Eco Printed Gift Ideas

I bet I’m not alone… If you have crossed that ‘Eco Print line’ you also probably have a stash of printed fabrics! Well, get going… make something with it all! Time’s a ticking. Here’s some Eco Printed Gift Ideas.

The Magic Process:

It’s like magic when the bundle is opened print is unrolled! If you haven’t printed yet check here to see the numerous options. Since it is so exciting we have the possibility to get addicted and keep printing and printing… And the stash keeps growing! ‘Such wonderful prints from the maple & sumac plant materials.

Cuteness Overload:

Move over cheap looking gnomes! Here come the ‘charming’ Best Rustic Woodland Gnomes complete with woollen printed hat and sweater. (tutorial not as complicated as you imagine) Perfect christmas presents; I find it hard to put them away after Christmas.

Yes, I know… the noses are so cute. A bit of polymer clay and they look so real. Pretty well any fur will work, and even some from up-cycled odd winter wear. Choose sustainable alternatives with natural ingredients for a friendly gift idea. Sure silk scarves are great to eco print but please be creative.

These Eco Print & Leather DIY Journals let you swap the covers when starting another journal. Giving that old leather jacket a new life makes these even more special.

Linen is special that when I find some in whatever shape or form (vintage curtains or sheets) I like to give it some worthy use. Eco-Printed Linen Pouches can be pretty well for anything you love. Here the linen was printed with the use of an iron blanket; one of my favourite techniques! If you are a novice sewist lining isn’t that scary, trust me.. Other fibres work as well such as cotton (cellulose)

Yup, those are some fall maples leaves and red weigela.

It starts with Wool!

Whimsy or not, I smile whenever I see these. They have such a charming appeal like they should live with the Hobbits. These Eco-Printed Wool Bird Houses use those old wool blankets that don’t seem to get used these days but print amazingly!

Any print, even the rich golden brown ones from onions will make these wonderful. Once you start using this wool there’s so many options.

There’s a love affair between wool and Eucalyptus! I’m still not done with that journey… Did you know that there’s a lot of choices of how to mordant, and process your bundles? Embrace the natural world of tannins in this eco friendly craft.

Give your precious feet some luxury with natural fibre slippers. These Eco-printed Wool Slippers are also made with the blanket wool and some up-cycled shearling.

Can you tell how much I like to Free-Motion Embroider?! It’s so much fun to zoom around all over the fabric with the power of a machine – Sewing Machine that is! Once you set the sewing machine it’s just a matter of sliding the fabric around and it does the work…much like doodling.

Always room for a Purse!

This simple design, canvas purse with adjustable cross body strap came together pretty easily. I use a regular vintage machine so I keep the thicknesses manageable for my sewing machine. If you’d rather not make it you can have this one

Well, yes, LEATHER! Eco printing does work on leather, but I’m not quite ready to let that info out of the bag yet… but you can get this wonderful soft sheep hide bag. I may just change my mind and keep it!

Woolie Warm

Last year I could not keep up with the mittens. When winter hits I can’t help but make mittens!!! I think everyone I know already has a pair of my mittens! These Wool & luscious leather mittens are fully lined and super cozy ( and can be yours).

Add some Free motion embroidery, on the felted wool,

Remember ‘Bernie Sanders’? These up-cycled sweater mittens are even easier to make, once you are in the mitten-mode.

Whatever you do, make or buy or just get inspired, let creativity make the world just a bit better. We need that now, more than we ever have before…

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  1. Hi Barb!
    I love your little gnomes!! They look so realistic especially their noses !! The bird houses are beautiful as well. You have so much talent! I hope your knee has healed well and your next surgery goes just as smoothly. Hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas!! Take care!


    1. Oh Thanks Linda! It’s funny how those noses have gotten attention… I tend to be a bit fussy on some things; and want them to look more real and unique. Wait ti you see the new gnomes! All the best to you and yours’!!!

  2. Really great! Your prints are so crisp and colorful. I agree on eucalyptus! Smokebush also yields some similar colors.