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Here we go again… I’m a little worried but I do have hope. If you too are a ‘maker’, it gives great pleasure to think you are ‘making’ for a purpose. I have combined my sewing, designing and illustrating skills to offer up a bit of help with these Mask Patterns. Come on, let’s be a bit safer…

Here are my 5 unique Mask designs and a Mask support frame that can be worn in many designs. So far, I have had 150,000 downloads! Each one has a free downloadable pattern and instructions (some have a video) I’m sorry but I don’t sell masks as there’s just not enough time. I do know there are many gracious souls who have taken up sewing so maybe a local seamstress will welcome a new mask pattern. Then shipping will not be an issue. Hopefully one of my designs will fit your need.

DIY Fitted Face Mask

This mask is a basic middle-seam mask pattern. Download the pattern here. I do prefer to use a casing on the sides now as then it has more adjustable.

I also find that the strips of t-shirt fabric make very comfortable ties and are easy to make with whatever you have on hand

DIY Fitted Face Mask for Glasses

I have had many many emails from happy makers that give great reviews of this mask design for glasses and it’s my favourite go-to one. Download the pattern here and give it a try.

The Metal Nose Pieces can also be easily made at home. Why wait for shipping?

DIY Ultimate Fitted Face Mask

Are you looking for a roomy mask that doesn’t squash your nose? This Ultimate Fitted Face Mask is it; yes, it may test of your some sewing skills but trust me, it isn’t as bad as it looks, and is so worth it. Get the pattern here

The choice of fabric has a lot to do with the shape and breathability of your mask. I will let you make your own decisions according to your level of exposure and risk. I have seen many opt for very thin masks but if that’s what makes them wear one it’s better than nothing.

DIY N-95 Style Mask

This N-95 Style mask has the roundest shape and depending on your fabric choice will hold it’s shape well. Yes, I love to design with 3 dimensions! Here’s the pattern.

It is shown here made of a felt like fabric used for shammys. It can be left unlined if you so desire.

DIY Snug Nose-bridge Fitted Face Mask

This Snug Nose Bridge mask design has no center seam at the top edge so that it is thin and snug. Download the pattern here

DIY Face Mask Support Frame

If you hate how the surgical masks stick to your face this easy to make Support frame will do the trick. No fancy material needed, as you probably have some at home right now.

Download the printable pattern here.

No Printer?

No problem. I have put a grid of 1″ squares on the patterns so that you could draw it out if you do not have the ability to print. Draw a 1″ grid on paper and then follow from the pattern on the screen square by square as seen here. It’s a common artist method.

How to make a custom size

I have only designed my masks in one size which I liken to the typical commercial ones. I would say they are a ladies large, mens medium. If you do however want to make a different size you can use some simple math to customize it.

Use a flexible measuring tape or strip of paper and measure the part of the mask that is most important for the size. I would say it is usually the front curved height. Measure along the curve (as in the fitted mask) or even better; use a finished mask. This is the existing length.

Measure your face from the place on nose to place on the chin where you’d like it to fit. This is the desired length.

Divide the desired Length by the existing length, multiply that by 100 to get the percentage to print.

Example: 9″ ÷ 7″ = 1.28

1.28 X 100 = 128%

If the number is over 100 it will be a larger mask and under 100 will make a smaller mask than the original one.

Note; this will size the pattern piece but also the seam allowance. Make note of how it has changed or recut it with desired seam allowance. Usually the side width is easily adjustable by cutting off any excess. Most of mine have a fair width on the sides.

Yes, you see the worry in my eyes… Just like you, I can’t wait to get to a more normal way of living again, but first be safe!

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  1. Wow, this is wonderful! I’ve tried a few mask styles and so far the best one was still the classic pleated sides, but I hate when it gets in my mouth. I made one of these last night, wore it out on a walk around the neighbourhood, and was so impressed. It’s comfy, fits well, and the idea of putting the zip tie in the front is just genius. I’ve got my supplies all lined up right now to make a week’s worth. Thank you for sharing your designs!

  2. Thanks barbmaker. I have tried to modify some of the standard mask patterns saturating the internet right now to achieve a fitted pattern for those wearing eyeglasses. Then I found yours. you saved me hours of work. Kodos. From a guy with a sewing machine.

  3. Hello Barb. I’ve made several of the fitted masks for people and they are a HIT! Do you mind if these are sold by me? Of course i would mention the pattern credit belongs to you. Thanks

  4. I’ve made so many masks using your original pattern for a lot of people. I’ve enjoyed looking at your innovations in masks to increase comfort and help prevent fogging.

    I found that the original design does adapt well to 3 layers, with the middle layer being either interfacing or another layer of fabric.

    1. Great! I think anyone who sews likes to just tweak as they go. Maybe that’s why we sew, because we have the control to do what we want… 🤷🏻‍♀️