What will I make this year?

As you know; the start of anything new is exciting and also a bit nerve-racking. Planning projects involves a fair amount of research, testing, making and remaking until any of the pitfalls are mastered. I strive to not just copy what already exists on the ‘net, but actually design my own unique original version. Tell me; what should I make this year?

How to decide what to make:

I find that certain ideas just seem to resonate with me… often involving some aspect of nature or a way to reuse what I already have. You know I am not your usual ‘crafter’, actually I’d rather not be called a ‘crafter’ as that sounds like a ‘hot-glue& glitter’ project!

Making ‘do’ with your own supplies to create something beautiful is very rewarding in many ways. It makes your project unique. Sure, sometimes you need to buy art supplies but often not, which is much better. What will this year hold?

It’s quite natural to take inspiration from what you see. As an artist I was trained to be original when creating my art. I learnt my vocation long before the advent of digital art or even the internet. Yes, I know, that sounds like eons ago but it was a special time where you only saw what was really geographically close to you. Nowadays you are seeing the WHOLE WORLD at your fingertips. I am not sure that is always a good thing as we compare ourselves to that vast global gallery. Did you know that you can still be totally unique, truly ‘One-of-a-kind’?!

Should I Combine Art with Glass?:

As an illustrator I see much beauty in my natural surroundings. Line, Shape, Space, Colour, texture and pattern are a lot of design elements to work with. Use your inner intuition about your designs and let them be totally your’s; not having to fit someone else’s vision.

My new discovery of using glass as my ‘paint’ has me excited to create more! Where I used to put a stroke of paint I now want to use glass, like tiny shards of light! The Glass-on-glass method is fun, especially since it is like putting puzzle pieces together with no rules…

My collection of glass waste (especially satisfying to use what another was throwing out) is sitting & waiting for me. Can you imagine it?

If you can see shapes of colour and value you can apply glass. The fact that you can use a sheet of glass to see the image through makes it even easier… Check back soon!

Shpould I make more of Nature’s Prints?:

Once again nature is involved but this time it provides the prints and the ability to transfer pigment from the leaves and foliage – Eco Printing. Yes, I have a whole category of my Eco Printing Adventures; much that I learnt through trial and error.

There’s always more ways & variations to try. It’s half science and also art with a fair bit fibre art thrown in. Where can you create a fabric that can then be used as clothing or decor?!

Being practical makes the art even more meaningful. How did I do that? There’s still a few secrets up my sleeve… that I’ll explain soon.

Should I make new Designs in Denim?:

I can not help but hang on to things that have potential. Why not? They are often free so finding some truly beautiful potential with those supplies does help the environment.

Let me bring together my love for sewing and making with some more use of denim, As a blank canvas, strength and casual style this medium keeps finding my attention.

Dye it, cut it, sew it, embroider it, paint it, bleach it, dip in cement… I’ll bring some new designs into the Jean & denim world. What would you really like to see in denim? I’d be happy to hear your thoughts.

Should I use Cyanotype prints in Project?:

It’s one thing to create some detailed and unique prints on fabric but then using those for further creative showcases is even better.

You may have guessed that these used to be pants… I’ve really only scratched the surface with the huge amount of potentials that this simple photographic art form has.

Did you know that you can use all kinds of things to use in the Cyanotype process? Blocking light can be done by all kinds of things albeit that plants are amazingly beautiful. I’ll explore some new techniques for the love of ‘blue’!

Join me in getting outside, stopping to smell the fresh air and get inspired by nature. Look closely at the bounties from Mother nature, appreciate the ability to be able to create something from little…

‘And yes, I am looking forward to some warmer weather, the warmth of the sun and variety of seasons.

Can you guess what these are?

This may make you wonder if I have finally actually lost my mind…

As I said; sometimes I just like to surrender to the odd visions and ideas I have in my head. If only you could see some of the visions in my dreams! I’m pretty sure this concept developed somehow in my childhood… At this point in my life I feel like I deserve to listen to myself and follow a creative vision, even if it’s a bit odd – if not now, then when?! Have you guessed; Owls!

My 3D sewing pattern making & design has been quite popular lately so I am planning to create some more. That allows others to share easily in the making but also add their touch.

Should I make more Needle Felting?

As I discover even more potential with working with fibre there’s plans for some realistic sculptures. This may be quite interesting for those who would rather not sew.

This fellow is far from being done, but so far it is quite enjoyable to sculpt this way. I can completely understand the allure of this art form already. What would you love to see made? I welcome your input in the comments below.

Should I combine multiple Disciplines?

It gets more interesting when we travel off the beaten path… Be a bit unconventional, combine, try something new! Follow your heart & I may be able to guide you through your process. What should I make?

What should I make?

There’s a small sampling of ideas… Has something caught your eye? Is there a creative idea that you would like me to tackle? Since I have many decades in a lot of creative fields I have probably come across that media before.

Let me know what ‘speaks’ to you! Don’t be shy, I love hearing from you! It’s going to be the best year yet!

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  1. I love your owls!!! Could you do a project on words carved on stones? Raw or tumbled, inspirational or funny. I’m familiar with painted rocks, but would love some direction on carving with a dremel like tool. I imagine that a cement stone imprinted would work also!

  2. I stared following you years back because of your cement talents and tutorials! I enjoy them AND the jeans!
    Cheers to a new year! Suzanne 🤠

  3. Going through this list, I still can’t believe how multi-talented you are. I just love your creativity in so many disciplines. I would love to see what you create with denim. I’ve recently been collecting scraps and I’m always interested in new ideas.

  4. I am intrigued with your glass on glass, and am tempted to try to do something, as yours are very pretty. You give very good instructions. Thanks. Suzanne

  5. Barb! You are so inspiring! I also share that urge and passion to create a variety of projects. I have tried many of your ideas because I know the outcome will be outstanding because of your super accurate supply list and directions. You asked for ideas, so I would like to suggest you make a paper mache ship. Once you see the example that inspired me (my next project), you may be interested. Go to: annwoodhandmade.com and “search” for “ship”. You can purchase her patterns (three ships), or figure it out yourself but what you make will be your original design. Thanks for your beautiful website and enthusiasm for all things “art”. (I hope you make one).

    1. Oh, that looks quite whimsical! I do like the old-fashioned look! Hmmm, it could look unique with some dyed fabrics, instead of paper. I’ll add to the list!

  6. Barb,
    I hope you do make the paper mache ship. The ship body is shaped from cereal boxes and paper mached over. The sails are fabric. I think your eco-dyed fabric would work nicely.

      1. Oh, that would be sooo cute. The ship needs a name too, If you make chipmunks you could name it “Chip Ahoy”. You will think of something creative. Over and out.