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Hands up if you are feeling a bit overwhelmed about Christmas this year?! ME TOO!!! Aren’t your lists too long, especially the gift one?! I can help…

The Decorating:

We put so much pressure on ourselves to have everything perfect, and myself being a type-A personality does not help. Sure, I ‘can’ do that, I think, but then life throws us a curve-ball. Since having my new knee I’ve been slowed down a bit more than I’ve wanted. Ya, I am bionic now but that new knee is not 100% yet and now the other one is complaining more since it’s had to pick up the slack. So, I’ll adapt…

Decorating has also become less… as a visual person I can not feel relaxed in a space if there’s an explosion of red and green stuff! That’s just too much colour & detail for my visual brain to handle. I now like to make it more about the sentimental pieces and the nature inspired pieces, as they will give a real sense of calm.

Outdoors I also keep it simple. I do not have a lot of places to store large items so the Quick & easy Planter Gnomes are great as they just pop over the iron obelisk and tada!

I added a new wreath with; as you guessed; tiny little gnomes! Perfect addition.

My other Fave is the Old Fashioned Santa Banner! I light it with a spot light and it makes a nice simple statement. I’ll share if you also want to get your own printed on an outdoor canvas!

Giving the best Gifts;

Everyone surely wants to give unique gifts that will show how much effort it took. I’m actually teased in my family since my gifts often make the recipient cry. I usually go over-the-top and make highly personalized sentimental gifts. The special individual kind; maybe a pet portrait or some other remembrance. I am always watching & listening carefully so that when gift time comes I’ve got some good ideas.

Making personalized items means a lot. Think about what is unique about a person and that should give you a clue.

The inexpensive plastic Christmas balls can become special; a hot knife and Carve some filigree designs to make dazzling designs.

I understand you may not be Eco Printing right now but that art form gives so many possibilities for gifts! Ok, here’s where I can help… I do have a bit too much of ‘made’ items as once I get going I tend to keep making until I feel I’ve learnt every aspect of it.

I’ve got quite a few handmade pieces listed in my Etsy Store

Feel free to shop… I’ll do my best to ship as soon as possible. If you do not, I understand.

In any event, let me just say; take time for yourself. Ya, I’ll try to remember that too. Haha, as it’s hard to break habits, good or bad. Since I’ve made gifts for as long as I can remember, it now feels so very odd if I do not and seems like I’m letting them down. Well, my knee will remind me…

Happy Christmas/Holiday preparations…

I'm an artist & I make things... all kinds of things.

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  1. Hi Barb,
    Thank you for all your project sharing. I get such inspiration from you. My workspace is small, and having a big bag of cement to store just won’t work. Do you think grout might work instead, for strengthening and stiffening rope into a permanent position?
    Thank you for your insight.
    Have a lovely holiday season.

    1. I have not had success with grout. I have not tried it and there are different kinds. Some have sand some don’t. Look for a very strong one, the finer the better to get absorbed. It may be a matter of testing…

  2. I am so thankful that you share your artistic talent with me. I wish you the most joyous Holidays and a very prosperous New Year! May God bless you and keep you safe.

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