My Cozy Winter Holiday Decor

Take a breath, it’s time for some calm serene relaxation… (I wish) Hustle and bustle aside, we need to not forget about our ourselves. I totally understand! Here’s my Cozy Winter Holiday Decor that soothes my soul.

For a Peaceful Environment…

During the holiday or Christmas season there’s so much extra stuff it seems that comes into the house! For that reason alone I like to keep the visual decor less bothersome to my eyes! It is a known fact that our environment does influence our emotions! I can well attest to that since I am very much a visual person so I need an ‘easy on the eyes’ space to keep me calm. If you could see into my mind, it’s a craziness of getting gifts made (for everyone on my list) so I need calm.

For that reason I like to keep my decorating very monochromatic and light. It is really very much like a painting, less contrast; shapes/forms that are similar are easier to look at. ‘But do not think that it isn’t interesting, as it has much detail and texture to make up for lack of crazy colour combinations. These DIY Concrete trees I made are easy to make and could be used in the garden all year if you like.

Another way to bring calm is by grouping, instead of having bits scattered all over the place; place a collection together as one and then the ‘eye’ gets a break from a mass amount of clutter. That can apply to many things; vases, ornaments in a bowl, candles, pinecones in a basket… keep it together.

Let it shine:

Nothing makes for coziness more than light. Glowing warm lights just make you feel warmer instantly even if you do not have a fireplace. Twinkle fairy lights can be battery operated or a string light set that is on a timer, make it convenient to turn on. These concrete trees throw amazing shadows. Sure, you can toss some faux fur blankets on the sofa for warmth, I love my luscious faux fur pillows as well.

This frosty painting came together quickly and further emphasizes the theme, even though it’s all inside the house. All the whites and silver/gold keep the colour palette quite neutral. There’s some vintage skates sitting on the floor to hide cords. To add to the winter coziness I have also spread some faux snow. I suppose I tend to gravitate towards the natural types of winter decor ideas.

If you are going to add other holiday decorations, garlands and wreaths keep in mind whether you prefer the ‘frosted’ versions or the natural evergreens as I think mixing seems odd. My large faux (but real looking) tree is situated in the entryway and another in the family room.

Make them special:

All the ornaments are from specific years of ‘making’. These Handcut custom baubles sit on a floating shelf but the effect is all about the lights shining through. Each kind of ornament evokes some emotion.

Real or Faux tree?

I have a weakness for the fabulous faux spruce trees that are molded to be quite realistic. I find they do not crush and do not become as dishevelled as the other twisted-wire types. If you are on a tight budget these Cold Porcelain clay ornaments cost pennies to make and have endless possibilities. The natural white clay colour works perfectly for the neutral theme.

Gnomes & Noses…

If I get busy after the holiday season and don’t get around to taking all the festive touches down I don’t mind seeing these throughout the winter. My usual home decor style is somewhat rustic with much charm from the Eco Printed Woodland gnomes. It’s hard to believe the deer are not real wood.

Twinkle lights and bare trees are acceptable, especially if they look so real. (and do not drop needles)

Boughs of fresh greenery on a fireplace mantel and a Christmas wreath always bring cheer.

Whatever your style is, let it shine through. Trends come and go; so following them will ‘fill’ the landfills. I hope some of my favourite Christmas decor may be passed on to my children so it can bring back many memories and cheer.

Let perfection slide a bit and slow down enough to let the season fill your heart and soul. As a ‘maker’ much of my heart flows out with the gifts I’ve made… May you also find peace…

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  1. Love those trees and your decor is very elegant. Mine is total madness, lots of colour and lights….. I guess I never grew up!
    I hope that your Christmas is full of love, warmth, laughter and hugs. May the New Year bring you good health and continuing clever ideas.
    Love From Christine in a cold, snowy England

  2. Wow!! Barb I love, love your winter decorations!! They are so beautiful!! That frosty painting is amazing! It’s my favourite. Have a wonderful Christmas with your family and All the Best in the New Year! You truly are an amazing artist!

    1. Awe, thanks Linda! I’m blessed to be able to be creative all my life. My mother encouraged me and always showed my that there was no limit to what can be accomplished. I bet you see that in my daughter as well. Merry Christmas to your family too!