How to Paint Donut Shoes

Has Barb gone mad?! Haha, maybe… Aren’t we all getting a bit crazy? Let me just call this my ‘therapy’. Making people smile is a good thing; it’s quite easy with this ‘How to Paint Donut Shoes’ tutorial.

Check the closet:

Many of us are doing some deep cleaning and finding a whole lot of clothing and shoes that we are tired of. But wait, you can make them into something you love! Clothing has options for dyeing but the shoes need a bit more care. I am happy with the leather ones and why not also paint the canvas ones?! Heck, I painted a couple chairs so I love finding another thing to paint!

Seriously, why Donuts?!

Well, who doesn’t like donuts? They are super yummy, and can be so many colours, not to mention there’s a very special person in my life (who incidentally keeps this site from going poof) who just loves them on everything.

Don’t be Afraid:

Paint is not as difficult as you think. I have been painting for way more years that I want to mention, but you can still get great results with a bit of planning. Choosing simple designs is the key.

The Paint:

When I accidentally get acrylic paint on my pants it is there forever it seems! So why wouldn’t it work on canvas shoes?! This brand of paint is made for leather as it stays quite flexible and covers really well. Since it is not leather this time I also added some of the recommended fabric medium; Golden Fabric medium (Gac 900). Angelus paints come in many colours. but I can mix the colours I want from the primary colours. You can also use the fabric medium to make any acrylic paint into a fabric paint. Do use the best quality though as cheaper ones are more full of filler. I use about 25% – 35% fabric medium.

Well, I understand… when you want to make stuff you want to just get going! So do I, so I just ‘wing it’ when it comes to planning the design. It is just a bunch of circles anyways. I also do NOT the shoes to be symmetrical since they should look like art not commercial products. Stuff the shoes full of some rags to keep them as flat as possible during painting.

I started by drawing the circles in pencil and blocking in the background colour of blue to make these shoes pair well with jeans. After that the real funs starts!

Step by Step Donuts:

Making delicious looking painted donuts is about getting the donuts to look nice and plump. Start with a flat colour and then add some lighter and some darker tones & tints. Add the icing and then the sprinkles of course! Hint; when darkening a colour do not just use black paint, consider adding the colour that is across the colour wheel. Play around with different combinations of colours. There are almost no rules!

There are so many flavours of donuts and a rainbow of colours! Just change the colours of icing or different sprinkles. How about some chocolate icing zig-zagging across? Pretty well anything goes & every colour. Painted donuts that are covered in sugar, or dipped in chocolate…

The tongue is also painted but it is recommended not to paint the rubber toe or side strips. To make the blue look a bit more worn it is dry-brushed with white (rub most of white paint off the brush and then softly brush over the blue ares. This really brings out texture.

I see you smiling! To make them into the favourite type of ‘slip-ons’ I replaced the regular laces with 1/4″ elastic. The end is secured with a pony bead and a knot. To prevent further unravelling singe the cut end with a lighter. (carefully!)

Now here’s the problem; every shoe I see now seems to need some kind of facelift! Don’t be surprised to see some more…

Well, ok so you want more donuts?! You can paint some for yourself like the Donuts for my ‘fanatic’

For all the donut lovers out there! My simple humungous donut made with a bundt cake topped with a cut layer of fondant & huge fondant sprinkles! Make someone smile and beat out some sadness! Share as you like and ‘make’ yourself happy! Ooooh, I think I just discovered my slogan line! Enjoy your day… (and know I’m working on some more shoes ๐Ÿ‘Ÿ ๐Ÿ‘  ๐Ÿ‘ž )

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  1. Make me laugh OUT LOUD!!! And then easy to follow instructions. I’m doing this!

  2. Those shoes are fabulous! I admire how you take the every day ordinary and turn it into something extraordinary!

  3. I love your creativity. Youโ€™re so talented and I must admit Iโ€™m a little jealous.
    Keep doing what you do. You make the world a little more colorful and inspire others to brighten their lives and the world too.

  4. When I saw this email I knew I had to open it right away! My husbands performing name is “Danny Donuts”, so as his wife, I just knew these would be beyond cool to make – for mySELF!! You never cease to amaze me, Barb, with ALL you clever ideas and beautiful results. I also want to thank you for being SO generous in sharing your techniques with the WORLD because I’m quite familiar (via an artist girlfriend) of other artists that guard “their secrets” and simply won’t share them with anyone. My belief is that even if you share your ideas, others can NEVER duplicate YOUR work. It has YOUR heart and soul -(pun intended with these adorable donut shoes!) in it and others work WILL turn out differently…….with THEIR heart and soul in it. Thanks again for sharing your artistic gifts with us!

    1. OMG! You had me ‘laughing out loud’! I knew it was a quirky idea and I’m so glad that it’s perfect for you! Yes, make it your own! Who knows, maybe some high top boots or whatever! My problem is I have too many visions in my head! Go go Danny Donuts & fans!!!๐Ÿฉ

  5. I love the idea of painting white shoes…but I just don’t own any. And at my age, shoes without arch support…nope. VANS are for folks a lot you get than me…but I’m going to explore options

    1. Oh I DO understand!! I have orthotics and do look at shoes for proper arch support. I see that my converse have an insole that is removable. I have a few good quality shoes that are in the ‘makeover’ process. I need to take care of my feet! Just wait and see…