My First Christmas as Grandma

It’s amazing how life can ‘all-of-a-sudden’ change. I’ve been so amazingly blessed with a new love in my life; a Grand-baby! ‘So this Christmas will be very special; come, share my first Christmas as Grandma.

I am what I am:

I am not one to blindly follow trends just because; I’d rather have a style of my own, things I love. Some things have always felt special to me for certain reasons. My Steiff Bears are one of those, since they came halfway across the world with me and have stood by me quietly for decades!

This year I have allowed to come out for some special celebration as the ‘Lil fellow has his first look at the Christmas decor. These and old fashioned toys have always caught my eye and I especially love the hand-worked wood.

Holding onto to these treasures feels like it keeps me a bit younger, and bit more youthful. How amazing it is to now be able to share (ok, maybe a tiny bit) them. I used a soft white fur throw to make a stage on the fireplace hearth so that no little ‘noggin’ gets bumped and it really looks like snow.

It seems like just a couple years ago that my son would squeal with glee when he saw a maze of wood train tracks at the library! How could I not collect and keep some for the anticipation?!

The Marionettes and pull toys that the old hands built are so precious. How is it that these would just pop magically into my sight this year? I keep finding more in my ‘magic vault’.

From a different time:

My 50+ year old Steiff bear reminds me of a time when toys did not go through a fast cycle of ‘buy and trash’, but of treasure more and more. It’s so sad to see so much find it’s way to the landfill.

Who can resist a hand-carved jointed bear either?

My ‘wee one’ is still not that mobile so my treasures will be mostly enjoyed from afar, but don’t worry I have much to share once he’s able.

Christmas is an explosion of colour and sparkle, and my visual brain can only handle so much. This scheme of natural elements is far more relaxing for me.

They are pensive, quiet and well behaved… and don’t need batteries!

But nothing compares to this fellow! Seeing the sparkle in his eye when the train rolls along the track or the marionette dances is all the gifts I need! Is that not what it’s all about?! Yes, I know I am very sentimental! I’ll stop ‘gushing’ now…

My children were taught to respect their belongings and take care of them. I somehow could not part with them and had stashed them away for so many years. It’s not always possible but it just took a few totes, and I’m glad I did.

How amazing it is now to have the memories pass to the newest generation! It’s amazing how much my children remember about our play when they were quite young. It’s recycling at it’s finest! And who knows; by the time these newest ones are done with them they may be worth some interesting vintage value.

Tiny Skates & Old world Father Christmases…

‘And who said sheep can’t be on the tree? (handmade in 1984!)

Make some of your own:

Maybe, if you are so inclined; you can design and cut some of your own designs! I know you can be creative.

Nature Inspired:

It’s also the year of the ‘Gnomes‘, inside and outside! They fit into the scheme of rustic & woodsy perfectly!

Some twinkling lights, a bit of personalities, and some sugar cookies – pretty well perfect since I know my ‘Sweetie-pie’ will be dropping by quite soon!

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  1. Congratulations on welcoming a grandchild. Being a Nana is the best job in the world.. Your keepsakes are beautiful and they can be enjoyed once more by a little one.

  2. You should gush away; it’s so exciting to be a grandmother for the first time! My grandmother was very creative too and had a big impact on me – as I’m sure you will with your grandchildren :).

    You didn’t mention anything about the bunny in your post; just wondering if you could tell me more about it? How old is it? Is it hand made or is there a maker?

    1. I really hope I can teach him some interesting things! Funny you should mention the bunny. I have always loved rocking horses and wooden ride-on’s. I should have included the rocking horse that I made when I was pregnant but it’s a bit too big now. That bunny was a $5 thrift-store find (marked RRR, dated 2004) can you imagine?! It is lovingly handmade and had just followed me home to await some tiny rider some day. It must have known the day would come.

  3. Congrats on becoming a grandma! What a cutie.

    Check old toys for lead and choking hazards. The older toys were made during times when lead and other non-safe (and toxic!) materials were used and choking hazards weren’t well known.

    1. Oh, yes the very old ones. These are not that old and I’m sure any of the plastic is not off-gassing anymore 😉 Some of the bears are made of mohair back then too. I’m looking forward to some simple play fun…

  4. How blessed you are. I have always wanted grandchildren, but it wasn’t to be. What a handsome little boy he is!

  5. Congratulations! Grands are such a blessing! so happy you have joined the wonderful club of being a grandmother. It’s all about Love!

  6. Congratulations Grandma! Isn’t being a Grandma wonderful? We’ve saved so many toys from our kids, that we have now passed on to our grandchildren. My oldest son is going through a second childhood, playing with the Brio trains and Lego with his son. It’s so heartwarming to watch the enjoyment and fun they are both having!

  7. Toujours enchanteur ! Quel bonheur d’être grand-mère. On s’émerveille de nouveau, on est heureuse. Que dire ? Sinon merci à la vie. Portez vous bien. Groses bises. Janine