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Have you been running yourself ragged like me?! I strive to have everything done ahead of time so I can recharge a bit before the big day. I am hoping you too can take a well deserved moment to relax. Enjoy giving this printable Eco printed Card and check the little surprise at the end…

Usually, in my routine I make the cards as the last part of gift giving; maybe this will help you… Here’s a printable card for you! Download it here

I used some of my special eco printed fabrics to design it and added some fun stitching. I understand that printing in colour is sometimes difficult so I decided I like the simplicity of using only the grey scale.

It’s been quite a year! Please accept my thanks for joining in my creative journey! I could not do it without you & love hearing from you all; it’s great to know there are real faces behind the screen!

I know we all celebrate in our own ways with our traditions, as long as you share it with loved ones and friends is what matters! This year one of my wishes is that we can get through the holidays without someone coming down with some illness ( much too common this year) especially the darling grandchild! Yup, ‘munchkins’ make Christmas the best!

As another special treat (perhaps when you grab a cup of coffee or tea) here’s a jigsaw puzzle to complete! Yes, it’s all online with no box to store. Just slide the pieces as you complete it and zoom in/out with the +/-. I hope you enjoy it! I bet you guessed that it is also Eco printed. Let me know how you like it!

To all you special friends out in ‘web-land’ – Warm wishes for the Holidays!

Love from Barb

find your Printable eco printed card here ❤️ (BTW I like to use cardstock to print my cards)

I'm an artist & I make things... all kinds of things.

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  1. Thank you for the card and the jigsaw, it is so thoughtful of you.
    I shall see my grandchildren on Chrstmas Day and then go back to normality. . .. I do love them but in small doses……
    Have a lovely Christmas and my best wishes to you and yours for 2023.
    Hope you manage to get some R&R fitted in.

  2. Warm wishes to you and yours this holiday too!
    Enjoyed the puzzle at the end. I love seeing and reading all about your makes, and the stories that go with them, and look forward to many more to come. Who know, I may even get around to making some of them myself. If I do I will be sure to let you know and post.

  3. Great card and fun puzzle. I don’t usually like online puzzles, but I just had to see what you created. You are a true artist! Happy Holidays Barb!

  4. I hope you have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. The cement, 8’5″ Giraffe that I had been making, Lily, is almost finished. I think she is beautiful, and will look fabulous in one of my flower gardens this coming summer. Thank you for all of the “cement tips” you have given over the years, it always helped me!!!!!

    Enjoy the seasons…………..

    Janice in northern Minnesota, near the Canadian border

  5. Thanks for the warm wishes and cute puzzle. We are far from family and friends, but feeling the love from the distance. PS I can’t wait to hear the reaction when my daughter opens her mittens made by Barb!

  6. Thank you very much, Barb, you are GREAT!!! I can’t believe you have so much energie 🙂 I wish you wonderful Holidays, and lots of ideas in the new year 2023 from Czech Republic, Zdena.

  7. Thank you Barbara! You are quite the force of talent! I hope you can put your feet and new hip up on the couch for a rest! You deserve it for sharing so much of yourself with all of us!
    Merry Christmas Barbara.

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