Boredom-Busting Easy Art Projects

We are all in this together; trying to keep our sanity during our imposed quarantine. Art and creating will help keep your soul sane, and also maybe teach the kids some science! Better yet these projects use stuff from around your house and garden.

Science makes Art

Maybe the kids need some home-schooling to explain the physics of gravity! Grab some paint; even the leftover interior paint can be used. If you don’t have any canvases you can also lay down some fabric (old sheets) or paper.

This Modern Art Pendulum project is so much fun on a small or large scale. Making a mess is worth it.

Nature’s endless gift:

Everyone has a stash of paper, card stock or drawing paper. Did you know that you can use leaves to create amazing prints?! This Simple Eco printing on paper project is part science & chemistry, part magic. The possibilities are endless.

Can you find some maple, sumac, walnut, rose, blackberry, eucalyptus leaves? The tannins (same thing as in tea) in the leaves combined with some rusty water (soak some rusty things in water) can give such amazing details and colours. Experiment, learn species of trees and breath some fresh air!

It’s just tape:

No paint? This DIY Packing tape window Art project fills that gap. It’s a perfect lesson to learn some simple art concepts. You can add or take away, permanent or not.

If you don’t have a light-box you can use the window. It was so much fun.

Lovely Lisa playing the fiddle, I can hear it now just from a bunch swatches of tape warmly glowing with light. Cut & stick, who knew?!

Paint a Scene:

Follow me one step at a time, impressionistic not perfect is the name of the game. Any paint can work, basics in acrylic or even poster paint.

I’ll hold your virtual hand, through this Step by Step Painting I know you can make something you are proud of. Who doesn’t like the sun streaming through the trees, peaceful and serene.

Design & Paint your Own:

Is there an idea or image in your head? You can enlarge it and then fill & paint it as you like. Really, it’s not that difficult. You don’t need any fancy equipment here, and adapt with what’s at hand.

Call it your own ‘paint-by-number’ without the numbers to follow. It’s quite simple how to enlarge your design to paint.

The internet has so many images to help your art project along. Pretty well anything can be drawn, and converted to a painting. You are free to express as you like, I hope to inspire that little or grand artist in you.

It always amazes me how time flies when I’m making something. I forget my worries, my mind dances through all kinds of ideas and images. I try not to frustrate myself with criticism, keeping optimism high.

Once we are through this Covid-19 ordeal we may have actually learnt something new and made something to feel good about. You may not even want to got out anymore…

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