Fab Faux Geode Easter Eggs

There are no rules when combining media… What happens when you mix the faux concrete geode with the crazy carved eggs? Well, obviously Fab Faux Geode Easter Eggs! So cool…

Amazingly real-looking Eggs:

I am generally not a big fan of plastic stuff but these eggs are so convincing! I used them when I designed the carved eggs last year and was quite impressed at how strong they are. I did also just discover the amazing traits of Alcohol ink.

The Amazing Colours:

Alcohol ink uses isopropyl as a diluent; that makes for some quick drying and there fore some amazing edge details. Letting the ink run and dry gives the edges of each colour some extra definition. By diluting the ink with the isopropyl it gives much more details in the layers and it can be wetted out again and again. As a painter I have always marvelled at the wonderful ways that watercolour would dry sometimes and this is what makes alcohol ink so wonderful. Keeping the tones on the neutral side will make for more realism in geode design.

The natural texture on these faux eggs is quite matt (dull) so they do need a coat of gloss finish (this is my favourite) which makes the colours ‘pop’ even more!

Hot stuff!

Go grab the hot knife and make some holes… Some geode-like holes.

I see tons of geodes all over the place nowadays but I often cringe at how fake they look. Take some inspiration from nature; it’s not perfect or evenly shaped! Smaller and larger and odd shapes will add the expected variety. Squiggle as you cut…

When I first started making the concrete geodes I was set on ‘making’ my own glass ‘crystals’ from glass since they were hard to source. In this case you can use whatever you like, even plastic since they will be safe inside the eggs. I tend to keep at eye out whenever I shop – as a girl can never have enough sparkly things! ‘Same goes for sparkles.

Bring on the Bling:

In Nature the geodes tend to have the largest shapes of crystal in the middle of the void and smaller towards the outer wall so that is where the smaller sparkles or sand should be added with clear acrylic medium. There is no rule as to when it has to be added, before or after the crystals.

At first I was filling the entire egg with crystals which became a problem wit the heat from the hot glue gun. Poor eggs were melting from the amount of heat! Instead, filling with scrunched up pieces of aluminum foil helps fill the void and also gives some reflective sparkle. Tack the tin foil in place with ‘a bit’ of hot glue to keep it in place easily.

It’s already starting to look mysteriously sparkly in there.

Squeeze some hot glue into the void and then throw in some of the glass or plastic crystals, mix and match as you like. The ones that may not stick to the glue can be shaken out easily. A few strategic ones help near the opening will give that nice focal point.

Can you believe it?! Oh my! Such sweet colour but not too bright at all.

Do I have to put them away after Easter?! I am completely enthralled by the way the layers of colours are formed…

Do avoid that cliche oval shape, I see it in cakes too often!

Using the colours of indigo and brown, mixed and diluted to such wonderful tones.

They feel totally at home with the real geode slice and in some simple white grass nest.

I wish you all the best Easter Greetings and enjoyable times with family and friends! I can’t wait to be making eggs with my new cutie-pie-grandbaby!

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