Faves of 2019

Whew, it’s almost over… another whole year of making and all that came with it. I’m ecstatic that there’s been millions; yes millions of page views in the last year! I am so grateful to you all! Come & see what the Faves of 2019 were.

First Place:

It’s no surprise that the concrete projects are the fave, especially the Tips & Tricks of Concrete Crafting. I try to help many conquer their problems and will hopefully add some more tips in 2020.

Second Place:

This fellow has stood the test of time on the ‘Net and in my backyard! The Concrete Lighted Step-Spook has been so desirable that other countries steal the idea.

Make your own Mold for Concrete

Third Place:

Little did I realize that so many are looking to make their own concrete molds! No wonder Make a Mold for concrete is so popular. I see molding opportunities everywhere…

Forth Place:

It seems no one can resist the sparkle of geodes; especially these DIY Giant Concrete Geodes. I’ll happily accept if that I started a trend… I’m sure I’ll dream up some new version in 2020.

Fifth Place:

It took a lot of effort and process but learning how to Eco Print is one of my happiest accomplishments! Stunning Silk Eco Printing was so exciting and I itch each day to print some more.

concrete face sculpture

Sixth Place:

I’d say this idea came on a whim but I never tire of seeing how the DIY Concrete Face Garden Sculptures fit perfectly in the garden at any time of year.

Lacy Leaves Concrete Circle

Seventh Place:

One project leads to another; ideas grow from each other. The Lacy Leaves Concrete Circle has some much character and charm, the numbers prove it!

Eighth Place:

It is a question that I often get; what concrete to use? Hopefully this Compare Concrete Mixes for Crafting has answered many questions for all the awesome making.

Concrete Orbs DIY

Ninth Place:

My journey into unique concrete projects started with these Concrete Garden Orbs. Who knew that so many artists and makers love to work with concrete?!

Tenth Place:

Again, I take some of the mystery out of working wth concrete. Making Fabric tests for Concrete Draping has helped me and thousands of others. It’s a medium with so much design opportunities; I can’t wait until it gets warm enough…

Looking Forward:

If I should take a cue from these numbers; I had better get thinking about more Concrete Projects. I’ve always got some ideas up my sleeve… But don’t feel like you can’t try some new directions. Design, especially unique & interesting design comes from NOT limiting yourself! Let your mind wander… try something new in the New year! I bet you will be happy when you say “I made that”!

Here’s to my purpose in life; enriching the world with new ‘makers’ one by one…

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  1. Yep, many of these posts were my favorite ones too! I would love to see you make more cement/concrete projects. You have a wonderfully creative mind!

    Suggestions… lightweight cement wall art or vertical garden, water fountain, and maybe a draped garden table.

  2. Just wanted to wish you a happy, healthy and safe New Year!
    I love seeing what beautiful and clever projects you come up with!
    Thank you so much,

  3. I just wanted to shout out to you…”THANK YOU BARB” for sharing all of your fun and exciting projects. I always look forward to any posts that you have sent. It’s the first I click on because I can’t wait to see what it is! I also wanted to say many thanks for helping me understand eco printing better even after taking a class. I have enjoyed it as you mentioned and look forward to the next time of printing. It is an art that I have become addicted to. I think I am going to give some of your concrete projects a whirl this late coming spring. Many are beautiful and would be great in the flower garden and as gifts too. No matter what you do, you always do such a fantastic job of it. Glad I found your website and grateful for your generous sharing of thoughts and techniques. Hope this new year is another fun one and a blessed one for all!

  4. I have enjoyed your concrete projects so much. You inspired me to do the trees with yarn. I have to say this Christmas season this was my favorite decorations. With them outside and battery operated candles underneath have made a wonderful addition to my decorations. I made a step spook and it turned out amazing. Your instructions are spot on and so well done. Thank you I can’t wait to see what the new year has in store for your creativeness.

  5. The depth of information based on your actual trial-and-error experiments is unmatched anywhere. When the weather warms up enough to work cement, I have a bunch of ideas to try out thanks to you. I was so sorry to see your distress after being ripped off by copycat sites but just know that anyone really interested in doing it successfully will find you. Can’t wait to see what you do with concrete next!

  6. Hi Barb just came across your site a few weeks ago & love,love,love your creations!
    I’ve been dreaming up my own (well actually losing sleep😉) i’d like to make a concrete water feature and was wondering if i sculpted with foam insulation could i just leave the foam in and drive my PVC pipe threw and cover with a layer of concret?

    1. I tend to worry when anything ‘inside’ is able to absorb water, expand and then crack the outside. As far as I know the styrofoam will not. I did similar in my Chair and it has help up perfect over a crazy winter! Just make sure you have a good strong structure! Good luck!

  7. I’d love to know where or how to get my hands on your teeth molds for concrete! Thank you in advance!!!


  8. Houston here 2020. Hot and humid but just did my first hypertufa planter. So proud. Looks great. I need good gloves to work with that concrete. I used latex everyday gloves I had in my junk drawer. What do u recommend?