Boots to Slippers Uggs Up-Cycle

Feature image of Uggs boots transformed to mule slippers

It’s getting cold here in the northern hemisphere; so it’s time to keep the ‘tootsies’ warm! Go find your old shearling Uggs in the bottom of the closet & surprise yourself with this simple Boots to Slippers Uggs Up-cycle.

back view of old Ugg boots

The Love of Sheepskin

I really hope I’m not too late for your annual clean-out! I cherish my shearling boots so I have collected quite a few. I know they can start to look a bit shabby but they can be washed. Since they are a real animal skin using a mild shampoo will be gentle. Make sure they dry well after blotting with towels. (be careful as they may lose some colour) Stuff with old towels to keep the shape when drying.

Uggs that have been painted with a pattern

New Design:

Since the outside skin does get grimy I had already given my light ones a new ‘design’ with acrylic paint. They now looked so much fresher! Any acrylic paint will work as it absorbs into the suede skin quite well.

side view of Uggs showing where to cut

So Simple:

Honestly, I’d rather have waterproof boots that will stand up to slush and salt better, but I do LOVE the feeling of my feet in these shearling ‘clouds’! That meant they were going to take on a new shape; a mule type shearling slipper. Or, maybe it’s what happens when you become a Grandma…

This works best with real shearling as the fur is attached to the suede leather/skin. Note where to cut the boot to allow for a finished look.

closeup of scalpel cutting along line

When cutting fur it is best to cut the skin with a very sharp Xacto knife or a scalpel (my favourite). Cut carefully just deep enough to go through the skin, the fur will just pull apart.

cut off Ugg boot

I love mule slippers so keeping the back low allows for easy slip-on & slip-off, essential when you have a pup who wants out often. Don’t worry the edges don’t fray.

removing the heel cap

Most Uggs and shearling boots have an extra layer to stiffen the heals. Carefully snip the stitching and then peel it back. Take out any stiff pieces.

pulling off the heel cap to take out stiffener

Cut along the sole line with a knife and scissors to remove the extra layer so it should now be only one layer.

fold over the fur and glue around

The shearling is soft enough to allow it to fold over. Press it over about 1″ all the way around the opening. Hot glue works well here as it grabs instantly. Work small sections at a time so it does not cool. It really could not be easier!

new inset of fur in heel area

New Fluffy & Furry Heal’s

You’d never know they were boots… Often a well worn pair of shearling boots will lose the furriness on the insoles. Use the trimmed off fur pieces as new insoles as they still tend to be in the best shape. Cut a new layer for the heal area.

glueing heel piece down

Quickly press the new heal piece into place. The hot glue works well since the fur has so much texture to hold onto.

fluff up the fur again

To get the shearling back to its’ original splendour use a dog grooming brush to fluff it up.

closeup of new heart details with buttons

Add some Love!

Yes, you know I need to add my own design detail to these Uggs Up-cycle! Yes, whenever there are scraps I ask myself if they can become something. Simple cut hearts and coconut buttons make these so sweet and ‘new’! It also camouflages any stains…

beautiful comfy shearling slippers

Aren’t you proud that you can save something from the landfill? ‘Not to mention how great these feel. No real sewing project. If you are inclined to sew shearling slippers I can help you there too!

Alright; I admit I am a ‘slipper-junkie’ so here’s a few more to make. Be kind to your feet; they work so hard for you…

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      1. Cute!! My daughter used your suggestions and made some! Can you think of anything fun to do with the excess upper parts of the boot?

        1. Make some great insoles! Or add some cute shapes as tags for hanging on your purse. Sometimes the insides of sheepskin boots have no fur left on the inside sole so a new layer is great. Glad t helped!

  1. Wow I really like what you have done—those are so cute—never cared for the boots –but I would wear what you made—-Excellent job

  2. I’d like to cut off a high pair of ugg sherling boots to make lower ones because they are tight on my calfs, but was wondering how to finish edge, or is it even necessary? Can you just fold over or can you use the hot glue to close the edge? Looking for an easy way. Thank you.

    1. If they are true sheep skin with fur attached then there is no reason to finish the edge, they will not fray. However, do cut from the skin side with a razor blade or xacto knife and then pull apart the fur. If you use scissors the fur will look chopped at the edge. Every time I slide my bare toes into these it’s heaven… I’m pretty sure there is some natural built-in anti-bacteria as they don’t ever get smelly.

  3. Hey Barb;
    I love-love-love your website. You always have such great ideas. BUT — I could never bring myself to cut up a pair of UGGS. But, I could bring myself to cut up the look-a-likes that Walmart sells. I’m sure those would work the same, don’t you think? At a lower price for sure.

    1. Look to see if the fur is attached. In real ones it is the other side of the leather. Hint; look for some at thrift shops, they do wash up quite well! Good luck!

  4. Love, love, love these. Thank you so much for sharing the “how-to”. Can’t wait to try this. You are so talented!