My Rustic Christmas Tour

Yes, I agree, it gets so busy at this time of year! It’s always feeling like I’m behind. Sooooo, I’ve decided ‘quality rather than quantity’ is the theme of the year. Come, let me take you on a short tour (because you’ve got lots of stuff to do) of My Rustic Christmas.

Woodsie Cabin in the City:

I do sometimes wish I lived in a log cabin in the mountains but then I realize (um), nope, that’s too far from the people & shops I love. However I can pretend and make it ‘feel’ that way. Why would you want to be exactly like everyone else?! Trends are nice but don’t let them dictate what you are allowed to like.

Here’s my comfy cozy sweater up-cycle project to whip up a few stockings. No animal was harmed in the making as it IS faux fur. Yes, that’s Pip’s lil’ stocking.

Cut out the shape, turn right sides together and stitch with a small zigzag, trim and stitch again. Add a strip of faux trim and turn under… tada.

Oh, and add a couple pompoms. With any leftover make a pillow back for a fur pillow.

Whatever you Love!:

I am old enough now to know what I absolutely love and what makes me happy. Just be honest with yourself. That led to my favourite chainsaw carved bear coming in from the cold. He was starting to lose his toes so he is much happier indoors now. I had to fill a few holes and scrub off the dark stained wood (peroxide) and now he is and has such a character. Choose big pieces instead of millions of small ones! Mr Bear is not just christmas but his wreath makes it so.

Being a visual person makes it hard to look at the bold Christmas colours for weeks! I can’t do it! So natural elements like pinecones and garlands ease my mind and eyes. And how amazingly real do these look!?

Looking through my collection I found another carved piece that I love.

He is hand-carved by Arlo Furniss. It looks so historic and rustic reminding me of our amazing historic Canada. Paired with my ‘antlers’ it takes me to the mountains…

I also love that it is truly a one of a kind. I am sure you too have some way to incorporate some of your loves into your decor. Maybe that old childhood teddy or rusted tonka truck full of tiny gifts… It should have some interesting story.

Oh my Deer:

I have had an deer obsession ever since I spied a big buck (not the money kind) near my place. My many scourings of the forest did not prove fruitful when ‘shed-hunting’ so I’ve had to resort to imitation antlers. I did have to improve the paint finishes though as silver antlers is just wrong!

Keep it simple; natural burlap, white lights & candles and wood. Warm wood carving (ok, ya, faux again). And they may be allowed to stay out as I will be sad to put them away.

I almost squealed with joy when I found this at the guys Canadian tire store! There are many very real looking options

My shelf over the buffet allows a small arrangement without interfering with food layout. Faux snow could be added but I’m afraid too have it fall onto platters…

He reminds me that I should ‘break out’ the chainsaw again! Ok, maybe next spring…

Fur pillows, fuzzy throws and candle fireplace (for the virgin fireplace) make for some warmth. I swap out the painting on the fireplace as I have different art that fits the frame. Artist’s run out of wall space…

One of my all time faves is this fellow as he has the same nose as my dad had… I look into those eyes and it’s magical. He stands on my side table and is watching me as I write this.

I almost can hear ‘his’ muffled words through that big beard. He is saying I should slow down and stop running around like a crazy (blog) person… I had even thought of making an ice sculpture, thank goodness I came to my senses! But yes, I had 24 people for sit-down dinner yesterday… I’m over-desserted and still have gifts to make… but, busy how I roll.

Make your space comforting and take time for you… Enjoy!


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  1. What a wonderful discovery! So pleased I found you! Kind of a weird mix of soothing and energy-boosting at the same time! Beautiful things, truly creative approach…..if only artists ruled the world.