Easy Outdoor Halloween Witch Decor

Take a look at those noses! Isn’t that what makes a great witch?! These are easily made with up-cycled materials and store well. I saw a great Hexentanz (witches dance) and fell in love with the awesome unique witch noses so here goes…

Easy to find supplies:

Did you notice there was really no ‘body’ for these witches on my front porch? It’s a warty nose and glasses and a great wig (whatever you can find) for this door decor, not even a broom. ‘Scare the guests with these tall silhouettes!

What you need:

  • Cone Obelisk (or stakes tied at top)
  • Black fabric to make the hat and cape, (optional use of existing hat)
  • Wig or fibres to imitate hair
  • Sock & stuffing to sew nose
  • Old Glasses (or dollar store readers) no eyeballs needed
  • Zip ties
  • any added embellishment

What makes a nose…

Filling a sock or pantyhose and adding some stitches may seem daunting but it’s actually kinda fun. As long as it has a couple nostrils, a few warts, a tuck here & there, it will do the job. Once it’s attached under the glasses it will look amazing; the crazier the better.

The Basic Tall Form:

Depending on your obelisk (or improvised tall cone) measure the circumference. From that you can figure out the radius & diameter here.

I use these obelisks for my Christmas Gnomes as well and love how large the decorations are and how little space they take up when stored. These fellows are over 5 feet tall! They can also be inserted into the planters, I use them year round.

Using a simple square of fabric I folded over the top edge and sewed a channel that a string or tie can be threaded through. This will be the cape for the body and witch’s dress.

The hat is made with the tall triangle piece (extra tall makes nice wrinkles) and the rim is 2 circles of fabric (cut by folding a square a few times. To give the brim some body I added a layer of old blanket and sewed right sides together.

Turn and attach the cone by first pinning and clipping if needed; any puckering won’t be noticeable anyways.

Top stitch about 1/2″ – 3/4″ from the edge to be able to thread a wire into the channel around the edge. Make a bend at the wire end so that it slides easily, make a small hole to allow this wire to pushed around brim. End by overlapping a bit.

Assembling The ‘Nosey’ Witch

Tie the cape around the obelisk cone where you want the hat to sit. I do not mind it being a bit long at all.

Next come the face in the form of only the glasses and warty nose!

The glasses have the nose attached at the bridge and I was able to slide the arms into the channel of the cape but you can also use some zip ties.

I was fortunate to find some halloween wigs for super cheap, but many thrift shops have some haggard looking ones.

They are attached simply by a couple of zip ties pulling the sides forward. For other options you could also improvise and use some yarn to make tufts of wool hair. Use whatever you have or find.

The witch hats are slid down the form and sit above the glasses; such a simple assembly! ‘No mouth or face needed. I grabbed a few faux leaves and ribbon just to add some embellishment around the hat and done! Hot glue is not needed. Just add a few zip ties so they can be dismantled and used again next year. I hate throwing away cheap tons of cheap decor.

They look like they are going to scuttle away…

Witches on the Porch!

I know the hair may get a bit messier as they get stored but that’s fine. These literally cost me pennies to make since I had everything except the 50¢ wigs.

I can stand them on the porch as the cutest outdoor halloween decor ideas. Feel free to add some plastic spiders, spider web & cobwebs. I purposely kept this halloween craft simple to make. If you are one of those whose yard is full of tombstones; graveyard – even better! These witch decorations can be stuck into the lawn as well.

These easy diy halloween decorations between the jack-o-lanterns just a touch of magic…

The faux gourd wreath is a traditional version of the floral foam ones. I don’t tire of it since it’s such a classic for the season.

Those kids and trick or treaters coming to the front door will give these a second look. Bring them indoor for the Halloween party.

If you want to see more of my silly ideas like the Concrete Skulls, Vampire teeth rocks,

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  1. The witches are adorable! Love the idea of repurposing the structure for different seasons. At first I thought you used potatoes as the noses!

  2. Came back to get a refresher on sewing a nose. Adding ‘Barbie’ to the coven, once I saw pink wig at 99 cent store, made the hat and cape with hot pink plastic tablecloth. She’ll sit next to ‘Willie’ with his bandana and red braids. Admire your creativity and talents so much, thanks for the inspiration. Hope to try a concrete project, picking zippers from upcycled jeans for creepy rocks. Appreciate your blog and videos.