My Most Popular DIY Tutorials of 2022

As the New Year approaches it’s interesting to take a quick look back… These 10 are my most popular DIY tutorials of 2022; maybe they can help you too… I am fortunate to be able to help many makers; beginners and other artists with their project ideas. Creating ‘something’ from a few supplies gives such satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment like no other! It always makes me happy to hear how pleased you are with what ‘you’ have made!

(1) Yes, it’s concrete!

Crafting with concrete is still really popular; I understand why since it has a such widespread creative possibilities! ‘And it’s how I started on this blog journey anyways! Tips & Tricks for Concrete crafting has been my most popular post over the years!

(2) The Garden Makeover:

Yup, I remember this project quite vividly! The One Woman Garden Makeover was a ‘labour’ of love and so glad it has lasted well over the years! I’m happy that it got done well before I got my new knees!

(3) Concrete Mold Making:

Using these inexpensive supplies to Make a Mold for Concrete has been a very popular tutorial, and those molds have lasted well for years. There are also other mold-making methods that work well including the ones made with latex rubber. There’s just some great satisfaction that comes from pulling something concrete out of a mold; I’ll never tire of it.

(4) Concrete Mixes:

Rather than trying to buy enough raw materials to make concrete mixes I’d just rather use commercial mixes and they are all different; whether for how they work or specific characteristics. Comparing mixes for Concrete Crafting is another favourite post. Getting the right supplies is often one of the most important steps of a concrete project.


(5) Oh, this Concrete Fellow!

Have you seen this guy around the internet?! He actually is quite popular (stolen images without my permission) so he shows up in the oddest places! He; DIY Concrete Step Spook is the 5th most popular post of 2022! I enjoy his presence in my garden daily… and many who have made him love theirs too.

Concrete Orbs DIY

(6) The First of the Orb Designs;

This was the first orb design that I dreamed up and it has held strong. The first use of fabric/yarn and portland cement has opened many possibilities in my design choices. These DIY Concrete Garden Orbs were just the initial orbs made for the garden and even the Winter Planter Snowman DIY.

(7) These Concrete Skulls shock me each time!

I avoid reproducing others design ideas so I am very happy how this version gives such realistic results. It’s a super simple project to make these Super Real Look Concrete Skulls! The key to great design is being resourceful and unique!

(8) Keeping Fingers Warm:

Perhaps the reason that this post is so popular is that it has a free downloadable pattern. Over 10,000 people now have this versatile pattern. Perhaps you’d like to join in to the Mitten Making Mania! There’s so many fabrics that offer up-cycling possibilities for making these.

Nature offers it’s amazing abilities to Eco print onto wool for the most unique mittens yet! These Wool FME Eco Printed mittens check so many boxes; warmth, up-cycle, natural fibre, design detail & embroidery. They have been wonderful gifts and sold out in my store.

(9) My Love of the Circular Form!

You all know I love love orbs! This super popular post links to all the versions; Make Concrete Orbs, Balls & Spheres. Such simple shapes but truly amazing ability to compliment design almost anywhere.

(10) Out of the ordinary Concrete:

Yes, I have a very visual imagination; especially when it comes to combining inspiration from nature and handmade creativity. That is how these Unique Layered Concrete & Jewel Vases came to be. Such fun working with a fast-setting concrete and being intuitive!

Well, there you have the 10 most popular projects of 2022! Who knows what will be in for the next year, but I promise it will be unique and shared here. Let me know what you’d like to see… maybe I can oblige.

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  1. Just a note to tell you how much I love your designs, in your blog and on Instructables. And, while your creativity is wonderful, y our strength to keep on keeping on is really impressive too. I can’t even imagine how heavy some of your concrete work is!!

    1. Thanks! Actually they are pretty mobile! I took that in account when I design, I want to be able to move them. The challenge to continue gets harder and more difficult as I age, I keep forgetting how old I am!

  2. I have looked for a couple of yrs. Now to try and learn how to do your draping with cement, wow I finally found you. I have learned more from you then anywhere else. It’s very cold here with lots of snow so I can’t get outside to try it yet. I can’t wait, never has any site explained in detail as you have! Thank you, I’ll let you know how mine turns out!!!

    1. Oh, I’m glad you found me! I am a self-taught concrete artist and learn by exploring and experimenting. Use the 🔎 to search ‘draping’ across my site as I do have quite a few projects. I tested and have even made concrete denim pants ‘Just realize that all concrete is not the same… and when in doubt; test. Happy making!