One-of-a-Kind Geode Pillows

Vibrant red cushions that have geode graphics on black garden furniture

What do you do if you have an idea in your mind but can’t seem to find it anywhere? I bet you already know ‘my’ answer! Yup, I figure out how to ‘make’ it rather than wear myself out looking… ‘Such crazy simple One-of-a-Kind Geode Pillows.

shiny red fabric close-up

The Update Plan:

As a special gift for someone I wanted to make designer accent cushions since they had just put a lot of effort into some updating of their outdoor space. After much consideration she had painted her front door red and ordered some new patio furniture, a perfect reason to take it further.

Shopping all over the place and even the ‘net did not prove successful. I wanted a bold colour and simple & unique design. I’m not ‘picky’ really… A bright red colour seemed best and I found a very tight weave 100% polyester fabric. The porch is covered from the rain so I did not have to use outdoor fabric, but that would also work especially the type with the waterproof backing.

Cut squares at least 1″ larger than the desired pillow sizes. ( I did not prewash since this is not dye)

black squiggle lines on red fabric imitating the layers of geodes

I love the texture of the weave and how it has a sheen to it. These days there are many choices in the fabric stores and polyester stands the test of time and resistance to stain.

The Paint:

Having gotten acrylic paint on my clothes many times I see how permanent it ends up being! Yes, there are fabric paints but I find most acrylics will work quite similarly. The word of caution is about diluting; if you add too much water it will lose its’ ability to be waterproof. If thinning use an acrylic medium (gloss or matt) instead of water. Most good acrylic paint will have flexibility when dry and the betters ones will have more pigment (colour particles) than the cheap ones.

I used some DecoArt Dazzling Metallic paint and my usual other fluid acrylic paint in black and white.

black squiggle lines painted on red fabric with gold squiggly lines added

The Geode Technique:

It’s a very easy technique (I’m almost embarrassed it’s so easy). It’s just random ‘squiggles’ painted to meander across the surface like rivers; thick and thin, closer and further… Nothing really fancy. My chairs are similar but more detailed. It’s almost like ‘doodling’. I did not have an exact plan but just dove it (see black lines above). The tight weave was great as the paint did not tend to sink into the fabric as often happens. This meant that I did not have to add more layers in most cases. Black is a great contrast as well as a bright white accent.

If you recognize the little dishes you may also have a pet, and I like to recycle containers!

close-up of paint brushing gold onto surface of red fabric

‘But oh I love the metallic bling! A Gold vein just takes it up a few notches!

painting gold squiggly lines and details of paint bottle

I find this kind of free-hand painting really relaxing as I had many years of illustrating such tedious details of technical things.

finished layers painted on red fabric

After a few ‘rivers’ of one colour add some in between. The more random the thicknesses and how they follow between will make for more realism. I hate to see geodes that are perfectly oval or simple shaped.

The darker gold is the same paint diluted with some acrylic medium; nice subtle tones of gold.

many lines of black, gold and white painted on red fabric

Can it be easier?!

Once you get going there’s no stopping! Try a completely different design on the next one so it looks much more ‘designer-like’!

3 panels of geode painted graphics on red fabric

You can also add some sparkle of sequins if you want even more ‘bling’. Gee, I should have made a few more…

back panels and front painted panels ready for assembly

Sewing the Cushions:

I decided on an easy pillow sewing this time and avoiding zippers. The backs will be buttoned closed in the middle so cut some ‘halves’ that have enough extra fabric to fold-over for the overlapping flaps where buttons and button holes will go. (Hint: if the sewing scares you; just find some finished pillows and paint them!)

close-up of large black button made of fimo clay

Go Big or go…

Have you ever fallen over at the price of large buttons?! I’ve seen some that are over $4 each. Sheesh, so when I was making my own coats & jackets I would make my own with polymer clay. Such and easy project. I used an old button to make the texture on these; a no-brainer!

geode imitation pillows sewn and ready for stuffing and buttons

Coming together:

After sewing over the flaps on the backing and making 2 large button holes on each, pin them to the fronts with rights sides together and sew around (1/2″ larger than finished size). Finish edges with serger or zigzag. Clip the corners, and turn right side out.

close-up view of sewing machine top stitching the edge of pillows

One of my favourite tricks to make these Geode pillows not look so cheap is making a ‘fake’ piping. Once corners are pushed to a point and well pressed; top-stitch all the way around 1/4″ from the edge.

finished pillow covers with geode designs on front

Large button closures give a chic detail to the backs and are so easy to do.

geode design pillows on patio chairs in front of red door

Happy Birthday and so awesome! Crazy simple becomes crazy beautiful.

patio sofa and chair with red geode design pillows on porch

If you have some things you don’t like but can’t afford to change them then try to take the eye away from them! The oval door is not the greatest but maybe now who will notice it?!

close-up of red geode design cushion on black chair

Show off your best features! Cushions are like the jewelry of interior design!

detail painted designs on geode inspired cushion

Nature inspired Geode Pillows and not your typical fabric prints! Each one is unique and draws the eye in.

Use a few colours to connect the pieces; even the gold accents.

2 geode design cushions on porch furniture

Since this is not a print it will match much more since it is less restricted in design. Happy happy happy.

Go grab some paint and become an artist & designer! It’s totally doable!

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  1. WOW! Barb these are gorgeous and SO easy! Who would have thought? Do you think someone who has not tried this should practice a bit first? It looks easy, but you are a pro at everything you do and naturally it is going to look incredible. I have to try this and when I do I will let you know how it turned out. These are really incredible, thanks so much!

    1. Just using a decent fine brush, it’s pretty easy. The lines don’t need to be perfect. In fact, I dripped paint a couple times and then just made a line there! Yes, let me know!

  2. Brilliant! I haven’t seen a project that you’ve done that hasn’t been gorgeous! Thank you for sharing your time and talent! And it’s true that,”Necessity is the Mother of all invention.” Thank you for being the inventor for all of us!

    1. I’ll admit; most often when faced with a challenge I will try to conjure up a way of making it. It often doesn’t take that much more effort. All the lines between art, craft, building, drawing and industrial design get blurred, but I love that!

      1. Made your own buttons, who would have thought? I would still be mulling around trying to find the perfect addition. You’re an incredible artist…thank you for sharing your many talents with us!

  3. Awesome and beautiful. I love drawing lines and “Squiggles” myself and this is a lovely idea for fabric. A woman after my own of a kind fashions/designs! Keep em coming Barb!

    1. Yes, as they are polyester. I would not through them in the dryer though. If your weave is bulky or coarse I’d maybe not put them through the harshness of a washer cycle, grime can get out as well with good soaks and simple wash. For washability it is always good to finish seams (zigzag or serger) even when not seen.