Custom Wood Burning Cutting Board

Yes, it happens to everyone; you need to find a perfect gift that will show just how much you care. What to do, especially if you are a bit short on time… Let me help you out with this Custom Wood Burning Cutting Board tutorial.

You will Need:

If you are super handy you can actually ‘make’ the cutting board or even utensils. I had thought of that, but I needed to be realistic (for once) and scoped out some possibilities.

Ever since discovering this new ‘favourite’ tool of mine; the Versa-Tool. I have it sitting in the back of my mind for – ‘the-what-else-can-I-do-with-it’ ideas. Some childhood memories came back from the craft kits I would often receive; wood burning was one of them. Pyrography gives a rustic and easy way to make art and customize anything that can burn.

The Designs:

There are so any fonts (different letter styles) available nowadays! I decided to use one of the popular script fonts that will also look quite hand drawn. The key here is to use a font that does not have to be absolutely perfect and that will allow any slight variance to look planned. You can size the font as you like and print it or just use it as reference. I find handlettering to be quite fun especially the type that is so curly and flowing so I just hand-copied it. The first letters can be larger and the ampersand ( the ‘and’ symbol) is somewhat more curly with hearts added. This is a gift for a very special newly engaged couple that I know.

Live Edge is all the rage and I was able to find a pre-finished board to use. The Versa-tool is much better than the ones I used to have as it has a dial to adjust the temperature and also has quite a few tips.

The Transfer of Image:

To get the lettering onto the board or utensil graphite is used (then it can be erased afterward) It is the same principle that I used for the growth chart and much of my illustration work. I rubbed a thick graphite onto the back of the letter designs or onto a sheet (that can be reused many times like the old carbon paper).

It’s all about planning… so here we go!

With the graphite underneath the design is retraced firmly so that it will imprint on the cutting board. I knew those calligraphy classes would be worth something one day!

All transferred and ready to burn.

I use the hottest setting on the Versa-tool wood burner and it does not burn quite as fast as I thought it would. But that’s me; always trying to accomplish so much in so little time!

Warning, the front section of the tool gets very hot and you may have a tendency to try to hold it closer to the tip – BAD IDEA! Ouch, it gets VERY hot! While burning there will be some smoke, be safe & direct a small fan to blow it away from your face and provide good ventilation. The spatula was transferred on the same method as the cutting board.

The Tool Tips:

The tool comes with quite a few tips. My favourite is the simple point and also the flat leaf shape. Be patient, it’s a slow process…

When it is done do clean off any of the charred wood bits and give it a good rub of whatever you use on your boards. I made a mix of beeswax and mineral oil (other oils will go rancid) that I keep for my boards.

There you have a one-of-a-kind gift! I added some of my eco printing for that rustic theme. I do hope they love it! ‘And will show it off with charcuterie/cheese platters and happy wine drinking celebrations! Congrats Rachel and Peter!

Update: Tip; do make sure that you DO spell the names right… Sadly I goofed and spelt poor Racheal’s name wrong!!! I am so so sorry my dear!… Back to the drawing board – Happy burning!

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  1. Great idea Barb, I think I have a wood burning tool in my stash somewhere and we have lots of wood out here. I will give this a try as I have a couple of weddings to attend this summer.
    I do feel your pain as I also spelled a name wrong on a handmade gift, a mosaic house sign, impossible to repair so after apologizing I made another.