My 10 Most Popular Tutorials of 2023

First. let me thank you for allowing me to share my creativity with you; it truly means a lot to me. Thank you, thank you! Come, take a look back at the Most Popular Tutorials of 2023:

It’s been quite a year! ‘Actually it’s been quite a few years… I have transitioned from teaching at the college to completely working on this web site. To say it’s a lot of work is an understatement; thankfully I still enjoy sharing my creativity with you all…

Early in the year I had the site rebuilt and many videos have been added. I hope that has improved your experience here. Many other changes have impacted those who publish websites as AI (Artificial Intelligence) and algorithms are a constant struggle and challenge. I do really worry how it will impact me… ‘Fingers crossed & please continue to follow me…

Come see; these have been the best 10 of 2023:

As I love rustic style & nature this art form got me so excited! Rocks, stones, glass and breaking things… ‘can’t get more fun! Check out how to make rustic Abstract Mosaics with Slate, Stone & Glass.

I see making mosaics in my golden years as they are so simple to design, inexpensive but work quite well with modern decor.

Denim Jackets and jeans are loved by all so it is no wonder that adding more blue printing makes them even better! This post ranks high as it’s a great way to up-cycle all that denim! Here’s How to Print Cyanotype on Jackets, Jeans and Clothes.

Blue is a colour that never seems to go away and this will make sure of that!

There are some things I discovered and shared that just seem to stay strong. This method to make a mold putty works very well for a lot of mediums. No wonder How to Make your own Silicone Mold Putty is so popular!

This is so simple to make with readily available supplies.

Yes, I know that I am a bit obsessed with concrete design… That is why I jumped at the chance to make something that is a hybrid – a candle! Learn the full method of How to make Concrete Geode Candles.

The hardest part is deciding what embellishments I would use as they all are quite amazing!

Sunshine & backyard flowers can make anyone smile, but an easy print method to capture that is even better! I almost want to make Cyanotype prints every time I see sun! ‘Share in the fun; How to Make Cyanotype Prints on Paper

I would almost say it is one of the easiest ways to make impressive & detailed prints with light!

The more mediums I use and techniques I learn, the more they start to overlap! Here’s a combination of photographic printing, botanical specimens, chemistry and fabric; How to Make Cyanotype Prints on Fabric:

I wish I had discovered this method of making prints of fabric sooner!

I was gifted a Stained Glass class and immediately fell in love! Now I had another medium to create pictures with light; How to First Stained Glass:

I never imagined how easy it was to cut glass (way easier than cutting bottles – I know all too well) I also discovered how easy it is to make my own mosaic tesserae to a variety of mosaic projects.

It’s no surprise that the next step for ‘Glass on Glass’ (GOG) mosaics is so popular! How to Grout Glass on Glass Mosaics will help get the finishing touch to your simple design.

Isn’t it amazing how those shapes seem so deliberate even though they are quite ragged?!

After discovering the amazing possibilities of Glass art I could not contain myself! How much fun it is to work on natural found materials! Here’s how to Make Glass Mosaics on Rocks

How to Make Glass on Glass Mosaics: Glass work was pretty new to me but I immediately felt comfortable to make pictures with glass pieces! I definitely plan to do more!

Being able to freely design without soldering leading makes quick inexpensive projects.

Well, there is just the top 10 posts of the year. I am sure there’s a slew of more alongside these!

Whew, was that making your head spin?! It is no wonder I am often so exhausted when I finally fall into bed. It’s a shame I have more ideas than my hands can actually manage to make! Stay close as 2024 will be even more creative & amazing, I promise!

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  1. Thank you for all you give so freely. Haven’t been around much because I have been having cataract surgery (both eyes). It was at the point that I could hardly see a thing but this morning we had a glorious sight. At first, I thought it had snowed but it was a heavy frost on every branch, twig, leaf, and blade of grass. I had forgotten how WHITE that could be. My last exam will be January 5. Now that I can read the light grey text on your website, I am back forever. AI is never more important than content. God bless you in the coming year. nv

  2. Thank you, Barb … for your generous sharing of your creativity and superb instructions. I always look forward to opening my Sunday mail to discover what you’re up to … always inspiring and fun.
    May this new year bring you good health, much joy and continued creativity.

  3. I lost my response half written. You are AMAZING BARB. I found you late this year. It’s so so much wonderful stimulating ideas. Your instructions are detailed and clear

    I got caught up in gnome craze. Brought out polymer clay to make adorable noses(haven’t used for 10 years) and teddy bear fur . Made jam jar gnomes for special friends and felt really happy that I achieved something. Was able to make people happy economically . And I used stored craft material.


    1. Oh wow! That’s awesome! I’ll admit that I could probably not leave my studio for days to get supplies… I have so many ideas and hopes. ‘Just wait until you see what I’ll be using some of my fur for… I’m so excited I almost need a nap!

  4. Just found your site through Pinterest, and am so glad I did. Thank You for sharing all your knowledge and experience. I can’t wait to search every corner of your site for inspiration!!

  5. Thank you so much for providing so any lessons on things to make. Not only free, but easy to follow and concise, which is not an easy thing to do. I have found you have covered two projects I always wanted to try, concrete exercise ball planter, and the latex mold, (didn’t quite turn out, not because of your guide but because I skimped on the ingredients and went too big on what I was casting… one of those vintage Chinese breezeway tiles) Just now got around to this list of 2023 bests and can’t wait to get started on those mosaic lessons. My family’s life is definitely enhanced because you share what you have learned.

    1. I find mold making is something that needs some practice. Start small and simple… When I use something new I alays do a small little test to get a ‘feel’ of how it behaves. Happy making!