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I’m furious & really sad… I am losing faith in mankind. Yup, I stumbled on the fact that many ‘stores’ are apparently selling my product! They are scamming buyers by using my stolen pictures! It seems my work is famous – but stolen! ‘How dare you!

My Precious Ghoul and Witch

Remember these?! They are one of my favourite concrete projects that I made & it must have proliferated the internet. Those are my photos, my steps and my watermark, but that has not stopped the thieves.

If you are on the internet you have probably been scammed or at least been tempted to buy something. There are ads everywhere, and google plans to show you what you searched for, it’s not a coincidence. I do shop on the ‘net, quite often so yes, I too have been scammed.

I have been quite sad lately since my lil pup passed away so I have lost a bit of my usual drive and that leads to some mindless surfing on the net. When I googled ‘witch ghoul light‘. I just about fell out of my chair… (And that could be a problem for those new knees that I’ll be getting!)

It looks like I am selling millions of my sculptures all over, Amazon, eEbay, individual sites and even Walmart!

Third Party sellers

How can this happen??? You need to be careful… All the major selling sites have third party sellers. That means that the site owner is at the mercy of the third party seller to be honest in their product. There’s a lot of odd stuff going on under the surface. Also a company can have many stores/names all over the ‘net. It’s impossible to find contacts that work or get a reply. You need to check who the seller is & where they are shipping from. Individual sites are even riskier since they are not trying to keep their reputation clean.

Yes, there are ways to complain, to file ‘Amazon Infringement reports’, or Walmart Intellectual property violations for the use of my stolen pictures.

Spend your time filling in product numbers, contacts for hours… and hours. Then you get some form-letter email replies. What happens? Well, they may take the page down and then wait to see of there is more complaints… I’d have to hire a bunch of people to police this. Just like the ‘5 Minute Crafts’ they eventually sneak some new infringements like we sneak cookies out of the pantry when no one is looking.

No where on this site does it show what you will actually get. All the pictures are my sculptures, not depicting their product.

They even have the nerve to remove my watermark, albeit badly!

One of the most notorious places that these fakes are peddled is through Facebook ads. Check out this story from Buzzfeed. The one thing I will note; is that the scammers do like to pick the best stuff; so I suppose I should feel flattered. ‘But the proper way would have been to ask permission to make them, permission to use my design, let alone MY PHOTOS!

So many artists are upset that there is now a Facebook group: Facebook Ad Scambusters! It ‘outs’ the scam ads alerting would-be buyers.

I’ll admit that my concrete work is all my own unique designs and not some regurgitation from the ‘net since I foremost pride myself as an artist. I also teach in an art college and know that inspiration & reference comes from the internet so easily. ‘But I draw the line on blatant exact use of others images! I am so shocked that these companies believe that using my unique pictures as their own is acceptable.

I know it’s pretty easy to snipe images off of the web, screen shot them. ‘They’ even cut them out of my picture and place them in different backgrounds.

There are only one of each of sculptures that exist, as I am looking at them right now. They are HUGE, about 18″ tall, made of concrete & quite heavy. The details are fine from the handy-work of the dipped fabric.

So what do you get?

There were a few sellers who actually included a ‘real’ picture of what would arrive by mail (if it does). Read closely; these are ‘fit-in-your-hand’ tiny! Mine are concrete, and their’s are resin (or plastic). There may be some battery light inside.

One of my readers informed me of all this a while back since they were fooled that it was actually my designs being sold… I reassured that I could not make these to ship, especially for the prices stated. It was confusing since they used my stolen pictures.

Once they arrived they looked like this. (thanks, not everyone likes to admit that they got scammed) Maybe they are worth the little money. I try to imagine someone somewhere trying to copy exactly from my pictures… and I’d say they lack the true character that mine have.

Such sad little imitations! I am sure it’s not the first and surely won’t be the last, however it leaves a really bad taste in the mouth for future projects. I share my projects freely – which I am starting to question.

Come on, give me some faith in mankind.

I'm an artist & I make things... all kinds of things.

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  1. I’m so sorry Barb. This happens to a bunch of independent artists, sometimes even with big companies like Urban Outfitters totally ripping off their products. It’s obnoxious to put a watermark over your own images just to protect them, but sometimes that’s all you can do.

    Not everyone sucks, just a reminder.

    1. Yes, will eventually get back into the swing of ‘making’ and the happiness it brings me. I just don’t want anyone to think they are actually getting my work if they buy from those scoundrels!

      1. I am absolutely disgusted how the y can rip you off, steal your pictures etc.? Can you not threaten them with a lawsuit?
        Surely something can be done? Complaint through Facebook that it is unauthorized use of your pics & tarnishing your name possibly too.
        I feel for you and just admire the work you do and the creativity you hold, It is beautiful to see your works.
        I wish you the best and hope they haven’t steered you away due to their blatant thieving.
        God Bless XXX
        Mary From Oz

        1. Thanks for your support. I had consulted an intellectual property lawyer and although I am in the right, trying to sue other countries becomes really problematic. There’s many aspects of the web that could stop me in my tracks but so far I persevere. I am almost weary to search too much…

  2. Barb I am so sad for you – especially since you freely share your art and creativity with anyone who is interested. I am sure you feel violated. I think the only thing we can do to help you is to post on FB a comment which states that the item was created by you and that what is for sale is a forgery and DO NOT BUY from the company. I feel it is a small way we can help you. I will be keeping an eye out for posts like these. I hope you are doing a little better after losing your fur baby.

  3. Barb,
    This is sad, and I would bet my neck that they are mostly (if not whole!,) coming out of China. China is the stolen IP paradise of the world and the Chinese are masters at copying everything and anything! They are very good at reproducing, copying and imitating, even artwork that can pass for original.
    Amazon and Walmart don’t care about IP infringement, all they care about is making their cut on the sales. There’s a reason why Walmart has been nicknamed “Chinamart.”
    And there are also plenty of websites that sell counterfeit everything, and show you pics of one thing and what you get, (when you get it!,) is nothing like the photo shows… then, they will try to convince you to accept a discount, a partial refund, etc. Most of these websites come and go, like mushrooms after the rain! Up today with one name, gone tomorrow, to just reemerge under another name, maybe with a different template, but same merchandise, same products.
    It’s the world we live in. DIYers love your projects and would not steal from you. SIYers (Scam It Yourselfers) on the other end, won’t think twice!
    Hope you find comfort in knowing how many people love your work and how many are grateful that you share your projects and instructionals graciously for free.
    Good hearts don’t die; scammers never had one to start with!

  4. Scamming, stealing etc is as old as mankind itself. I feel sorry or rather angry on your behalf. But do not give in to those copycats – else they win!
    The worst thing is, if they make someone think you actually made these horrid imitations – yours are so much better! Hopefully people hwo think of buying them will go here and learn how to make them themselves instead!
    I too share freely, knitting recipes, soaping tips and tricks and recipes. How to’s on tea bag folding –almost everything, I make, I tell how I did. I am ferociously for the sharing of knowledge. Do what makes you happy, and post a disclaimer now and then – or a link to this post in the top of your page … an “I’m not selling anything” tab, maybe?

  5. Wow, I didn’t even know this kind of fraud was happening on such a massive and organized scale. I’m so sorry, your work is amazing and your generous spirit in sharing your process, your vision and your ability with us has been such a blessing.
    We are also dog lovers and know the deep pain of losing a precious fur-baby family member. Each one has brought such joy, personality and love into our home. I hope that the memories of your loved pet becomes more sweet than painful, I still shed tears for mine when a memory hits me the wrong way. They leave but their love never seems to go.
    Blessings, and thank you for sharing this today, we are all cautioned by this tale. Maureen

    1. Since it was my first pup I never expected how much it would affect me. He was a one-person pup; a velcro dog as they call it, so it feels like I lost a limb. 😢

      1. I lost my 13 and 17 year old pittie babies 8 and 10 years ago and I still haven’t been able to start over with a new dog, it hurts too much. Sending love.
        Unfortunately, artistic poaching has been going on forever in different ways: think of all the black singers and songwriters who lived in relative anonymity while Elvis, Jerry Lee Lewis, etc…whitewashed their songs and got rich. I’m sure they felt the way you are now feeling.
        I think doing an image search on a product before buying would be so helpful. I have heard that TinEye is a very good one that is free, although I haven’t tried it. In the meantime plop yourself right in the middle of any new project photos holding a sign that says “I made this not you”!

        1. I just happened upon your site and love all the varied projects that you have created. I’m sure I’ve seen these concrete designs on Pinterest many times (as I’m constantly pinning Halloween stuff!) and I was so sad to see that your original and amazing one of a kind idea had been ripped off! Maybe you could go to a news outlet to raise awareness? I’ve seen articles about similar things happening, might give people a heads-up to do a little research on where products they’re buying are oroginating if you don’t have any real legal recourse. Good luck and keep creating!

          1. Yes, it’s very infuriating but I don’t wan to dwell on the negative; there’s only so much energy & it’s used for positive creating. I think ‘5Minute Crafts’ has lost some ground.

  6. Hi Barb,
    My condolences for the loss of your pup.
    Oscar Wilde said “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery that mediocrity can pay to greatness.”


  7. Hi Barb,
    I’ve been meaning to write you for ages to thank you for your generosity in sharing all your ideas. I love your blog and especially anything you do with eco- printing. I am so very sorry that someone abused your generosity and stole your ideas for their profit.,That is despicable, and especially awful that they are creating such poor imitations.
    I do sincerely thank you for your wonderful blog and for sharing your ideas.

  8. Dear Barb, I am so sorry to hear of this. I happened to stumble upon your website when early on in the pandemic I was looking for a pattern to make my own face mask that was more than an ill-fitting rectangle stuck to my face. Your free (!!!) patterns and instructions were the best. Then, through what has been a heart-breaking year for my family, your imagination and creativity have been awe inspiring and a respite from the insanity engulfing us. I have looked forward to every one of your posts ever since. At least one hopeful sign is that the pandemic has made us aware of just how much evil surrounds us. ‘Scoundrels’ is much too polite a term for these people. I truly hope that you get some justice.

  9. Very sorry about loss of your fur baby. I like to believe that my fur babies pass over the rainbow bridge and wait for us there. A day with sunshine and rain is a reason to look up and remember the unconditional love they give.
    My thoughts are with you-

  10. I am very angry on your behalf Barb. I haven’t had a chance to make any of your items, but have enjoyed many hours looking at your crafts and reading about your techniques. I appreciate your generosity and willingness to share your artistry. I will add a comment if I see these items on fb.

  11. Argh! What a mix of feelings. Its quite alright to stop at anger for a bit – let that cleanse and motivate. No need to jump to flattery and stuff the anger. Go get ’em!
    As Charlotte/Mother owl says- copy is an old profession. All the old masters had their copy cats, it used to be a skill in itself. Some great painters started that way.
    You are not the first artist I’ve heard this from- I’m a freelance writer. The web brings all the thieves out of the woodwork.
    Your generosity is your true gift- thank you so much and don’t let the scumbags steal that from you.

    1. Thankfully I can’t stay mad for too long, it’s useless & wasteful. I’d rather use energy for other stuff. I’ve often wondered how a writer protects their work. Good luck.

  12. What an injustice! I’m so sorry to hear about this. Your creations are amazing and the fact that you share with us shows what a generous spirit you are. Thanks for keepin it real and letting us know this happened and for warning us!

  13. Desde Bogotá , Colombia. Un saludo especial ! Siento mucho lo que está pasando con sus obras . Eso se da en todos los campos artísticos y creativos, pero es duro saber que le pasa a una persona tan generosa en compartir sus conocimientos. Un abrazo!!

    1. “From Bogotá, Colombia. A special greeting! I am very sorry about what is happening with your works. That occurs in all artistic and creative fields, but it is hard to know what happens to a person so generous in sharing their knowledge. A hug!!”
      I does, but now it seems so much easier as they have the whole world to steal from!

  14. I also add my rage that your work has been usurped. I appreciate your creativity and willingness to share your processes online. I agree with what others have said so well about you and your work and the unscrupulous copying of your lovely works.

  15. I’d be plastering my watermark everywhere on the photos. I’m so sorry this is happening. I know it doesn’t mean much coming from a stranger but I love your creativity and then using it as a jumping off point to see what’s my hubby and I can create!

  16. Dear Barb,

    This is Linda who lives beside your daughter. I am so sorry and sad to hear about your little dog passing, my heart goes out to you. It’s so difficult to lose a pet that you grow to love and enjoy spending time with. I am appalled at what people are doing regarding your beautiful, talented art work !! I cannot believe the nerve of some people!! I wish there was a way for you to be able to make them pay for what they are doing! It is very scary what people can steal and do to others these days!! I will say a prayer for you that your surgery goes smoothly and I will have more leaves for you soon. Take care, Linda.

    1. Hi Linda; my favourite ‘leaf-supply-lady’!!! Now you won’t be seeing me with my sweet pup in tow as usual… I had quite the arguments with ‘5 Minute Crafts’ about the huge moneys they were reaping from stealing my designs in their videos. They count on the fact that we get tired of constant infringement filing, as they have countless staff to replicate over many stores/posts and even languages. Hopefully that new knee will allow an even better kick in the butt 🤪!

  17. That’s sickening and I do hope you’ll get some kind of justice. I was shopping on a clothing sight and saw my favorite clothes being sold on the internet and cheap. I ordered, like a fool, and received absolute trash garments. It was a seller out of China who had scammed the pictures from the designer. Ethics are out the window these days. I’m so sorry this happened to you…. I LOVE your work and have dreamed of being as talented!

    1. Isn’t it sad as now we can’t believe anything that we see. There’s something about being able to ‘touch’ what we want to buy! It’s too bad that a business/artist is not reputable until they have a large social media following but in the same mindset it’s all stolen. Oh what to do?!

  18. So sorry. Losing something is tough; having something stolen is tougher still but having your creativity ripped off has got to be the toughest cut of all! As the young kids instinctively say, “Not fair!”

  19. It made me feel sick when I saw that you’ve been a victim of theft in this shocking manner. I know this is happening. I believe, in many cases, that the purchase is not going to be anything like your originals. They use your photographs but they don’t take the time to have a real artist make the molds. I’ve seen this over and over again coming from China on sites like Wish before I knew what it was.. I bought an embroidered denim maxi dress on Wish and received a completly different design printed polyester mumu. I looked into Wish and learned that they make more money from postage to the USA than they do on the item. What is making matters worse, is that our postage is getting higher and higher so we can hardly mail any package. We’ve stopped sending Christmas package after rates reached in the 100.00 bracket for one box while the Chinese pay pennies to ship here. I am extrodinarily angry on your behalf. Internet companies like Pinterest share these photos and advertise for fakers everytime someone innocently pins your original photograph and then it is pinned by countless others who think it is really cool. Even huge conglamerants can’t do anything about Amazon selling fakes which is becoming more and more prevalent. I’m going to write to my senator about your experience and we should start a petition to congress. You propably don’t feel, right now, like doing that. I don’t know what that intails as far as getting the word out to poiliticians. They have to know this is going on. I would like to strangle NAFTA. This isn’t a one-party problem, this is about protecting American original thinkers and creators from low-life, cheating, stealing people. I’m mad! (I didn’t check my spelling. I’ve got to go calm down.)

    1. Oh yes, I have been scammed by buying from some odd store. I ordered linen sheets and I got a tiny ring. Even Paypal did not honour as they said I needed to ship the item back. I did, had a return tracking number and they said it did not prove that I returned it so I was out the original purchase and also the expensive return shipping. Lesson learned! I am in Canada so I would have to deall wth it up here. One thing for sure; the more awareness is definitely good!!!

    2. I agree, the stuff coming out of China is cheaply made BUT their prices aren’t that cheap anymore. They are getting higher all the time.

  20. Hi Barb,
    I always enjoy your emails. This is being done everywhere. I would recommend you take a look at Patreon. It’s a site that I like & use. I enjoy & pay for 3 artists & their instructional content. Plus it will bring income to you. It will help along with watermarking.
    Sue R.

    1. I am aware of Patreon but the small tests of paid content did not come through in any way. It seems everyone wants free. I sometimes chuckle that I’ll pull down the site and just sell PDF’s! But I do have so much positive feedback, just better to be making that looking on the’net!

  21. Dear Barb, I am also an artisan and I work alone in my laboratory in Italy: unfortunately my photos and my texts of my handmade products have also been copied and published on fake sites with absurd prices that scam the final customer, ruining the my good name. It’s not right! A lot of time, effort, intuitions, planning, tests, passion, love for beautiful and unique things! All wasted by criminals who steal and take advantage of the work of others! My trademark is registered and yet … they use it as a keyword to attract illegal traffic! How disgusting!

      1. Thanks Barb, I will follow your lead and write articles to warn my customers and the public about the scam and the danger of buying fakes. HAPPY LIFE MY DEAR ONE! Be strong!!

  22. Das ist schon mehr als dreist. Ich bin entsetzt, obwohl ich auch schon gesehen habe, dass einige meiner Designs nachgemacht und verkauft wurden. Aber ich habe immer Anzeige erstattet. Das ist geistiges Eigentum.
    Jedoch ist nicht jeder ein Dieb und die meisten sind ehrlich, das soll man nicht vergessen, auch wenn es noch so ärgerlich ist.

    1. “That’s more than bold. I’m appalled, even though I’ve seen some of my designs being copied and sold. But I always filed a complaint. This is intellectual property.
      However, not everyone is a thief and most are honest, this should not be forgotten, no matter how annoying it is.”
      I have filed a few dozen complaints… they are really annoying as they always say they need more info. I will get over it… but I didn’t want my readers to think it was my stores.

  23. Barb I am so saddened that your photos are being pirated. Scumbags! I love your work and it is down right maddening that someone would do this. Hope you can catch them and prosecute them.

    1. Thanks! I consulted an intellectual property lawyer and they said it’s very difficult since it’s many countries away! Even if I am in the right it’s difficult to prosecute them. Making it public may help!

  24. I would also like to add my condolences on your loss, I am truly sorry to hear about your beloved pupper.
    I have also seen many of your items being sold on Etsy, your concrete peepers and the smiles, as well as small resin spooks like the ones you mentioned.
    You have inspired me so much that just this week I made my very own step spook and have made some teeth for my own smiling rocks. I want to thank you for sharing your art and I hope unauthorized use of your intellectual property stops very soon.

  25. Dearest Barb,
    I think from all these people responding to. you that you can feel the love coming your way but for the loss of your pup and the loss of your creativity. Don’t give up on people – you also can mail yourself photos of your work so you have a “timestamp” to prove these are YOURS. The watermarks on photos are easy to remove with Photoshop so people with no sense of honor will do this in a heartbeat. Take some time to rest and restore yourself – you probably need a break in order to refill your creative cup. We all are your friends and appreciate your talents and heart. God bless.
    Ki in West Virginia

  26. Oh Barb,
    Thank you so much for your beautiful work! I am so sorry to hear about the theft and also about your little puppy! Losing your pal hurts more than anything else….
    We have a little farm stand and folks steal from us too. It’s so sad that the world operates like this much too often.
    Please take care and know you have given me many inspirational moments and one day I hope to act on some of them!!
    Thank you and a huge big hug, Sue

  27. I am so sorry to hear that your work has been copied and sold. It must have been such a shock.
    I am exploring a way of dealing with image theft by selling images of my work from my own site. Limited editions of high quality digital images are in demand, and you may even find yourself with a new avenue of revenue.
    Resilience and peace

    1. That’s interesting. I have considered similar but wondered if the images once downloaded would then be sold elsewhere without my knowledge. Oh how simple life seemed before the ‘net!

  28. Hi Barb, I remember reporting one of these scammers to you a while back. I see so many scam ads for copies of different artists’ work; it’s infuriating. I report them to FB as scams, and a few minutes later the same item from a different advertiser pops up. I hope once folks catch on that everything they order is only a few inches high, they will think twice about ordering something online. And I’m so sorry to learn about your pup. Thank you for all you share with us.

    1. As I would warn my college students who share their whole life… be prepared to see it somewhere else. The internet is a wonderful… but has it’s terrible side to balance.

  29. Dear Barb, I was devastated to see this post pop up in your email. What a shock. No matter how many times I see things like this, I’m still shocked every darn time! I’m so sorry. Your hard work and generous posts are treasured by so many. Big hugs to you, Linda

    1. Oh thanks Linda! We sometimes don’t really know. it’s going on as we are so busy with our making! It’s scary to do a search… I hope some of your fantastic stuff does not fall prey!

  30. My condolences for your furbaby, we who love them like family are always crushed when they pass.
    Ugghh! Cheaters! What a drag and it just peeves me to no end when there’s no way to get revenge. I noticed from your screenshots that some say ‘Unavailable’.
    Hopefully I’ll have time this winter to try out some of your Fab projects … To keep and animate my newly redesigned back garden. I do hope you’ll feel like creating again soon. Perhaps use your beloved pup as inspiration. As we say here in France … COURAGE!
    And Bisous xoxo

  31. Barb
    I am sorry that this is happening. to you. I wish you could track down(easily) what company took your design.
    Often when I am out shopping I see rip-offs of what I have been seeing on creative blogs.
    I am sad. I have learned so much from your teaching.
    I wonder if you should compile all your great projects into a book.
    I just love learning from you. Thank you for sharing your ideas, knowledge, and joy of being creative.
    To have this and the loss of your pup is hard to deal with, losing my 4 legged family members has always left a different void. sorry for your loss.

    Thank you

    1. Thanks for your kind words. I have been thinking of how to make some changes in my future. I do love what I do but may offer a different direction. Someone said ‘do not make any major changes when you lose someone, give it time.’ My mother was a strong woman having endured so much and constantly draw strength from that…

  32. So very sorry Barb, for the whole thing—not the least, the loss of your pup! Keep your chin up though, you’re now on alert, and you do great work. Ideas…your intellectual property…can’t be totally duplicated, only immitated. Wishing you “kickbacks” for all of the copies out there!!
    Take care,
    A happy mask maker who sttarted with you,

  33. Dear Barb, I haven’t had an opportunity yet to make any of the DIYs I so love browsing. You are an extraordinarily multi-talented artist, and browsing through your work shines a light on the end of my tunnel and brings me joy. I’m so sorry to hear about your pup. Losing a 4-legged kid has dropped me to my knees, even as I am grateful for their having shared their lives and love with me. Truly the internet is a mixed bag of good and bad. Your post here is an example of that. You’re right about trying to trace the companies. I’ve been scammed once or twice on Facebook ads, even though I thought I had done my due diligence. Your community is strong – lean in until you’re ready. Lots of bad words for the scammers, but only positive for you.

  34. Hello, from Ireland! I’ve seen the work of a few artists I like pop on facebook ads. When I do I usually comment on the post to say that it’s stolen but I’ve been wondering if that’s just driving more engagement to the pages. I am actually disheartened by the amount of people I know who would think nothing of buying from these sites because it’s cheap, I almost feel like they deserve to be ripped off with shoddy products. But that does nothing to help the artist who has been stolen from, to say nothing of the appalling working conditions and environmental impact of the factories the dodgy knock offs are coming from. So frustrating

  35. I am another fan who found you in the mask pattern search – after a young lady in a bagel shop in Colorado told me about a mask her friend in Georgia made for eyeglass wearers from a pattern a ‘real cool lady in Canada shared on the internet.’ That search was easy and started my loyal relationship with your site. When asked about my masks – which is often – I do not share the pattern but share your site, hopefully opening a bit of your crazy wonderfully creative mind to another human. Your site is mandatory reading.
    Copywrite integrity was a constant topic during my 30+ years working in the quilting industry – ranging from two students sharing a book in class to a well known professional seeing her design in CARPET in HOUSTON!
    Sadly this may be one of your most important posts. With images your audience know and love, harm to the creator is clear. Gosh this is wrong. My hope would be that raising copywrite awareness is the good.
    My condolences on your loss.

  36. Dear Barb, I was horrified to learn that your art/ art ideas have been stolen. You are such an original, prolific and creative artist that that type of theft unfortunately really stings. Try to relax and think what to do next. Getting angry should be a catalyst for change for the better and protection for your intellectual property. I love Ginene’s idea of a petition to Congress and I might add to local officials as well if possible. There are petition sites like “Daily Kos” where petitions can be uploaded. With regards to the mail and prices of mailing etc, I place that at the feet of DeJoy and his archaic methods. Just took to Amazon and UPS if you want a good model of service. I feel very badly for you and for all artists that put themselves out there for all to see and enjoy. I think every artist feels the same violation as you do and if we band together we could make something happen for the better.
    Not to be political, my roots are from Venice, Italy. When I married my husband from there over 30 years ago, we visited that city many times and saw first hand how the Chinese completely destroyed local arts in Venice. They came, saw, photographed and then copied to flood the market with miserable and very low priced copies of the famous Venetian carnival and theater masks. This resulted in all the local artists who were specialists losing their livelihood. Some gave up and others resorted to making other items. It is every artist in the world’s problem. These were experienced leather crafters, ceramists and papermache’ artists with mad skills. To start with we should boycott buying Chinese goods whenever we can and spread the word to our artist friends to do the same.
    I am sending the “cool Canadian lady” good vibes.

  37. I’ve enjoyed the patterns you’ve shared with us. And even though I haven’t had time to make everything I see that I’m interested in, I know I can go on your site to find it when I’m ready. Please keep going for yourself and for those of us who enjoy seeing your creations. The next time we drive across Canada to visit our son and family, I would love to stop to by.
    All those creative people everywhere, who have generously shared their creations with us are just that, “GENEROUS” and I thank all, for those ideas that I wouldn’t necessarily come up with myself. I appreciate having the opportunity to make things from so many creative minds. Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you.

    1. Oh, you are welcome! I remember decades ago (before the internet) friends would ask if they could bring their friends to my place as everyone wanted to see how I did things… That’s one of the reasons I started this site. Enjoy

      1. Wendy just for your info Amazon has removed your question. We can imagine that it was not very good for their image and that is why they removed it! But almost everybody know that all they care about is to get your money why would they care about intellectual properties?? I keep away from those companies in support to Barb and all the others who had their ideas stolen.
        Barb from a Canadian to another I really enjoy looking at your beautiful creations and tell you »félicitations «  you are a real great artist and if I ever see a fake one somewhere you can be sure that they will hear me about it.

        1. Oh, aren’t you a great supporter! I am sure I am just a ‘drop-in-the-bucket’ for all what goes on over the internet. After 5-Minute Crafts was making millions from their pilfering I’m not surprised anymore. I do what I do – share.

  38. that is horrible, and i am sorry. my wife and i love halloween and i recreated your spook step. it was a very fun process. i would love to show you how my recreation came out. please keep up the good work. would love to see some new ideas on concrete halloween ideas

    1. Well, I’m sure you didn’t know when you bought it?! Don’t worry… The average consumer often never knows where the design came from, we just trust…

  39. I’m So sorry about the loss of your pup that’s very sad. Add. As far as the statues go, that’s terrible they’re taking your pictures and even worse that they’re making & selling your product without your permission. I am glad that I happened upon this article though because I was just getting ready to make a few more “Step Spooks” because two friends have asked me if I would make one for them (They fell in love with mine). I feel bad because it never even occurred to me to get your permission to make them I just kind of assumed it was OK since you teach how to make them. How do you feel about this Barb? You are so talented and I can’t even draw stick people. But your tutorials are so in depth it makes me feel like a pro

    1. It is fine that you make them for yourself or friends. Please do not sell them without referencing me. I’m sure yours will have your own character as well…

  40. Hi Barb, I’m Canadian too. I cannot believe the intellectual property thieves_ WOW! I have an idea. and it costs nothing.
    Draft a fake “cease and desist” letter from a lawyer ( free!) you can even make up your own fictitious name.. make sure it has an official heading/ logo ( lift it from google images ) and email it to each seller you come across that has stolen your images/projects etc. ( again, free) . Bas*&#rds
    Beat them at their own game. At least some of of them will stop.

    On another note I got here from searching DIY rocks. I need to create 100 linear feet of armour stone, purely decorative to give the “illusion” of privacy in a development that allows no fences. Thinking “rocks” around 3 or 4 feet long x 2 or 3 feet wide x 2 feet tall. (and I happen to have couple of cardboard boxes that size) There will be planting of cedar trees, shrubs etc behind.
    I have no clue where I’m going to get 25 X enough fabric and styrofoam, ( I regularly throw out giant styrofoam, but I think I’m mostly done acquiring) I’ll try to figure out a work around.
    I dont have a million yards of fabric, and buying it defects the purpose. – but I might have enough batting- it looks like you don’t reco that as a draping fabric though.

    I’m also considering figuring out a “mold” so I can reuse it over and over
    Any suggestions based on your experience?
    (and Incidentally, your “rocks” are a hundred times more realistic looking that any faux rocks I’ve seen on pinterest, youtube or google. Even including commercially sold ones. Clearly the artist in you!! AMAZING! )

    1. Oh Lynn! You have some lofty ambition. I am a bit worried as the sizes you say would still make for some weight and a lot of concrete mixing! ‘But where there’s a will there is a way! Maybe you could ask at the electronic stores, those tv’s have huge amounts! Maybe, before you dive too deep, you could do a smaller test. I do get cheap fabric like fleece sheets at the thrift shops and they can be as cheap as $5 for a lot of fabric. Perhaps you do not need the full stone either, but more of an edge. Using soil as a shape with plastic can act as a structure and then lift off when cured. Chicken wire will also help keep the shape. 100’ – that’s a lot! Have you ever been to Wonderland? That mountain is made in a similar way Let me know how you make out!

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