Colour of 2020 – Blue DIY Projects

Did you know?! Classic Blue has been named the ‘Colour of the Year’ by Pantone. Well, I can’t agree more as it’s been my fave for a while! Use your Colour of 2020 – Blue DIY Projects, so many to choose from.

So many ways:

Whether you dye a fabric blue or make a pattern by reverse Shibori there are so many wonderful designs to be had! Come on, be original and make your own designs. You are unique so you deserve a ‘One of a kind’ design. I won’t even mention how easy these are since no dye was used…


Such delight once you make something useful (with your Reverse Dyed Shibori fabric). Yes, I’ll admit I have an addiction to making/designing bags and purses.

Can there ever be one purse design that is just perfect in every way?! Maybe, but I have yet to get to that one… and I will keep making & testing until I do.

Not just new:

Not just my love of blue, but also of using up what I don’t have to buy; denim. Art can be in many forms; even to wear over your shoulder as a great Bowler Bag.

Just my casual style in this Upcycled Denim Jeans to Jacket

A Smile of accomplishment… on the other side of the camera for once.

All ‘Whites’ Beware!

Having fond memories of painting with watercolour, I love working with dye; Fibre reactive Dye. Such amazing easy ways to get permanent details on fabric with some ice and sinew (string).

A boring white cotton shirt becomes much more with the fun of The New Modern Tie Dye. ‘And no I am not a hippie…

Wait, don’t through out that Bamboo bed sheet! It is so soft and dyes so well!

Yes, Linen is also a great fibre to wear and work with. Can you believe that this used to be a tablecloth?!

You DO NOT need to look like a hippie (unless you want to) but instead you could see the ‘Geodes’ in the awesome patterns. Ya, ok, they can be other colours as well as blue but some colours when very light do lose their character. I’m not that crazy for pink (red), or light yellow. Grey becomes dingy and green needs ‘helper’ colours. Take a cue from nature; maybe that is why the sky is blue! Perfect!

So soft and warm:

As long as it is an natural fibre whether cellulose (cotton, bamboo, rayon, linen,) or protein (wool, alpaca, cashmere, silk) you can dye it! But no, I did not dye my glasses…

Boring white scarf became ‘designer’ blue cashmere scarf.

Was that really a blanket?!

That old thick virgin wool blanket in grandma’s closet came out and got a new life. Why, yes; blue of course! This time a marbled blue; because solid is boring. Why yes, you can even make your own buttons, blue of course.

Maybe it’s that artist in me that can’t just accept the dull plain colours… Why endure life on the dull side IF you can be more colourful!

My Shibori Obsession:

When I discovered that some folding and dyeing made such amazing patterns everything white was vulnerable…

Opening the folds is like a magical gift each time!

shibori shirt

Shibori everywhere…

In art college I learnt that the elements of design include line, shape, space, colour, texture and pattern. That is why shibori is so on point. This is another sewing project from some up-cycled bamboo dyed in the Simplified Shibori Style.

shibori yardage

Dye before sewing or after. You won’t look at that cotton bed sheet the same way again.

antique chair covered in shibori dyed fabric close

Where can you add you Shibori?

An antique chair seemed perfect for some new life in the world of ‘Blue’! No more old and stuffy piece.

antique chair covered in shibori dyed fabric

Blue always gives a fresh and clean feel. Did you know they used to add a blue tablet dye to the white wash to give the illusion of being cleaner?! No other colour seems to create tints and tones that are still beautiful.

shibori duvet cover

Take that duvet cover to a new level with a bit of dye and some folding. This dye lasts very well through the wash since it is attached to the fibre. It never disappoints!

shibori pillows

Simple pillows:

I see shibori everywhere. Such a forgiving way to design with folds, perfection not necessary. A bit of simple cotton and fold fold fold, clamp and dye; Simple Shibori dyeing without the mess of indigo…

I could go on… but I’ll let you decide. Just search ‘blue’ and you will see much more. Give it a try & let me know if you agree that it’s a perfect colour of the year 2020.

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