My Thanks to Canada

Today is Canada’s birthday! Come, join me in the celebration! ‘See how this country has made me what I am today… Happy Canada Day!

Hard to believe:

You may not know but I came to Canada as a child from across the ocean; (no I did not swim)! We left most family behind and started a new life here.

In our discovery of our province we fell in love with all the natural wonders and abundant beauty! We didn’t even have to venture far or out of our province for such diverse natural landscape. I came to love the water; the clear blue frigid depths of Tobermory (above) to the fun of the Muskoka’s.

Inspiration Everywhere:

Is it any wonder that I became an artist?! I bet all those hikes and trips to the cottage just gave me too much subject matter. Everywhere I turn I see something that I want to capture forever in a painting. So hard to believe that all this can be in Ontario and still be so near to the major GTA (Greater Toronto Area)

We settled in, went to school and started families of our own in this multi-national diverse paradise. I have never felt out of place, always welcomed, loved and at home.

In my own Backyard:

A misty morning view in my yard captures so many colours and emotion. Listen for the birds, maybe there is a wild turkey walking by or a sneaky raccoon. You would think I live in a remote place but I can actually walk to a mall in a few minutes.

Amazingly short walks away are many many waterfalls since the Escarpment (a rock ridge 1000 miles long) creates a change in elevation. That makes for over 100 waterfalls in this city alone. Imagine that! Never a shortage of landscape reference.

Our unique Geography also has us close to a large body of water; Lake Ontario. Ships pass under our lift-bridge & come into our harbour from all over the world. Many walk paths allow everyone to enjoy the view.

I never tire of seeing the lake, from close or from the top of the bridge, it means home to me and my family.

Abundant Wildlife:

Always some surprises! The animal lover in me is so happy to welcome all the critters. Sometimes we are in quite close quarters! ‘But that makes for never a dull moment…

Calming and Serene:

Taking a stroll nearby, collecting some leaves (eco printing) & walking the dog. It is therapy for the soul. Quiet contemplation and appreciation of where we live and the many opportunities that this country has and does provide. Thanks dad for taking us on hikes every Sunday through the Royal Botanical Gardens, I’m sure it has translated into my art.

Our Flag:

The Red Maple leaf on our flag, and the maple leaves that make prints for me; thank you. I will try to keep you safe Canada and let others see how wonderful it is.

If you have a chance sometime in the safe future come visit Canada. North or South, East or West, you will not be disappointed. When you see my art you will be looking at ‘Canada’ – this wonderful country of mine!

Happy Canada Day!!! from Barb & family 🇨🇦❤️🇨🇦

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  1. Hi Barb,
    I’m so happy for you that your dad transplanted the family to such a fantastic place.
    Your art and and ecoprinting are an inspiration to us all.

    Thanks again for sharing with us and Happy Canada Day!

    1. I went back for the first time a few years ago and realized that some of that carried through with me here. Too bad mom and dad can not see all this… unless there is wifi up in heaven.

  2. Happy Canada Day Barb.
    I am feeling so blessed to be a Canadian. Raining here today in the Pacific Northwest and COVID 19 will change how we celebrate the day on our street, but there will still be a walking/bike parade at 3pm led by a fire truck (red of course) ,and with social distancing, it might be a longer parade than usual!
    Thanks for all your inspiration.
    I always look forward to seeing your latest works.

    1. We all do what we can to stay safe! Happy Canada Day to you too! I am happy to make people have a twinkle in their eye and passion for creating!

  3. Wow, I didn’t realize that you lived in sure a wonderland! But I do not think I could handle the cold winters up there! Delightful paintings. Thank you for sharing you Canada with us.

  4. Hi barb, Thank you for sharing your wonderful tribute to Canada. Your artistic sensibilities shine through in all your eco-printing to make it truly wonderful. By using your country’s emblem, the Maple leaf, each work is a celebration of the natural beauty which inspires you. I am from Norfolk, UK and feel the same way about our countryside and coast which inspires my art and printmaking. Some of the areas in your location really have a WOW factor! Thank you so much for freely sharing your talents and experience with us all. Best wishes.

  5. Hello Barbara,
    I am a transplant to Canada too. Over 30 years ago,as a widow with 2 daughters age 4 and 6, I married a wonderful loving Canadian man. The best move I ever made–without a doubt. I am now 69, he is 86 and we are fortunate to still have each other. The girls have 4 and 6 children, including two daughters who are 4th generation nurses. The one family lives in Illinois; I miss them so! But we are thankful to have good health and access to good telephone service.
    I am pleased to have contacted your website.Thank you! Sincerely, Mary Beth

  6. Hi Barb,
    I am working on eco dying silk scarves. I mordanted and then under dyed with Logwood, madder and hibiscus flowers and rinsed after dying. Would you suggest mordanting again before eco dying?

    1. No, once mordanted it stays. Mordanting prepares the fibre to accept/adhere the dye. There’s multiple ways to bring dye into the eco printing process. Best of luck for the Eco printing!