As a child, we would go down the street to our local ceramics shop and take a weekly class making various things. I just put our tree up the other night and hung some of those ceramic ornaments I made some 40 years ago. I love Christmas just to be able to see our sentimental holiday decor.

  2. I think I still have my ceramic tree buried in a box. Now you’ve made want to see if I do. :). Never did a Santa, though I had all sorts of various directions and the angels. Miss those stores with the ceramics and the plaster you could buy and paint. Still have those.
    Have a merry Christmas

    1. Yes, there may be a craft museum somewhere… Those ceramic trees are quite nowadays! EVeryone who sees it say they wish they still had theirs. You can get them here though.

  3. I just love your things. I am inspired to try every thing you post. I collected leaves for eco printing. I love the concrete Christmas Trees. I tried some other concrete projects in the summer. You make my day every time I see something new!

  4. I am happy I found your STE, because your work is fabulous. Thank you for sharing these wonderful posts. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

  5. “Made by barb” is one of the most interesting sites on the internet. Your work comes from a very speical and creative place within you. By sharing as you do simply allows so many like myself the opportunity to seek our own creativity with confidence.
    In the spirit of the season and every day throughout the year…….. “thank you” for sharing your blessings.